Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chapter 79

“I asked you to fix him before the show, little girl, not put him out of commission for it!” Richie scolded from the doorway.

Veronica looked up from her desk. “What are you babbling about now Jughead?”

“I’m talking about our frontman that I found almost comatose an hour ago....and I don’t babble.”

She smirked. “Is he in a better mood?”

“Yeah,” Richie grudgingly admitted, “but I had to wake him up to eat!”

“Well, you wanted me to fix his mood....and I did. He’ll be fine. He’s had a nap and the crowd will re-energize him. But if you want, I can go get him all worked up again.” She stood at the sound of voices in the hallway. It was almost show time.

Paul glanced at his watch. “Let’s go.” He eyed Veronica warily. “You sure Jon’s alright?”

She snorted. “He’s fine.”

They were still chatting when they reached the hallway. Veronica felt an arm snake around her waist and yank her up against a hard chest. She looked up into blue eyes....sparkling and heated blue eyes.

Jon brought his free hand up to tap her nose with his forefinger. “You are lethal!” The finger dropped to trace her lips lightly, almost reverently. “Very, very lethal.”

One raven brow arched and she nibbled on the teasing fingertip. “Complaining?”

His eyes darkened as, unbelievably, desire slammed through his body again at the scrape of her teeth on his sensitive skin. “Not fucking likely sugar. Just planning what comes next.”

“Come on Kidd! No time to shag your girlfriend now. You’re going to have to keep it in your pants until after the show.” David called. “Ronnie leave him alone, we just got him awake!”

“Fuck off Joker!” They replied in unison.

“See you after.” Jon pressed a hard kiss to that talented mouth, squeezed her, then turned to bound up the stairs to the stage.

Shaking her head, Veronica chuckled and headed around the side of the stage to her usual spot.

The crowd definitely got their money’s worth. Jon was on fire, bouncing around the stage, joking with the guys....and shooting burning glances her way. Much to her disgust, she felt herself responding – both to his antics on stage and the silent, more personal message he sent her. It was just like in the old days. The thought made her frown.

Jon danced around the stage and hoped the loose shirt he was wearing was long enough to hide him. Just thinking about what Veronica had done to him in his dressing room had his blood pumping and his body hardening again. While he played and flirted with the girls in the audience, he contemplated how he was going to repay her.

Veronica was once again joking with a crew member when the band came off the stage. With one arm Jon scooped her up by the waist as he walked by, herding her along the hallway with him to his dressing room.

“Aw man, not again! Make it a quickie will you? I want to get home tonight!” Richie called out to their retreating backs. There was no after party that night. They were driving to Richie’s house to hang out and relax for the three day break.

“Quit whining Jughead. You’re just jealous!” Veronica threw back.

“That’s beside the point darlin’. I want to sleep in my own bed tonight!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

As the door closed behind them, Veronica turned into Jon’s arms. Hers slid around his neck, while his pulled her closer. Their mouths met in a hungry, almost ravenous kiss. When he started to move her backwards, she expected a wall to meet her back, so was surprised when she felt her hips hit the edge of the dressing table. Calloused fingers snuck under the hem of her skirt in search of lace. Quest successful, he slid her panties over her hips and down her thighs.

She broke the kiss when his hands gripped her hips and lifted her to sit on the table. “What...?”

Pulling up a chair, Jon sat, untangled the lace from her feet, tossed it aside and pressed her knees wide. He pushed the skirt up, tucking the hem in the waistband to keep it out of the way and bare her. Glancing up, he saw her watching him. Her brow rose in question.

The chair scraped the floor as he shifted it closer, slid his arms under her thighs and grinned at her. “You got dessert earlier, it’s my turn now.”

Veronica hesitated, not wanting to give up control, but she knew how good it would feel, so she gave in, leaned back on her hands and let him have his way.

Jon grinned and settled deeper into his chair. His hands coasted over the tops of her thighs and hips until his fingertips could reach her softest flesh. Spreading her already swollen folds, he leaned closer and slowly swept his tongue the length of her cleft.

“Mmmmm..yes...mmmmm..Johnny.” She sighed.

“Let’s see if I remember what else you like.”

