Wednesday, March 23, 2011


“And I think that about covers it.”  The director of the homeless shelter finished his presentation to Project Home and the Soul Foundation. “Unless anyone has any questions.”
As the meeting broke up and the board members started to pack up Mimi Box, the Foundation’s Executive Director shot a concerned glance towards the Chairman. “Jon is everything okay?”

“Yeah, why?” Jon replied while shoving papers into his briefcase.

“Well, because you’ve been checking your watch every few minutes for the last hour. Are you not happy with the direction we’re going?” The meeting had run late, but that wasn’t unusual.

Jon grimaced. “Sorry. Everything looks to be going well. I’m just anxious to get home.”

“How is that beautiful wife of yours?” Ron Jaworski piped up waggling his eyebrows. “I thought she might be here with you today.” Veronica had become involved with the Foundation as well, helping out where she could.

“She wanted to be, but she’s been down in Nashville this week doing some promo work with Keith Urban.” He glanced at his watch again. “That’s actually why I’m anxious to get going. She’s coming home today and I’d hoped to be there when she got there.”

“Still in the honeymoon phase?”

The grin and the look in those famous blue eyes made Mimi very envious of Veronica. To be loved and desired like that was a very rare and precious thing.

“With Ronnie it’s a never ending honeymoon.” Jon assured them before shrugging into his coat. Picking up his briefcase, he waved and was out the door. He ran down the stairs and out to the waiting car.

Just like he’d feared, they ran into rush hour traffic – plus there was an accident – on the way to the airfield where the helicopter was waiting for him. Jon wanted to yell at someone, but there really was no one to blame. He knew it was just his anxiousness to get home to his wife.

They’d been married almost a year. The wedding was a small, quiet affair, with only family and close friends in attendance. Even though it was her first – and if he had anything to say about it, only – wedding, Veronica hadn’t wanted a big, splashy to do. And that had been fine with him. Whatever she wanted was fine with him. His only stipulation was that it be soon, and she’d accommodated him. Barely two months after he’d proposed, they were married. They’d even managed to keep the vultures at bay...although they did release a few photos to appease the masses.

Not long afterwards, President Obama had been elected, the global economy started to tank and his songwriting muse went into overdrive. He’d forgotten what writing an album was like with Veronica around. She didn’t interfere....much, but listened intently and gave her opinion when asked – or when she felt very strongly that they were going in the wrong direction. The result was an album he was very proud of, quite possibly the best they’d done in a long time. And he loved that he’d been able to share every minute of the process with his wife, even if she did drive him crazy with some of her criticisms sometimes. The fact that she and Richie often backed each other up – and were usually right – was irritating and frustrating as hell...and he wouldn’t change it for the world. It was wonderful being able to share all aspects of his life with someone he loved.   

As the helicopter landed and he climbed into his car, glanced at his watch yet again and wondered if he’d beat her home.

Veronica looked over the array of sushi and condiments, checking that she hadn’t forgotten anything. “Boots, if you don’t stop, I’m going to trip over you and we’re both going to get hurt.” The cat just meowed and kept rubbing against her legs, twining around her feet. “Is all this because you missed me or because you smell fish?”


Veronica laughed and stooped to scoop her up. “You’re not going to be happy, but I’m going to have to lock you up in the bedroom until after dinner....or you’re going to be in the way.”

Walking through the house, she looked around, satisfied with the changes she’d made. Except for her office, she hadn’t made any drastic changes, just a different wall colour here and some new furniture there, a few knick knacs. Just enough to make it feel like her home instead of Dorothea’s. Closing the bedroom door she ignored the pitiful cries coming from the other side and returned downstairs to finish her dinner preparations. She checked her watch and hoped Jon wouldn’t be too long. The thought of calling him crossed her mind, but she wanted to surprise him, even with the fact that she was home.  It didn’t occur to her until everything was in place that he might not be alone. She really hoped he was or she was in for a boatload of embarrassment.

Jon parked in the garage and rushed into the house. Even though it was only October, it was a cold night. In the foyer he hung up his coat and looked around for any evidence that his wife was home.  “Nica? Are you home?”

“In the dining room!”

He stepped through the doorway and stopped dead. His body hardened instantly at the sight that greeted him.

“I hope you’re hungry.” Veronica purred.

He was, but not necessarily for food! Feeling over dressed, he reached to undo the buttons on his shirt, never taking his eyes off of his ‘dinner’. There, lying on the polished oak table, was his beautiful wife....naked except for a covering of sushi. Tossing his shirt on a chair, he stepped closer and had to clear his throat before he could speak. “What did I do to deserve this?”

“I missed you. I’ve had a whole eight days to fantasize about what I wanted to do with you when I got home.” It was the longest they’d been apart since they’d gotten back together. Contrary to her fears, the more time they spent together, the more she wanted to be near him.

Jon sat in the chair placed by her shoulder. “No chopsticks?”

“Nope. You’ll have to use your fingers.”

He picked up a California roll from her collarbone, noting the dabs of wasabi covering her nipples and the pool of soya sauce filling her navel. Refills were available in dishes on the table on her other side. Dipping the roll in the soya sauce, he lifted it towards his mouth. “Have you eaten?”


Jon bit the roll in half and fed her the other half. While they ate she told him about her work with Keith and her visit with the girls, and he filled her in on the Foundation meeting, and updated her on the plans for the release of the new album and the tour.

“What about the greatest hits album Vince wants?”

 He grimaced. “He’ll get it...after this one.” When he was damn good and ready.

Veronica had to fight hard to focus on the conversation, particularly when he kept ‘refilling’ his wasabi and soya sauce ‘holders’. She noticed his smirk when she shivered and her stomach muscles twitched. “You can just use the bowls, you know, instead of having to do this every few bites.”

