Friday, May 14, 2010

Chapter 81

Veronica turned onto her side to face him, raising her hand to once again stroke his cheek. A shiver ran through her body and goosebumps pebbled her skin as his calloused fingertips skimmed over her bare upper arm and shoulder and across the tops of her breasts where they swelled above the red lace of her nightgown. Her hand drifted down to his chest to copy his movements.

Their heads shifted instinctively, making it easy for their mouths to meet. Gentle brushes, slow licks, light nibbles and soft sucks were exchanged. When his hand fondled a breast, thumb rubbing over her nipple, Veronica sighed and moaned softly. The thought crossed her mind that it felt so good she could stay right where she was, doing exactly what she was doing, forever.

As soon as her mind finished the thought, warning bells went off in her head. The situation had too much......gentleness, too much.......emotion, too much.....connection, it was just....too much. She needed to refocus the feelings back to strictly the physical. With a low growl, Veronica pushed against his chest until he was lying on his back, and straddled him, never breaking the kiss.

Jon’s breath hissed through his teeth as her body undulated against his, her pelvis rubbing against his half hard shaft, making it swell. The slide of silk against his sensitive flesh was a welcome friction.

Veronica lifted her head, met his gaze and grinned. “Are you fully......awake...yet?”

“I’m getting there.” His response was a gravelly rumble.

“Mmmm. Maybe this will help.” She murmured in his ear, then sucked on his lobe briefly before licking and kissing a path down his neck. When she reached his Adam’s apple, she paused to nibble, smirking inwardly as his head tipped back to give her easier access and he groaned. She continued her path to his other ear. Her hips never stopped rocking against him...over him. She dipped her tongue into his ear. “Can you feel how wet I am?”

He assumed that was a rhetorical question. Of course he could feel it! He’d never known her to wear panties to bed, and today was no different, so every movement of her hips slid her moist flesh over his now fully erect hard on. “Can you feel how big you’ve made me?”

“Mmmmmm. Yes.” She swivelled her hips again.

His hands rose to run up and down her silk covered back. “I know how you can feel it even better.”

“Yeah? How?” Her voice was teasing.

Gripping her head, he held her still while his mouth ravaged hers, his tongue stabbing deeply. By the time he released her they were both breathing hard. “Put me inside you Nica.”

Unable to wait any longer herself, Veronica reached down to grasp him firmly. Jon held his breath as she positioned him, then shifted back, sat up and slowly impaled herself. They both moaned at the feel of him stretching her.

A contented sigh escaped her lips. “You know Johnny, I think you’re right. I can feel it better this way.” She flexed her internal muscles to squeeze him.

“Fuck Nica!”

“Exactly!” Her chuckle was cut off as he bucked his hips and reached deeper yet. “Oooh yes Johnny!” She started to move on him slowly, rocking one minute, then raising up slightly the next.

Jon lay still and watched her. My God she’s beautiful in her passion! Violet eyes glowed as she looked down at him, her face was flushed, her pleasure visible with every movement. Her fingers curled into his chest and clenched in his fur. Wanting to drive her even higher, he reached out to play with her nipples, rubbing and squeezing and tugging on them through the lace covering them. Next he grasped the material at her sides and slowly pulled, first one side, then the other, scraping the lace across the sensitive peaks.

She shuddered and quickly stripped off the nightgown. Setting her hands behind her on his thighs she leaned back. “Touch me Johnny! I want to feel your hands on my body!”

Never one to turn down an opportunity to touch her, he obliged, cupping and kneading her breasts, stroking down her sides, over her abdomen, hips and thighs....everything he could reach, over and over and over again.

Moaning, she increased the speed of her movements until she was all but slamming down in him. “Yes....yes....ooooh Johnny, yes!”

He could feel her tightening around him. His hips lifted to meet her, driving deeper, taking her higher.

“Oh God! Yes! Mmmmmm. Johnny!” Suddenly, she grabbed one of his hands and pressed it where she was now desperate to feel him.

If he could have made his facial muscles move he would have smiled, but they were locked. Responding to her unspoken request, he ran his fingertips over the swollen folds surrounding him, the flicked and lightly rubbed the nub at the top of her cleft.

“Mmmmm....yes! Oh God....oh God...oh God...yes yes yes yes yes yes Johnny!” His name came out on a scream.

Feeling and seeing her climax over take her, Jon let go and joined her in oblivion, catching her, and settling her on his chest when she collapsed on him.

For long minutes the only sound in the room was the panting of their breath as they struggled to suck in much needed oxygen. Even after their breathing returned to normal, neither spoke, both loathe to break the mood. Jon caressed her back with long strokes of his hands. Veronica toyed with his chest hair and pressed a kiss to the sweaty skin of his shoulder.

Jon blew out a breath. “Now that’s the way to start the day!”

Veronica chuckled. “Mmmm. Except now I want to go back to sleep.”

“So go ahead. We don’t have to be anywhere today. We can be as lazy as we want. Besides, we’ve earned it.”

“Mmmm. But I still have work to do. I need to go into the L.A. office and pick up some stuff, I need to send some e-mails and touch base with my contacts in Dubai, check the latest sales numbers, analyze promotion success...”

He tipped her head towards his and pressed his lips to hers. “But you don’t have to do any of that right now. You can relax here with me for awhile.”

She sighed and settled back down onto his chest. “I guess. For a little while anyway.”

“Good.” He hugged her briefly, then resumed stroking her back.

She was dozing when his cell phone rang. Muttering a curse, he reached out to grab it from the night stand, glanced at the window and opened it. “Hey little man.”

Veronica tensed. Her relaxed mood vanished as if someone had dumped cold water over her. Forgot about them for a few minutes, didn’t you?

“Yeah? You did? That’s great! I’m really proud of you! That deserves some ice cream when I get home.” He snickered. “I’ll ask her if she’ll make some for you. I’ll see what I can do about that too.”

Veronica lifted off of him and moved to the edge of the bed. When Jon frowned and reached for her, she pointed towards the bathroom, rose and walked away.

Jon watched her go, sighed and refocused on his conversation with Romeo. Dammit! By the time he hung up he could hear the shower running. While he waited for her he tried to think of some way to help her accept and get comfortable with the kids – let’s be honest...Romeo. Other than getting her to spend more time with him, he came up empty. The sound of the door opening had him glancing up. “Romeo called to tell me that he tied his shoes all by himself today. They’re only Velcro, but still.. For his reward, instead of ice cream he asked if you would make cookies for him.”


“And deliver them yourself on our next break.” He finished, eyeing her carefully.

Veronica hesitated. “We’ll see.” She continued dressing.

“That’s a standard, pat non-answer, Nica.” The frustration was evident in his voice.

“Well, that’s the only answer I’m prepared to give you right now.”

“Come on Nica....”

“Jon, stop! Don’t push! I’ve got a lot on my plate right now!”

He sighed. “I know, I just want you to spend some time with them. Is that really so much to ask?”

She didn’t answer, just reached for her laptop bag.

He sat up. “Where are you going? I thought we were going to relax for awhile.”

“I’ve got work to do. Since I’m awake I might as well get to it.”

As the door closed behind her, Jon flopped back onto the bed and punched a pillow. “Fuck!”

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  1. She really needs to give him a break. I know it has to be hard for her, but he can't and won't ignore his children. She needs to try to get to know them. Maybe some counseling would help her. She really does love Jon as much as he loves her, so she needs to get a grip any way she can.