He licked, flicked, nibbled....teased her in every way he could think of, savouring her tart flavour and the gasps and moans he drew from her.

“Oh God! Yes....Johnny!”

He felt her thighs tense and knew she was on the brink. Thrusting his tongue deep, he let her fly.

When her spasms faded, he lifted his head and grinned. “Guess that’s still a favourite. Let’s try this.”

Veronica could only gasp for breath and groan as his fingers took over. They stroked and rubbed, focusing on the bundle of nerves at the top of her cleft. When her groans became whimpers, he circled her pulsing opening, then slid two fingers deep. Curling them slightly, he searched for the spot in the front wall of her sheath that always drove her wild.

“YES! Yes, Johnny.....mmmmm....right there!” Her back arched and her hips lifted towards him.

Jon grinned and watched her face and the pleasure revealed there. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed, lips parted as she panted. He brought his thumb into play, rubbing and pressing on her swollen clit while his fingers continued their torment.

“Oh! Oooh.....God! JOHNNY!” Veronica’s arms trembled with the effort to hold her at least partially upright as tremors shook her body.

“Hmmmm....guess that still does it for you too. Let’s try one more.”

She had no time to brace herself before his next assault began. Once again his fingers teased her, inside and out, but this time as her passions rose, he bent and added his lips and tongue to the mix. Sensing she was close again, he closed his teeth gently around her clit, flicked it a few times with his tongue, then sucked. Hard.

Her scream echoed around the room, her arms finally gave out and she slumped back against the mirrored wall.

“Guess that one still works too.” His voice was deep and gravely with the need and desire pumping through his body. He quickly stripped off his t-shirt, tossing it behind him and reached for the closure of his pants. Grasping her by the hips, Jon lifted her onto his lap and impaled her on his rock hard erection.

“Je...sus..... Jon!” She didn’t know if was her abstinence up until a couple days ago, or whether he really had improved that much, but damn! Then he moved and reminded her that as good as the preview was, this was what she craved. The deeper joining, the sharing of pleasure was even more satisfying.

“Just once more.” He growled and, knowing that she had no strength in her limbs, slowly raised and lowered her.

With a deep moan Veronica managed to pull herself upright and wrap her arms around his neck. Her mouth took possession of his, tasting him, tasting herself. “Mmmmm”

After watching her climax three times, and feeling her pulsing walls holding him tight, Jon knew he wouldn’t last long. He eased her back until she was leaning her elbows on the table, pushed her to and bra up to bare her breasts, and laved one hard tip with his tongue.

“Oh! Mmmmm.....more, Johnny. Harder!”

Very ready to oblige her, Jon held her hips down tight against him, closed his mouth around her nipple and suckled at the same time as he flexed his hips and thrust up into her. Hard. Once.....twice.....three times.

Her cries were music to his ears, and the soundtrack to his own explosion. He wrapped his arms around her torso, rested his head on her chest and waited to come back to earth.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 78

When Jon awoke the next morning he knew before he even opened his eyes that he was alone in the bed. His temper ignited instantly and calmed only slightly when heard the click of computer keys and the murmur of Veronica’s voice coming through the open doorway. Throwing back the covers, he rose and stomped through to the other room, the sight of her already dressed and working souring his mood even more.

Veronica glanced up and saw him scowling. “Okay. That sounds good. Thanks. I’ll get back to you to confirm the time. In the meantime, if there’s anything else you need or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call. Right. Thanks again Abdul. Bye.” Hanging up, she smiled at him. “Good morning. I’m sorry, did I wake you? I was trying to be quiet.” Jon just grunted. She studied his face. “Are you ready to eat or do you want to shower first?” Another grunt. Standing, she walked over him and kissed him. “Don’t be a grumpy ass. You got laid last night...twice! You should be smiling.”

He had to laugh at that and kissed her again. “Morning. You can order the food. That way it’ll be here when I get out of the shower.”

Veronica watched him turn and head for the bathroom, her smile fading. She had a pretty good idea why he was in a mood, but what it would take to prevent it wasn’t in her plan. She was having a hard enough time accepting how much control he had over her body. A touch, a kiss and she was putty in his hands. She couldn’t allow that to continue or before she knew it, she’d lose her heart to him again. And that wasn’t something she was ready for.