“But this is more fun.” He grinned. “Besides, it tastes better after it’s been warmed a little by your skin.” She snorted and he mock frowned. “Hey! Don’t move or you’ll spill the soya sauce!” He leaned down to lick up the dribble of sauce that had escaped the indentation of her navel and threatened to slide down her side onto the table.

The rasp of his tongue brought goosebumps to the surface of her skin and she bit back a moan. Not that it really mattered. She couldn’t exactly hide her body’s reaction, with everything on display, as it was. Besides, he knew her too well.

When the last bite of seaweed and rice was swallowed, Jon sighed in satisfaction. “That was great. Thanks sugar.” He looked at her, then at his hand. “Hmm...I think we need some cleaning up.” He pressed his fingers against her lips. “You wash the utensils and I’ll clean the table.”

Her nerve endings went on high alert with all the ways her imagination came up with for him to perform that domestic task. Opening her lips she took his fingers inside, licking and sucking them slowly, sensually, in an effort to rev up his motor so that he wouldn’t torture her for too long.

Jon watched her as she suckled his fingers, his eyes bright and hot with his rising passion. Standing, he bent his head and proceeded to give her a tongue bath, licking and sucking up all residue of his meal. From her shoulders to her fingertips, collarbone down to her toes, his mouth roamed, spending long moments on his favourite spots – and hers, which he judged by the moans and soft cries she couldn’t hold back. By the time he was finished, she was a quivering mass of sparking nerve endings. His body told him he needed to move on to the next step if he wanted to stay in control and complete his plan. After one last tug on a nipple, he gripped her legs and swung them around until she was lying crosswise on the table. Pulling up his chair, he sat again.

Veronica raised her head to look at him, noting the quality of his slight smile. “Jon? What are you doing?”

He lifted a shapely leg and set it on his shoulder. “Time for dessert.” Situating her other leg on his other shoulder, he settled in to feast. He tasted her with long licks, light nibbles and soft sucks. “Sweet. God Nica, you’re so sweet!”

“Johnny....” His name was a cross between a moan and a sigh.

The first orgasm rocked her when his tongue penetrated her, delving as deep as he could. But he didn’t stop there. Instead, he brought his fingers into play, caressing and teasing her sensitive flesh, once again using her moans as a guide. She cried out when he thrust two fingers inside her. It wasn’t what she was hoping for, but it would do for now.

“Johnny please!”

“Mmmm.” He hummed against her clit and slid his fingers in and out of her writhing body. Curling his buried fingers slightly he found the spot on the front of her sheath that produced the most intense sensations. He rubbed gently, insistently, and listened to her screams fill the room.

But he still wasn’t finished. He kept up the internal massage and resumed his sampling of her now dripping, pulsing flesh. His tongue flicked her swollen clit and stroked the soft tissue stretched around his fingers.

Veronica couldn’t get her breath. His ministrations prolonged her orgasm, yet at the same time incited another one. Her muscles got tighter and tighter and she was afraid something was going to snap. When his lips closed around her nub and he suckled with knowing finesse, every pleasure centre in her brain exploded.  “JOHNNY!”

Jon lightened the pressure of his mouth, slowed the movement of his fingers and waited for her convulsions to subside. When she’d calmed a little, he stood up and undid his pants, pushing them over his hips and let them drop to the floor, keeping her legs on his shoulders. Gripping her hips, he pulled her to the edge of the table, leaned over and slid home. “Fuck sugar, I missed you so much.”

Veronica couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, could barely breathe. All she could do was pray that she’d survive the intense ecstasy he was pressing on her with each thrust of his hard, throbbing shaft. As he pounded into her she let her arms drop to her sides, unable to summon enough strength to even hold onto anything. Violent shudders shook her body as rapture overwhelmed her yet again. She didn’t have enough breath or strength to scream. Holy fuck! The man is lethal!

Jon would have grinned in satisfaction if he’d been able to control his facial muscles, but he was beyond that. With a throttled shout he let the tide pull him under and collapsed on her, flooding her with his hot seed.

When his heart rate slowed, he sat back down again. “Best meal I’ve had in over a week sugar, thanks.”

Veronica chuckled breathlessly and had to wait a few seconds to speak. “You’re welcome. You know how much I love to...cook.”

That comment elicited an amused chuckle. “And you’re the best cook I’ve...eaten.”

“Lucky for you then, since I’m the only cook you get now on.” She rose up on her elbows to look at him.

“Yes dear. No worries. I seem to have lost my taste for anyone else.”

“Good answer. about you go light the fire while I clean up? Oh, and let Boots out of our bedroom.”

“How come you locked her up?”

“She wanted some of our dinner, and considering the presentation...”

“Ah. Right...gotcha.” Standing, he pulled up his pants and helped her off the table before leaving the room.

Veronica picked up his discarded shirt and slipped it on before picking up the dishes and heading into the kitchen.

She walked into the den to find Jon sitting in the big armchair near the fire, two glasses of wine on the small table next to him, Boots purring in his arms. “You’re just a big softy.”

“I’d rather it was you purring in my arms.” His blue gaze was appreciative as he took in the vision of her in only his shirt. He reached out for her hand and tugged. “Come here.”

When she sat in his lap, he handed her the cat and wrapped his arms around her. Veronica leaned against him, her head on her shoulder and stared into the flames, petting Boots almost absently.

They were silent for several minutes. “What are you thinking about?” Jon asked, pressing a kiss to her hair.

“Do you remember the first time we sat in this chair like this in front of the fire?”

He would never forget. It had been his birthday weekend when she admitted to the pain being around his kids caused and confessed her fear of ever being able to accept Romeo. “Mmmmhmmm.” He squeezed her. “And how do you feel about my kids now?”

She tilted her head to look at him. “You know that I love them.”

“Even Romeo?” He pressed. He knew the answer, but wanted to hear her say it – wanted her to hear it.