Brunch was quieter than usual. Veronica tried to get a conversation started, but when Jon responded with grunts and the odd word when prompted, she gave up and left him alone to brood, finishing the meal in silence.

Jon knew he was being an ass, but he couldn’t help it. He’d really wanted to wake up with her in his arms this morning. When that didn’t happen he had been afraid that she was pulling back from him again. He still wasn’t a hundred percent sure she wasn’t, but he was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. His instinctive urge was to push her for something more.....permanent, but he knew that would only make her run the other way, so he kept quiet. The short, flirty black skirt and off the shoulder top the exact colour of her eyes that she was wearing today didn’t help his mood either. He wanted to take her away somewhere where it would only be the two of them for a few days. They were heading for Richie’s house after the show tonight to relax for a couple days. Hopefully he could convince her to spend some quality hours with him.

The men in the lobby giving her the appreciative once over didn’t help his mood either.

Neither did the way she parted from him at the venue with only a reminder of what time the interviews started and what time sound check was. No kiss, no hug, not even a squeeze of his hand!

“What did you do to him now?”

Veronica looked up to see Richie looming over her desk. “ Hey Jughead. You guys done with the interviews? How did they go? And what did I do to who?”

“Interviews were fine.” He waved the subject away. “What did you do to our fearless leader who is crankier than a bear with a belly full of cubs? I thought you guys were back together.”

“Despite what you and many others seem to think, I’m not responsible for all of his moods.” She ignored his fishing for the status of their relationship.

“No, just ninety percent of them.”

“Well, this must be part of the other ten percent, because I haven’t done anything. In fact, he should be in a good mood....a very good mood...if you get my meaning.”

“Well he’s got a burr up his ass about something.”

“Maybe you should ask him.”

“Maybe I will.” Richie frowned and turned towards the door.

“Warn me first Rich, so that I can have paramedics on standby.” Paul commented dryly.

“Fuck!” Jon cursed and kicked a cable out of his way.

“What’s with you today, bro? You’re snapping at everybody.” Richie decided to bite the bullet. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were having woman troubles.”

Jon just grunted and glared at him.

Richie frowned. “But I thought things were better there. You did spend the night together didn’t you? Not to mention her....visit...to your dressing room last night.”

Jon sighed and glanced around to make sure no one else was close enough to hear. “She gets up early.”

“So....you’re short on sleep?” Richie frowned in confusion. Then it hit him. “Oh...you mean she got up early and wasn’t there when you ‘got up’.” He grinned. “Yeah...I can see how that would put you in a foul mood.”

“Fuck off asshole!” Jon growled and stomped off the stage.

Chuckling, Richie followed and saw him shove a table in the hallway up against the wall. He was still snickering when he stuck his head into the control room and saw everyone looking towards the hallway. “Do you want to fix that please Ronnie?”

“Me? How am I supposed to ‘fix it’?”

“You know. You were always really good at....pulling the thorn from the lion’s paw.” He winked at her.

Veronica felt her face heat at the look in his eyes and his reference to the past and what she used to do to settle Jon down a bit before a show when he got too wound up. “Go away Jughead.” His laughter echoed back as he continued on down the hallway. Glancing around the room she found Paul and a few others looking at her expectantly. She bit back a growl, tossed down her pen and left the room.

Slowing her steps, she considered what she should do, Richie’s suggestion foremost in her thoughts. The more she thought about it the more she thought it might work – on a couple of fronts. It would put Jon in a better mood, and would show her whether she had as much – or any – control over his body and passions as he did over hers.

By the time she reached his door, she’d made up her mind. Not bothering to knock – and warn him – she opened the door and walked in, closing the door behind her and quietly turning the lock.

Jon eyed her from his position lounging in a chair, legs extended out in front of him, shirt on but unbuttoned and hanging open. He didn’t move and didn’t say anything.

Veronica surveyed his wardrobe, picked out a couple of shirts and set them aside, before moving to the table. Reaching into the cooler underneath she pulled out a bottle of water, opened it, took a swig and set it on the table.

Taking a deep breath, she stood in front of him for a moment, letting her gaze travel over his firm pecs and sculpted abs to the waistband of his pants...and beyond. Her foot nudged his further apart and she knelt in between.

Jon watched her, one brow lifting. “What are you doing?” His body – or at least one part of it – thought it knew – or hoped.

She leaned forward and spread the sides of his shirt wider, caressing his chest in the process. Her lips followed her hands, kissing her way down the centre of his chest and abdomen, smiling inwardly when his stomach muscles contracted in response. She looked up at him, tongue teasing his belly button. “I’m pulling the thorn from the lion’s paw.”

Jon’s hands gripped the arms of the chair and he sucked in a deep steadying breath as her hands unfastened his pants and slowly slid the zipper down. His breath hissed through his teeth when she spread them wide open, even tugging them down his hips slightly, exposing his rapidly hardening shaft.

Bracing her arms on his thighs, Veronica settled back onto her heels slightly, leaned forward and swiped her tongue up the underside of his erection from base to tip...very...very....slowly.

Jon’s eyes drifted shut, his head tipped back and his hips lifted towards the teasing touch. She was going to kill him. He knew it.

Next, she made a ring with her thumb and forefinger around the base to restrict the blood flow and keep him hard and hold off his climax. With her other hand she stroked up and down making him swell even more. Then she brought her mouth back into play flicking her tongue over the sensitive tip, then blowing on it.

“Jesus Nica!” His knuckles were white with the strength of his grip and his voice was a growl. As much as he wanted to, he knew better than to try to guide her. Past experience told him that anything she wanted to do would blow his mind. She was the best he’d ever had, especially in this area.

Several minutes later, sensing his growing tension, she backed off and turned her attention to his sac. First she cupped it in her hand and gently stretched the soft skin. Then she bent and took first one ball, then the other into her mouth and sucked. Releasing it, she squeezed in between, along the seam with her fingers, watching his face for any sign of discomfort. The grimace there was not one of pain. His face was flushed a dark red, sweat dripped from his nose and chin.

She grinned. Dipping a little lower she found the super sensitive patch of skin behind his boys and sucked lightly.

“FUCK! Nica...finish it.” The only thing preventing him from exploding was her fingers squeezing him. He was sure if she didn’t give him relief very soon his heart was going to burst.

“But I’m not done yet.” She murmured against the pulsing tip. He groaned. “Look at me babe.” When he did, she locked her eyes with his, opened her mouth wide and took him in, descending slowly until she’d swallowed his entire length. Backing off, she repeated the process. Several times.

He couldn’t take his eyes of the sight of his glistening erecting sliding in and out of her mouth. She was the only woman he’d ever met who could take his entire length without gagging. He was breathing like a racehorse, and his vision was blurred. The feel of her throat tightening around him as she swallowed was almost more than he could take. “Nica....no more....please!”

She could barely make out the words, but his tone told her he was at the end of his endurance. Lifting her head, she took in the glorious sight.

“Please!” The single word was all he could manage. He didn’t know what he would do if she didn’t give in.

Licking her lips, she opened her mouth and once again took his length deep. She released the base of his shaft and shifted until she could rub the spot behind his sac. Then she started to suck. Slowly at first, then faster and harder. When she sensed he was at the brink she took him a little deeper, sucked a little harder and pushed with her finger.

“Oh GOD! FUUUUCK!” Jon couldn’t hold back a shout as his back arched and he exploded.

Veronica sucked and swallowed until he had nothing left and started to soften. Then she backed off and rose to her feet. She reached for the bottle of water while she surveyed the result of her ministrations.

He was wrecked. Eyes closed, mouth hanging open, sweat sheened chest heaving, desperately sucking in oxygen, his face almost purple. He couldn’t have put two words together if his life depended on it.

She grinned. Apparently she wasn’t the alone in this wanton madness. Good. Fair’s fair after all. Taking another swig of water, she bent to touch her lips to his. “Mmmm. I always did like dessert before the main course.”

With that she walked out of the room and went back to work.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chapter 77

Glances were exchanged up and down the hallway. No one was entirely sure whether what was going on behind the recently slammed door was going to make things better or worse.

“If you ask me, it’s about fucking time.” Was David’s opinion.