“Even Romeo.” Her lips twisted in a wry smile, then frowned. “If you say ‘I told you so’, I’ll hit you.”

Jon laughed and hugged her. “I won’t.”

They sat and sipped wine, enjoying the warmth of the fire, and each other.

“Happy to be home?”

Jon’s question pulled her out of her contemplation of menu items and possible activities for when the kids arrived for the weekend. “Very. As much as I love Nashville and miss the girls, this is my home now.” She stroked his cheek. “I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

“Good.” He kissed her.

They sat there watching the dancing flames, talking quietly, exchanging kisses and soft caresses until there were only embers left in the fireplace.

Jon stirred. “If you let me up I’ll put more wood on the fire.”

Veronica stood, but shook her head. “Let’s go upstairs instead.”

“There’s no fire up there.” He warned, lips twitching, his body reacting to the message he read in her eyes.

“There will be,” she assured him, “it’s time for my dessert.”

 The End

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chapter 142

Conscious of his weight on her, and her wishes, he compromised. Holding her tightly, he rolled onto his back, taking her with him. He settled her comfortably on his chest, their bodies still joined, and stroked his hands up and down her back.
Veronica listened to his heartbeat and lifted her hand, turning it slightly, admiring the way the diamonds sparkled, even in the soft lighting of the room.

"Do you like it?”

“Mmmm. I love it! It’s beautiful.”

“Stephanie helped me pick it out. Apparently she didn’t think I could do a good job on my own.”

Veronica grinned at his disgruntled tone. “I’ll have to remember to thank her.” She toyed with his chest hair. “So the kids know?”

“Steph and Jesse know I planned to ask, but they didn’t know when. The little ones have no clue.”

“And Dorothea?”

“I haven’t said anything, but she’s not stupid. She knows me. And the kids may have said something to her. She won’t be surprised.”

“And your parents?”

“You know that Dad loves you and already considers you a part of the family. As for Mom...well, she’s coming around.” It was true. Ever since their confrontation in the hospital Carol had stopped sniping at her. She didn’t hold out hope that they’d be great friends, but she could live with them not being enemies. Jon hugged her. “Relax sugar. There’s no one that’s not going to be happy about us getting married.”

“Except for a few rabid fans....and maybe your accountant when I redo the house.” She grinned up at him.

Jon chuckled. “I’ll just remind him of the work you did on this tour that more than paid for it, not to mention all the future ones.”

“How long are you planning to take off before the next one?”

He shrugged. “A year or so, I don’t know. Depends on when the muse hits.” He frowned down at her. “Hey, why are we talking about work? It’s a night that should be all about us!”

“Just making conversation until you’ve recovered.” She hid her grin against his chest and waited for his reaction.  

Sapphire eyes narrowed and the hands stroking her back stopped. Veronica squeaked at the sting of his palm descending on her ass. “Brat! Is that a challenge? Don’t think I can keep up?”

She could feel that he was ‘up’ for something. “Well, let’s see...can you unclip my stockings?”

Jon’s grin was lazy and full of sensual promise. Smooth palms caressed her ass cheeks and hips, while calloused fingertips teased the skin of her thighs above the stockings. A deft flick and a clip on each leg let go. He watched the amethyst eyes he loved so much darken with passion as his fingers cruised around her legs, releasing the clips.

Veronica slid a hand between them to undo the belt and toss it aside. She reached for a stocking, then stopped. “Roll us over for a minute?”

With a quick move, Jon obliged, bracing his weight on his elbows to avoid crushing her into the mattress and waited to see what she had in mind. His body tightened at the carnal thoughts running through his head when the calf of her leg appeared beside his face. Slender fingers rolled the silk stocking down – or rather up – the tempting limb. When the second leg appeared at his other side he couldn’t resist tasting the warm flesh. At the same time his hips stared rocking.

“Mmmm...hey..oh!” Veronica gasped and struggled to keep her focus through the sensations lighting up her nerve endings. “It’s supposed to be my turn!” She nudged his shoulder. “Roll us over again.”

Groaning, Jon obliged, reversing their positions again.

Veronica sat up and took a few breaths to regain control. Setting her hands on his shoulders, she slowly stroked down his chest, pausing for long moments to rub and tease his nipples. While she played, her hips started to move, rocking back and forth.

His breath hissed through his teeth as her nails raked lightly over his hard nubs. When the torturing fingers finally moved on to sift through the hair on his stomach and scrape his tensed abs he decided two could play that game. He let his hands wander over every inch of her skin that he could reach – shoulders, arms, torso, hips...even her legs tucked against his hips. The warm, soft flesh felt like silk under his fingertips and he couldn’t stop stroking it. Over and over he stroked, setting her skin on fire. And still she kept her movements slow and languorous. Jon reached up to cover her breasts with his hands, squeezing and massaging the plump mounds. He rubbed the hard tips of his fingers over her nipples, pulling and pinching them when they stood up for him. His reward was the sensual bite of her nails in his chest and the glorious vision of her above him, head thrown back, body arching into his hands. A feminine moan echoed through the room. God how he loved this woman!

And still she kept to her slow rhythm.

This teasing was all well and good, but he wanted more. All those hours in the gym were put to a good use as he sat up without disturbing her. Taking a nipple into his mouth, he licked it, over and over, scraping it lightly with his teeth, all the while watching her face. Her approval of his actions was evident in her face and her fingers clenching in his hair as she held him close. He released her only to switch sides and give the other nipple the same treatment.

And still she kept to her slow rhythm, although her moans got louder.

Finally, in frustration, he bit down slightly less than gently, and suckled. Hard.

Veronica screamed his name as the wave of ecstasy she’d been riding engulfed her. She ground down against him, shudders racking her body, the continual tugging of his lips prolonging her pleasure.

Jon didn’t wait for her tremors to subside. Pulling her down, he rolled them over until he was once again above her. He rode out her climax with long, slow strokes, not surprised when her hips matched his rhythm.