“Mmm....if she doesn’t kill him.” Richie replied.

“Or him her.” Paul added.

“I’ll go pack up her stuff for her to save some time. Looks like we’re going to be late to the after party.” Matt offered.

“Ronnie won’t let him make us too late, no matter the .....persuasion. She’s too professional for that.” Tico growled. “He just better listen to her.”

Jon struggled to draw a deep breath, and raised his head to stare into her eyes. “No more Nica. No more shutting me out and pretending that there’s nothing between us. It’s time to stop living in the past and start living for the future.”

Still panting, Veronica searched his gaze for several breaths, then gave in and nodded. “Okay, I’ll....try.”

“That’s all I can ask.” He kissed her softly.

They both groaned at the feel of him leaving her body. He braced her against the wall, making sure her legs would support her before kicking out of the pants that were bunched around his ankles and heading for the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later with a damp wash cloth and towel and proceeded to clean her up.

Veronica just watched him, wincing slightly as the cloth rubbed against her abraded flesh. “Thanks.” Her breath hitched as shudders still shot randomly throughout her body.

He winked at her as he adjusted the scrap of lace between her legs that he’d moved out of his way earlier. “My pleasure. I’m going to grab a shower. Do you want to join me?” She stared at him in disbelief, then shook her head. Jon chuckled. “Do you want to sit down??

Veronica debated, but again shook her head. She thought she’d be better standing for a little while – provided her legs would continue to support her. Damn! That man is lethal!

“Okay.” Jon studied her for a moment, unable to prevent the smug smirk from twisting his lips at the sight of her flushed face, swollen lips and disarrayed clothing – which she was making no move to fix. Walking over to the table, he reached underneath and pulled a bottle of water out of the cooler there. He twisted off the lid and held the bottle out to her.

She took it with a slight smile and drank deeply. “Thanks.”

The sheen of the water on her lips was too tempting for him to resist. He leaned over to run his tongue over her, scooping up the liquid, then dipping in for a deeper, more thorough taste. “Mmmm....tasty.”

She checked the bottle. “It’s just water.”

“It’s just you. My favourite flavour.”

Veronica laughed and gave him a little push. “Go have a shower. We’ve given the crew enough to talk about for tonight, let’s not make it worse by being hugely late to the after party.”

“Yes dear.”

After Jon had disappeared into the bathroom, Veronica sighed and pushed away from the wall. Glancing in the mirror, she grimaced and set her clothing back to rights. Next she picked up the clothes he’d left lying on the floor, shoved them into a laundry bag and set out his street clothes.

She gazed at the door thoughtfully, but decided to stay put. If she left before Jon came out of the shower, he’d think she was trying to ditch him again. Besides, she needed to figure out how she was going to fulfil her promise to him to try and still protect her heart. The events of the past hour were proof that the most obvious answer – take it slow – wasn’t going to work. He was right about one thing, the physical attraction between them was a strong as it ever was. And she had to admit she felt better now, clear headed, more relaxed, less....stressed.

Gretchen’s suggestion came to mind and the more she considered it the more she thought that it might be just the solution she was looking for. If she kept their relationship purely sexual – as in sex was just sex – it would satisfy Jon and provide some fun and tension relief for her without risking getting too close. Now she just had to figure out how to deal with his kids....and avoid his mother. The little voice in the back of her head that argued that Jon wasn’t that shallow and wouldn’t go along with her plan was firmly ignored.

“Penny for your thoughts honey.” Jon had emerged from the bathroom to find Veronica leaning against his dressing table, deep in thought. When she frowned like that it usually didn’t bode well for him.

“Hmm?” She glanced up at him. “Oh. You’re done. I was just thinking...”

“Trying to back out on me?” He watched her face closely.

“No, but my previous request stands. Our relationship stays between us – within the Jovi family. I trust your crew to keep it to themselves, but I don’t want the media or the public to know. The focus needs to be on the band.”

Jon was silent while he dressed and thought about her request. As much as he wanted to publically claim her as his, he understood what she was saying. And it would only be for a few months – until the end of the tour. After that there would be time for the media – and the fans – to get used to her being by his side. And it would also give them some privacy to work on the family side of things. “Okay. That makes sense.” For now. After a last look in the mirror he held out his hand. “Ready?”