Veronica groaned. “Oh God!  Johnny!”  She wasn’t sure she could take anymore, but her body seemed to think otherwise, eagerly welcoming his possession.

 “Fuck Nica, you feel so damn good!” He wanted to make it last forever, but his body was telling him detonation was fast approaching. Bending his head, he kissed her, deeply, but briefly – they were both panting for breath. Jon rose up on his hands and watched her body undulate beneath him, a sight he would never get tired of.

Her head thrashed on the pillow, the sensations bombarding her overwhelming, reducing her world to them. She tugged on his arms, wanting to feel his weight. “Johnny I....I need to feel you!”

Jon lowered his body onto hers. Lacing their fingers together, he held her hands above her head and stared into her eyes, increasing the speed of his thrusts, driving them both over the edge of sanity into the depths of rapture.

Feeling his grip relax – along with the rest of his muscles – Veronica slid her hands from his to wrap her arms around him. She kissed his shoulder and clung to him.

It took several minutes before Jon could move. Lifting his head, he studied her expression, one hand smoothing her hair back from her face and caressing her cheek. “What?”

“What do you mean?”

“The look in your eyes tells me that you’re thinking about something and it’s pretty serious. What is it?”

She was only slightly surprised that he could read her that well. It took her a few breaths to put her thoughts into words. “I.....I love you so much.”

The tears that suddenly shone in her eyes made his stomach clench. “I love you too. Nica, what’s wrong?”

Veronica sniffed, but couldn’t prevent the tears from leaking out. Her emotions were too overpowering. “Nothing’s wrong. I....I just....” She paused to take a breath and tried again. “After everything that happened twenty years ago...after Drew...after you left...” She pressed two fingers to his lips to stop the protest she knew was coming. “I know, but after that, I thought...that I’d had my shot at happiness with the love of my life and it didn’t work out. I thought I was destined to be alone – or at least be forced to ‘settle’ for someone I felt a little affection for.” She cupped his face, cradling it between her hands, her gaze roaming its contours. “I never thought I’d ever see you again, let alone fall in love with you again, and this.” She waved her left hand. “I never thought I would ever be this happy again. I’m glad you came looking for me.” She could finally admit it.

The knot in his stomach vanished and he bent to brush away her tears with his lips. “So am I, sugar, so am I. And I promise to do my best to make sure you stay this happy.”

“It really makes you believe.”

“In what? God? Karma? Bongiovi persistence?”

Veronica shook her head and smiled. “Second chances.”

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chapter 141

Jon slipped the ring on her finger, framed her face with his hands and kissed her with all the emotion he was feeling. Releasing her mouth, he hugged her tight and let out a relieved breath. “Thank you.”

Veronica chuckled. “Were you actually worried about my answer?”

“Honestly? Yes.” At her surprised expression he snorted. “If you recall, sweetheart, you fought this relationship for months. I really wasn’t sure whether you’d accept with open arms and heart, or throw up another hurdle for me to jump.”

She sighed and stroked his cheek. “I’ve really made life difficult for you, haven’t I?”

“Yes, and knowing you as I do, I fully expect that you will continue to do so.”

“Someone’s got to keep you on your toes and make you work a little. You’re not happy if you don’t have a challenge to deal with.”

He couldn’t deny it, so just gave her a squeeze. “Can we have some calm, peaceful moments in there somewhere?”

“I think that can be arranged.” A gentle smile curved her lips and she kissed him. “But seriously....I’ve waited twenty years to hear you ask me that question. My heart overruled my fear and wouldn’t allow my mouth to give any other answer. It finally got what it’s been waiting for.”

“Good. Do you want some champagne?”

“That would be nice.” Veronica started to shift, thinking they’d need to go into the house. Jon held her in place with one hand and reached for the basket with the other, withdrawing a bottle from its depths. “What else have you got in there? A white rabbit?”

Jon chuckled as he felt the bottle to make sure it was still cold and removed the foil wrapping and wire cage covering the cork. “It is a magical evening.” A little effort and the cork flew into the air, narrowly missing her. “Oops, sorry.” Anything else he was going to say died in his throat when her tongue came out to lick up the golden liquid that had spilled onto his hand.

Veronica held out the glasses for him to fill, handed him one, then settled back against him. They sat and sipped, listening to the waves lapping at the sand, watching the stars and moon glowing in the night sky, exchanging murmured comments and soft kisses.

Finally, the cooling air drove them inside. When Veronica would have stayed in the kitchen to clean up from their dinner, Jon stopped her. “Leave it for morning.”

Violet eyes sparkled. “Did you have something else in mind that you wanted to do?”


“And what would that be?”


“And what if I’d rather do you?”

“Like a happily married couple, we’ll compromise...and take turns.” He nudged her. “Upstairs.”

“Yes dear.” She grabbed the radio to take with them.

The bedroom was large and airy, decorated in pale neutral tones perfect for a beach house. The king size bed was a gorgeous four poster made of pine with a spread of swirling blues and greens.

Veronica stared around the room for several breaths, her mind whirling with ideas. She felt his arms steal around her waist and stepped away. “Wait.”

“What for? You’ve got the ring and my heart. You’re not going to make me wait for the wedding night are you?”

She had to laugh at his pained, almost scared expression. “And bite my nose off to spite my face? But I do want you to do something for me.”

“What?” His tone was wary.

“Take off your clothes, lie on the bed and wait for me.”

“Okay.” The word was hardly out of his mouth when his hands started pulling at his clothes.

Veronica laughed and turned to rummage through her bag. Gathering what she needed, she slipped into the bathroom.

Jon pulled the blankets off the end of the bed and retrieved the toy he’d brought with him, shoving it under a pillow before lying down, lacing his fingers together under his head, and waited.

He heard the music before the door opened.

Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell
Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high
Mama’s dancing, baby on her shoulder
The sun is setting like molasses in the sky

The bathroom door opened to reveal her and he sucked in a sharp breath. His eyes roamed her from head to foot and back again. Red corset and black leather mini skirt – his favourite colours on her – black fishnet stockings and spike heels.

Veronica leaned back against the door frame and slid slowly down towards the floor until she was in a deep crouch. Standing again, just as slowly, she met his gaze and ran her tongue over ruby red lips. The fingertips of one hand traced the top edge of the corset, drawing his gaze there. A very feminine smile curved her mouth at the sight of his very masculine flesh reacting. She started to move towards him.

Black Velvet and that little boy smile
Black Velvet with that slow southern style
A new religion that will bring you to your knees
Black Velvet, if you please

Reaching the end of the bed, she gripped a post and with a lithe move, swung herself onto the mattress. She braced her legs, raised her hands above her head and slid down the post and back up again, swivelling her hips with every movement.

Jon’s eyes followed as if glued to her. At the deepest part of her crouch, garter clips and red lace panties were revealed to him. His body hardened even more.

Veronica watched his erection grow and licked her lips again. He swelled even more. Her hands smoothed down her sides, then back up her front, cupping her breasts. Turning around, she wrapped one leg around the post and bent backwards until her hands touched the sheet.

Jon had seen many strippers perform, but not one affected him like she did. Maybe because he was emotionally involved with this one...or maybe just because he knew he’d be able to touch her. He wanted to grab her and pull her down to him. He wanted to watch and see what she was going to do next. He couldn’t make up his mind so he didn’t move. When her fingers tugged on the strings holding the corset together and unravelled them, slowly pulling them loose, exposing her plump mounds, his mouth went dry.

Veronica stood upright again, but kept her back to the sweating man stretched out on the bed. She tossed the corset to the floor.

Up in Memphis, the music’s like a heat wave
White Lightning, bound to drive you wild

Hands on her hips slid up her skirt giving a teasing peek at her assets before easing it back down again.

Mama’s baby’s in the heart of every school girl
Love Me Tender leaves them crying in the aisles

One slender hand reached behind her to grasp the metal tab of the zipper of her skirt and slowly tug it down. A little nudge and the band of leather hit the mattress leaving her in stockings, shoes and a scrap of red lace only slightly bigger than a thong. She kicked the skirt aside.

The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true
Always wanting more, he’ll leave you longing for

Still holding onto the post, Veronica bent forward, stretching her body away from the wood, taunting him with her gyrations.

Jon clenched his hands against the urge to reach for her. As much as he wanted to bury his now aching shaft deep inside her, he wouldn’t give up this performance for anything.

Black Velvet and that little boy smile
Black Velvet in that slow southern style
A new religion that will bring you to your knees
Black Velvet if you please

Veronica faced him again, swayed and shifted, tossing her hair in time with the music. She looked down to see his flushed face and hot, glittering eyes and smiled.

Every word of every song was for you
In a flash he was gone, it happened so soon
What could you do

She kicked off her shoes and stepped closer to him. One stocking clad foot reached out to rub against his erection, toes wiggling against his sac. The friction of silk on sensitive flesh caused fluid to appear at the slit in his swollen head.

Black Velvet and that little boy smile
Black Velvet in that slow southern style
A new religion that will bring you to your knees
Black Velvet if you please

Veronica dropped to her hands and knees, straddling him and crawled over him until her mouth was level with the nailheads of his nipples. Licking and kissing, she reversed direction.

If you please

Reaching the end of the happy trail, she closed thumb and finger around the base of his shaft to hold him off and cupped his sac with the other hand, squeezing, massaging and pulling gently.

If you please

Jon struggled to breathe, sure his head was going to explode when her tongue traced his length in one long, slow lick. He groaned.

If you please *

Locking her eyes with his, Veronica opened her mouth wider to take him in and sank down on him until her lips touched her hand. She shifted until she was kneeling beside him and settled in to play.

Jon closed his eyes and just absorbed the lightning bolts of sensation her ministrations were shooting through his body. Her hands, lips, tongue and teeth were all lethal weapons in passion’s sphere and she knew just how to use them to give him the most incredible pleasure he’d ever felt. But he wasn’t a selfish lover and was determined to give as good as he got.

Reaching under the pillow, he pulled out the toy. He turned it on low and rubbed it over the lace between her legs. Her moan vibrated over his buried flesh pulling an answering moan from his throat. Nudging the lace aside, he slid the vibrator inside her and started to pump her. Veronica lifted her head to look at him, but he put his free hand on her crown and pushed her back down. “Don’t stop.”

Veronica obliged, returning to her ministrations. She settled into a rhythm, rocking back against his hand at the same speed as her head moved up and down, swallowing and releasing him.

Her movements taunted and teased him, bringing him close to the peak, but never letting him reach it. With a low growl, he flicked the switch, sending the vibrator into high gear, hoping that by pushing her over the edge she’d take him with her. To his dismay, when her body went rigid and she climaxed, she lifted her head to scream his name, leaving him high and dry and throbbing.

When she collapsed onto the bed beside him, he stared at the ceiling in disbelief for all of two seconds. “Oh no you don’t!” Rolling over he pulled out the vibrator, barely remembering to shut it off before tossing it aside, ripped red lace out of his way and buried himself to the hilt inside her.

Veronica wrapped her legs around his waist and raked her nails lightly down his back. “Johnny!”

His mouth crashed down on hers, tasting his name on her lips. She opened under the pressure, inviting him in. His tongue stabbed deep, matching the rhythm of his hips as he drove into her. Whimpering, she arched against him. His hands slid under her, gripped her ass and lifted her towards him even more, reaching deeper yet.