She took a deep breath, then took his hand. “Let’s go.”

Opening the door, he ushered her out. Conversation stopped at their appearance. After a moment, there were a few nods in their direction and people started to move towards the doors and the waiting vans.

“Feel better now?” Richie murmured as they reached him.

“Much.” Jon smirked.

Veronica rolled her eyes, blushed, but couldn’t hold back a smirk of her own.

Richie chuckled and winked at her. “Good.”

“Ronnie, I packed up your stuff for you.” Matt held out her laptop bag.

“Thanks Matty.”

“No problem....Sis.”

She gave him a swat with her free hand. “Let’s go smartass.”

The after party went smoothly. Jon kept his eye on Veronica, but managed to keep his hands to himself.

Back at the hotel, he debated about whether to go into his own room, or follow her into hers. His first instinct was to follow her to make sure that she didn’t close the connecting door, but his saner voice told him to trust her to keep her word.

Veronica changed into her nightgown, and performed her nightly bathroom ritual, emerging to find Jon, shirtless and barefooted, standing in the doorway between their rooms.

“Which bed do you want to sleep in?”

She thought about it for a minute. “Yours.”

With a nod, he waved her into his room. Stopping beside the bed he shucked his pants while she turned back the covers and slid in. He surveyed her thoughtfully as his climbed in beside her. One hand reached out to pluck at the sleeve of her cotton nightgown. “What happened to the red one?”

Her lips twitched. “It’s in my suitcase. This one’s warmer with the air conditioning in these hotels.”

“I like the other one better, but you won’t need either one. I’ll keep you warm.”

She knew the simple truth of that statement. The man radiated heat like a furnace. It was the only way she’d survived that November trip to Moscow back in ’88. She also knew he meant it in a sexual context, and her brow rose. “Haven’t you had enough for today?”

“After thirty-eight days abstinence? No way!” He leaned over to kiss her. “ Besides, I can never get enough of you.” His hand slid down her side and pulled her closer. “Are you saying once was enough for you?”

“It was twice for me remember.”

“Mmhmm...’cause you have a very generous lover.” His lips cruised over her jaw line to her ear. “I do remember. I remember every...pulsing...clench.”

Veronica shivered, looped her arms around his neck and with a low purring chuckle let him sweep her into a world where no one and nothing else existed. Nothing but the two of them and pleasure.

The speed with which he could take her to that world scared her a little, but even worse was the slow, tender caresses he bestowed as he reacquainted himself with her body. There was too much emotion behind them, they made her feel too much, and that wasn’t what she wanted. She reached down to wrap her fingers around his erection and stroked.

Jon groaned. She knew just how and where to touch him to drive him wild. Control crumbling, he gave up all attempts to take it slow, shifted over her and quickly penetrated her.

“Mmmm...yes Johnny! More!” She ran both hands down his back until she reached his ass. “Harder!” Nails bit to emphasize her point.

With a growl, he obliged, lifting one of her legs onto his shoulder so that he could reach deeper.

It was over in minutes. Panting heavily, he rolled off of her onto his side, and kissed her shoulder, his hand resting on her stomach. “Jesus sugar! What you do to me....!”

Veronica just smiled, covered his hand with hers and concentrated on breathing. When she felt capable of speaking, she turned her head to look at him and found him sound asleep. She watched him for a few minutes, his face relaxed and even more youthful in sleep, and felt a flutter in her chest. Ignoring it, she turned onto her side, smiled when Jon pulled her back against him, and drifted off for the best sleep she’d had in weeks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chapter 76

Jon yanked open the door and charged down the hallway after Veronica. He caught up to her in the control room. Standing on the other side of her desk he watched her move paper around. “It wasn’t what you think. Will you let me explain?”

Veronica shrugged but didn’t look up. “No explanation necessary Jon, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t have just walked in like that and I apologize. It won’t happen again.”

“She’s Michael’s cousin. He asked me if I would meet her, pose for a picture and sign something for her. She wanted to show me a new tat she got. I didn’t know when I agreed that it was on her breast. I swear!”

Veronica shrugged. “Whatever. Like I said, what you do with your tech’s cousin – or anyone else for that matter - is none of my business. I just didn’t realize that you entertained female visitors in your dressing room when you were half naked. Just a suggestion? You might want to lock the door in future. Unless, of course, you want to become an exhibitionist. I would appreciate a warning if that’s the case. That kind of thing is pretty hard to contain and requires a lot of spinning to the public.” She still didn’t look at him.

The couple of staff members in the room winced and looked for a way to escape. This was definitely a private conversation.

“That’s not what was going on!” He insisted. She just kept flipping through papers. “Dammit Ronnie will you look at me?!” He waited until she did. “I swear to you, nothing happened!”

She leaned over the desk until she was almost nose to nose with him. “For the last time, I. Don’t. Care.” Her words were tough, but the emotion in her eyes betrayed the lie. The scream of a guitar broke the silence of the room and had Veronica glancing at the clock. The opening band was starting. “You’d better go get ready. You wouldn’t want to keep your fans waiting.”

Jon stared at her for another minute, then with a growl, spun on his heel and stormed out of the room. “FUCK!”

Entering his dressing room, he slammed the door behind him. He was at the end of his rope. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get past the wall she’d put up between them. He knew he wasn’t blameless, but how long was she going to make him suffer? Of course, she was suffering too, and that’s what he really didn’t get. Was she really so afraid that he’d hurt her again that she was prepared to deny them both the happiness he was sure they could bring each other? He’d tried everything he could think of to show her how he felt, but she wouldn’t believe it. Now he had this latest hurdle to overcome – if he could. Why did she have to walk in at that moment?! He had told her the truth about what had happened with Michael’s cousin. He could have told her that his shirt was open, not to tempt the blonde, but to tempt her if she stopped by like she had the last couple shows. After all, it was only fair. The black leather mini skirt, cobalt blue halter and black knee high boots she was wearing had his blood heating and made him choke on his juice when she’d joined him for lunch. The damn woman could give a eunuch a hard on!

He buttoned his shirt, grabbed a brush from the table, ran it through his hair a few times, threw it back down and stomped out of the door and down the hallway to where the makeup crew were waiting. Everyone took one look at his face and gave him a wide berth. He was a storm looking to break and no one wanted to be the one to trigger it.

The show was torture for both of them. Jon was pissed....at himself, at Veronica, at the blonde,...and mostly at the whole situation. He had to fight to put up a good front for the fans. Every time he looked to the side of the stage where Veronica was standing he wanted to grab her and shake her until she admitted that she shared his feelings...and then fuck her until neither one of them could walk! He was running out of patience.

For Veronica, her reaction to the scene she walked in on in Jon’s dressing room had shaken her. She wasn’t supposed to care! The fact that she did, and the strength of her hurt and anger told her that he was further under her skin than she’d thought. The idea both thrilled and scared her. A small part deep inside of her wondered if she’d driven him to it. After all, men had needs and the adrenaline he got from performing intensified it even more.

On top of that, the story of their...discussion...in the control room had quickly spread through the staff and crew, and Michael immediately spoke to his cousin, then promptly searched out Veronica to essentially verify Jon’s story and assure her that nothing happened. In fact, as much as his cousin wished otherwise, she admitted that it was clear to her than Jon wasn’t interested. So now Veronica debated whether she actually owed Jon an apology.

Watching him, she was struck – as always – by the sheer animal magnetism that oozed from him, and never more than when he was here, in his element. She was no more immune than any other red blooded female, her libido reacting predictably. She could also tell that he was pissed, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. The look in his eyes when he glanced her way confirmed it. Well, she wasn’t exactly thrilled with him either. She sighed. The truth was she didn’t know what to do and the indecision, that was so unlike her, was making her crazy.

When the guys gathered to take their bows, Veronica headed backstage. She had to walk by where they’d come out to get to the control room and she wanted to be past that point before they left the stage. She almost made it when she was stopped by a member of the crew who was a Robin Williams wannabe and had a new joke to tell her.

She was still standing there laughing with him when Jon emerged into the hallway.

The sound of her laughter drew his gaze and the last tether on his temper snapped. Jaw clenched, eyes blazing blue fire, he strode over, grabbed her by the wrist and towed her towards his dressing room.