Sweat covered his torso and dripped from his face as he pounded into her, desperately hanging on to his control, determined to wait for her. He barely made it. The very second he felt the clench of her sheath around him followed by the ripples of her release, he exploded, his climax bursting from him in hot spurts to flood her womb.

For long minutes he laid on her, feeling the fine tremors of her body and struggled for breath. Realizing he must be crushing her, he started to lift up, only to feel her hold on him tighten.

“No! Don’t leave me.” She kissed his shoulder. “I love feeling you inside me.”

“Nica, I’ll never leave you.”

(* Black Velvet by Alannah Myles)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chapter 140

Jon walked up behind Veronica where she was standing staring at the Navesink and slid his arms around her waist.

She leaned back against him and let the gently flowing river and his heat and strength soothe her.

They were silent for long minutes. Finally, Jon bent and brushed his lips over her ear. “Why don’t you pack a bag for us for a few days sugar.”

“Where are we going?”

“The Hampton house.” He and Dorothea shared the house, but she rarely used it when the kids were in school so it hadn’t been a problem when he’d called to tell her he wanted to take Veronica there.


“Because I haven’t shown it to you yet and I want to before it gets too cold.” That was his story and he was sticking to it. The rest would unfold when they got there.

Admittedly curious, Veronica agreed.

While she was upstairs packing, Jon took the provisions Molly had gathered for him and loaded them into the Chevelle. Then he went upstairs for the bags.

Veronica was looking around the room, frowning. “Where’s the charger for my phone?”

“I think I saw it in your office.” He glanced at the suitcases and checked the open one closest to him to see what she’d packed for him. “Are these ready?”

“Yes, unless there’s something else you want. You can take them. I’ll get the charger and I’ll be ready to go.”

“Okay. Car’s out front.” As soon as she left the room, he quickly retrieved the ring, paused and took an item out of his bedside table as well and shoved both to the bottom of his suitcase. Wiping his hands on his denim covered thighs, he picked up the bags and headed downstairs.

Once they’d cleared the gate and started down the road, Jon set his elbow on the consol between their seats and held his hand out for hers. Veronica put her hand in his and couldn’t hold back a chuckle.

“What’s funny?”

“Between this car and holding hands, I feel like I’m in high school again.”

Jon grinned. “Too bad it’s not a bench seat. We could cuddle.” The sound of her laughter echoing throughout the car lightened his spirit and confirmed that he was doing the right thing. He just hoped she agreed with him. His thumb rubbed the back of her hand. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I....oh you mean after the call from Gene?”

“Yeah. That had to be a shock for you.”

“Mmm. I can’t believe that Doc actually told him to call me!”

“Maybe it was his way of saying he’s sorry.”

Veronica stared at him. “Are you saying that I should have agreed to take the job?”

“No! I’d rather not have the piece of slime anywhere near you! I’m just trying to come up with a reason why he would initiate contact after all these years.”

“He probably thinks that I’ve forgotten all about what he did.” Another reason came to mind, but she didn’t think even Doc would be that devious and vindictive.

Jon studied her face. “What are you thinking?”

“It’s crazy really. I just wondered....nah, it’s nuts.”


“I just find the timing strange. I don’t hear a peep for twenty years, and as soon as you and I being back together becomes public knowledge he calls.”

“Hmmm...that is a little strange.” He lifted her hand to press his lips to her soft skin. “Don’t worry. He’s no threat to us anymore. I promise.”

She smiled gently at him and squeezed his hand. “I know.”

The rest of the trip was spent discussing the artists Veronica was interested in working with and small talk. When they arrived in East Hampton, Jon drove around the town pointing out his favourite restaurants and watering holes.

At the house Jon grabbed the basket of food before Veronica could look inside and took it into the kitchen. When they’d unloaded the car, he gave her a tour of the house, then suggested a walk on the beach. While it was no longer summer, it was warm for September and there was no breeze.

On the back deck he took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his pant legs and once again reached for her hand. Veronica slipped off her shoes and let him lead her down to the beach. By mutual consent, they left their phones inside.

Since it was September there weren’t many people around, although the warm sun had brought out a few families to fight the end of summer. Aside from the odd wave or smile, they were pretty much ignored as they strolled, hand in hand, feet sinking in the cool sand only to be washed clean by the ebbing and flowing edge of the waves.

While they walked they talked about everything and nothing, with long minutes of companionable silence. It was late by the time they made their way back to the house.

“Hungry?” Jon checked his watch.

“Yeah. I’ll go see what Molly packed for us.” She only got one step towards the house before he stopped her with a hand on her arm.

“Stay here, I’ll get it. We’ll have a picnic on the beach.”

“I’ll help you.” Veronica tried again to move to the house, but he held firm.

“It’s okay, I’ll get it.”


“Nica please! Just...stay here.”

Suddenly the light went on for her and his strange behaviour made sense....he was trying to be romantic and do something special for her. She shut up and let him.

Jon returned carrying the big basket, a battery operated radio balanced on top and a blanket over his shoulder. He stopped beside her. “Take the blanket and spread it out will you?”

Once she did, he set down the basket in one corner, knelt beside it, lifted the lid and handed her the contents. Fried chicken, three different kinds of salad, rolls, pickles and raw vegetables quickly covered the blanket. He also pulled out a bottle of white wine and two glasses as well as plates and cutlery. Veronica filled their plates while he opened the wine and turned on the radio, adjusting the dial until soft blues poured from the speakers.

“This is nice.” Veronica commented taking a bite of chicken and let her gaze wander to the waves breaking nearby.

“Mmmm. It’s nice to sit, just the two of us, no phones, no interruptions...and just relax.”

They finished eating as the sun began to set. Jon pulled a plastic container out of the basket, removed the lid and handed it to Veronica.

She chuckled. “Are there any left at home or did you bring them all?”

“This is it. You’ll have to make more when we get back.” He bit into a cookie before packing up the remains of their meal. He saw her shiver slightly. “Cold?”

“A little.” She rubbed her arms.

Jon reached into the basket once again and removed several candles in glass bowls which he lit and set around the edge of the blanket. Sitting again, he patted the spot between his thighs. “Come here.” Once she was comfortable, he wrapped his arms around her, sharing his heat. Knowing the moment was right, he took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. “Honey...did you really not talk to me about your career plans out of habit? Or was there another, deeper reason?”

Veronica frowned and hedged her answer. “What deeper reason?”

“Like maybe you wanted to keep making these types of decisions on your own because you feel you have to....because you’re not convinced that I’m going to stick around?”

“What would make you think that?”

He noted that she didn’t deny it. “Well, for starters, you haven’t changed one thing in the house to put your stamp on it. You haven’t even put a desk in your office! And I have to wonder why?”

She didn’t know what to say. Luckily, he didn’t wait for an answer.

“I get the feeling that you’re not completely comfortable there yet. That maybe you’re not completely sure of me yet.....of us.” He paused. “Am I right?”

She didn’t want to hurt him, but she didn’t want to lie to him either. “Maybe a little – I know you love me, I’m just....”

“Scared?” He finished for her. She nodded. “Of what? That we’re not going to make it? That I’m going to change my mind?”

She shrugged. “I guess.”

Jon rested his chin on her shoulder. “What’s it going to take to convince you that I’m not going anywhere?”

She shrugged again and bit back a protest when his arm fell away from her waist. But it returned in seconds, a small box clutched in his hand.

A flick of his thumb raised the lid to reveal the diamond ring. “Maybe this will help.”

Veronica gasped.

“Twenty years ago we had something very special, but we were too young and naive to know it. Then a horrible event....and a few outside forces....separated us. But we managed to find each other again and we’ve been given a second chance. Our feelings for each other haven’t changed, and now we’re smart enough and mature enough to recognize what we’ve got and how rare and precious it is.” He kissed her neck, noting the trembling of her body. “I can’t give you back the family we lost, but I want to build a new one with you. Nica, I love you. I always have. I lost you once. I don’t want to ever lose you again. I want to share my life with you.....all aspects of it....permanently. Will you let me help you replace the bad memories with good ones? Will you live with me...laugh with me...cry with me...fight with with me? Will you grow old with me?” He took a deep breath. “Will you marry me?”

Veronica twisted in his arms until she could see his face and stared into his eyes. A shaking hand rose to cup his cheek. Tears filled her eyes, overflowed and rolled slowly down her cheeks. In the blue depths staring back at her she could see only sincerity, hope

It was a question she’d been waiting twenty years for him to ask...and there was only one answer she could give. “Yes.”

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter 139

It was almost a month later and Jon was more frustrated than he’d been in his life – or at least in a very long time. He wasn’t the type of man to sit around and wait for something he wanted. And right now what he wanted was to marry Veronica. But he had yet to find the perfect time or scenario to start the conversation. And with everything she’d been through, she deserved it to be perfect.

But his life had been crazy the last few weeks. Between meetings and conference calls for the Soul and the AFL - which looked like it was going to fold despite the best efforts of him and several other owners – and projects for the Foundation, his days and good chunks of his evenings were tied up. Plus there were a number of charity functions at this time of year that he always attended. On the positive side, Veronica attended with him, allowing him to show her off and publically claim her as his. In addition, she was helping organize his schedule, was his sounding board for his AFL frustrations and Foundation ideas – and helped with promoting them.

But all of that didn’t leave much time to talk about personal things. And what little time they did have often included the kids. The kids.....he loved his kids, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little thankful that they were back in school and too busy to want to come over so much. He couldn’t take much more of Stephanie’s disappointed looks and Jesse’s angry ones. He wasn’t dragging his heels on purpose dammit!

To top it all off, Veronica was acting....distant....unsettled. He had hoped that it would get better over time, but it was getting worse. When the kids were around she was her usual, happy self, but when it was just them, she got quiet, introverted. Their intimate moments were still incredible – in fact, each time they made love was better than the last – but more and more often he would walk into a room and find her staring out the window or just into space, lost in thought. And she wouldn’t talk to him about it. Something was obviously bothering her, but he couldn’t get her to tell him what it was. He needed to find out....and soon. But it wouldn’t be tonight. Tonight they had another function. This one involved a lot of people in the music business, including some of Veronica’s former colleagues and bosses and she might need his support.

“Zip me up?”

He was pulled from his thoughts by Veronica entering the bedroom from the closet. His mouth went dry at the sight of her. The silk sheath that covered her to mid thigh clung faithfully to her curves. The halter style neckline bared her arms and shoulders, the keyhole opening drew the male eye to the teasing peek of cleavage. He’d never shared Richie’s love of purple, but he had to admit that this particular shade had become a favourite – it matched her eyes and was a perfect contrast to the midnight of her hair.

“Jon?” Veronica peered over her shoulder at him.

“Sorry.” He reached for the little metal tab and reluctantly pulled upwards. “I’d rather unzip it.”

Her low throaty chuckle didn’t help the fit of his pants. Neither did her murmured promise. “Later.”

Jon sighed and let his gaze roam the room in search of his girlfriend. It seemed he’d spent most of the night in that endeavour. Normally at the functions they attended she stuck pretty close to him, but here she was in her element. These were her people. Even coming upon her former bosses didn’t create the awkward moments he had anticipated. It seemed no one was surprised that she’d quit – sad to see her go, but not surprised – so the mantle of supportive boyfriend he’d been prepared to wear had been unnecessary.

A splash of violet caught his eye and he turned towards it to see Veronica sitting at a table in deep conversation with....Keith Urban, their heads bent close together. Jon frowned and started to make his way towards them. He had only taken three steps when Steven Tyler joined them. Seeing Keith put his arm around Veronica’s shoulders to hug her and her head thrown back in laughter at something Steven said stirred something dark inside him and his frown deepened.

It took him another fifteen minutes to reach the table – people kept stopping him to chat. It was all he could do to be polite. When he finally arrived at Veronica’s side, Steven and Keith were rising from their seats.

Veronica handed both of them business cards. “Call me and we can discuss it further.”

Keith studied the card. “It’s okay to call your cell?”

“Yeah. I don’t really have an office. I’m working out of the house.”

“Okay, I’ll give you a call next week. And I’ll spread the word.” Keith hugged her and kissed her cheek. “It was great to see you again. Take care.” He shook Jon’s hand and stepped into the crowd.

“Hey man!” Steven greeted Jon.

“Hey how’s it going?” Jon shook his hand and laid a proprietary arm around Veronica, hugging her to his side.

Steven raised a brow at her. “You’re with him?”

“Yes she is.” Jon answered before Veronica could. “Something wrong with that?”

Steven held up his hands. “Don’t get your panties in a twist man. I was just wondering why she would be looking for clients if she was with you. Or is she not working with you?”

Jon turned to Veronica and waited, as interested in her answer as Steven was.

“Yes I am but his tour is done now and I need something to keep me busy.” Veronica answered, ignoring the temper she could sense building in the man beside her. “I can’t sit around for a year or so, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the next one.

“I can understand that.” Steven nodded. “Okay, I’ll give you a call and we’ll talk.”

“Thanks Steven.” She reached out to shake his hand.

Steven turned to Jon. “Good to see you man. Give me a call the next time you’re in L.A. and we’ll get together.”

“Sounds good. I’ll do that.” They shook hands again.

The car had barely pulled away from the curb when Veronica turned to Jon. “I know you’re pissed at me and I know why.” He’d barely spoken to her since their conversation with Steven. “I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about my job plans before hand. I’ve been rolling the idea around for awhile, but hadn’t reached a firm decision. Running into Keith tonight just seemed like a sign. Don’t worry, Jovi will be my first priority.”

Jon waved that aside. “I’m not concerned about us. I know I can count on you. And I know we’re not enough to keep you busy. I’d just like to know why you couldn’t talk to me about this earlier....why I had to be the last to know.” He paused. “Is this what’s had you so distracted lately?”

She nodded. “I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do careerwise.”

He tried to keep the lid on his temper, he really did. It worked for all of about thirty seconds. “Dammit Ronnie why couldn’t you talk to me about it? Aren’t we supposed to share these things? I talk to you about every aspect of my life, but you’re still locking me out of big chunks of yours. WHY CAN’T YOU TRUST ME?”

Her eyes closed as she fought back tears. He was right and she knew it. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry.” Jon sighed and took a tighter grip on his temper. “Why? Can you at least tell me that?”

“I guess I’ve been on my own so long I’ve forgotten what it was like to have someone –other than the girls – to really share things with. I’ve had to make life decisions on my own and it’s become habit.”

“Well, I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere. Try to remember that and talk to me. Will you do that for me please?”

Veronica nodded and turned her head to stare out the window. The car was silent the rest of the way home.

The next morning Jon went looking for Veronica and finally tracked her down in the room next to his office. Dorothea had used it as a sitting/reading room, but he’d never found a use for it. It had a couch, coffee table and a couple chairs in it, and that was about it.

Veronica had her laptop set up on the coffee table, her phone lying beside it. Obviously she was using the room as an office. Why hasn’t she gotten at least a desk? It was then that it hit him.....she was living in his house but she hadn’t made it her home....she hadn’t settled in. And that’s why she hadn’t talked to him about her career ideas either. She was planning and preparing in case they broke up and she was on her own again.

He raked a hand through his hair. Proposing couldn’t be put off much longer. “Why don’t we get you a desk and set this up as a real office for you? We can get you a separate phone line too so you don’t have to use your cell all the time.”

She shrugged. “Maybe at some point.” Before he could respond, her phone rang. “Veronica Watson.”

“Veronica it’s Gene Simmons.”

Ebony brows rose. “Hi Gene. What can I do for you?”

“Rumour has it that you’ve left Mercury and you’re going freelance.”

“For once the rumour mill is accurate.”

“I’d like you to come work for us.”

To say Veronica was stunned would be putting it mildly. Normally she would have jumped at the chance to put KISS on her resume, but there was one really big problem. “Is Doc McGhee still your manager?”

That got Jon’s attention.

“Yes. In fact, he’s the one who suggested I call you.” Gene assured her.

Veronica choked. “What did you do to piss him off?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m surprised he would suggest me.” She glanced at Jon and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry Gene, but as much as I would love to work with KISS, I wouldn’t come anywhere near that backstabbing piece of slime if he was the last manager on earth. In fact, I wish I didn’t have to share the same galaxy with him!”


“Ask him.” Agitated, she stood and paced the room. “And while you’re at it tell him he’s got a lot of nerve making even indirect contact with me! Gah! I can’t believe him!”

“I take it you have a history with him.”

“Tell Shannon to watch her back Gene. If Doc gets the idea that’s she interfering with the band he’ll try to....remove her influence.”

“Ah. I understand.” And he did. He understood women well enough to know that they had long memories when it came to people who deliberately hurt them. And he really didn’t appreciate being put in this position. He needed to have a little talk with his manager. “I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

“I’m sorry I can’t help you.”

“So am I. From what I’ve heard you’re the best. I hope Jon appreciates you.”

Veronica caught Jon’s eye and smiled. “He does.”

Hanging up, she set her phone back on the table, blew out a breath and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?”

“Outside for a walk. I need some air.”


“I’m alright. I just need to be alone.”

Jon watched her go, a frown creasing his brow. He needed to go talk to Molly. Perfect or not, tonight was going to be the night. He couldn’t wait any longer.....she couldn’t wait any longer.