“Jon? What the hell?!” She struggled not to fall with her spike heeled boots and the pace he set.

“That’s it! My patience is gone! I’ve had enough of this fucking shit Ronnie! It ends now!” Throwing open the door, he pulled her in, slammed it shut and locked it.

Her brows rose at the snick of the lock. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

He swung her around and backed her up against the wall. “I’m going to do what I should have done weeks ago....what we both have wanted for a long time. I’m going to fuck you. Right here, right now.”

Brows rising even higher, her hands came up to brace against his chest. “And you think I’m just going to let you?”

Jon stepped closer to press his body against hers – her hands weren’t exerting any pressure to stop him. “Not only are you going to let me, you’re going to participate.” He bent his head to suck her earlobe and whisper in her ear. “And you’re going to want it as much as I do.”

Veronica tried to ignore the shivers running down her spine. Much to her self disgust, far from pissing her off, his forceful ‘me Tarzan’ attitude was turning her on even more. But it’s still not a good idea Veronica! She licked dry lips and shook her head.

Hot lips moved down her neck. “No? You mean that your pulse isn’t racing, you’re not breathing faster....and your pretty pink nipples aren’t all stiff because they want to be sucked?” Amethyst eyes narrowed and glittered. He leaned back slightly, smirked and ran one finger back and forth across a breast, then lightly pinched a taut peak. “Jewel hard sweetheart, what can I say?” His hand slid down her side until he touched bare skin at the edge of the hem of her skirt. “And I bet if I reach under this skirt I’ll find you wet and open for me.”

Veronica closed her eyes and bit her lip against a moan at the feel of his calloused fingertips on the tender skin of her inner thigh acting out his words. She didn’t need to wait until those clever fingers reached their destination to discover if he was right. She knew he was. Her arousal had intensified when the touch of his body impressed upon her the extent of his.

His smiled widened. “Aaah, just as I thought.” The words were murmured against her lips just before he took possession of her mouth, tongue laving the marks left by her teeth.

Veronica knew she should push him away, but she couldn’t summon the will. What he was doing felt too damn good! The scent of him, the taste of him, the feel of him all conspired to overwhelm her senses.

Jon sensed she was on the brink of surrender and groaned. Tearing his mouth from hers he slid it along her jaw to nuzzle beneath her ear. “Stop pretending you don’t feel how right this is Nica.” Skilled fingers slid along her nape to tug the ties of her halter free, and urge the clingy material down until her breast were revealed. Cupping one firm mound in his palm, he raised it like an offering, one his mouth eagerly accepted.

She couldn’t suppress the moan that was dragged from her throat at the first pull of his hot lips. He murmured in approval. “Yes. Stop pretending you don’t like this.” The fingers toying with her damp curls retreated and pushed up her skirt even more. One hard thigh spread hers wide, then wider, making room for his hips. “Stop pretending that you don’t want this.”

Veronica cried out as, bending his knees slightly – her heels making them similar in height, with a sudden jerk of his hips Jon buried his aching erection inside her. She sucked in a surprised breath – she hadn’t even felt him undo his pants!

He held still for several breaths, fighting for control. “Jesus! You’re so fucking wet I could slide clear up to your throat!” Unable to wait any longer, he started to move – not thrusting, but more of a circular grinding motion that stroked her throbbing sheath and rubbed her swollen clit.

She started to pant, her fingers clenching in the sweat soaked cotton of his t-shirt.

His mouth came back up to hers briefly before returning to his favourite spot under her ear and leaning harder into her. “Christ you feel good! You’re so hot and you hold me so tight. We were made for each other Nica. Stop fighting it. Just feel it. Feel me stretching you....filling you. Feel how good we are together.” Feeling her walls tightening around him, he lifted one knee onto his hip and pressed deeper. “That’s it. Come for me.”

Veronica screamed.

Jon kept moving until her tremors subsided, then held still to let her catch her breath. “See? Has anyone else ever been able to do that for you? Any other man ever made you feel what I do? Pleasure you like I can?” He started moving again, short thrusts, just enough to remind her of his presence inside her – and that he was still hard. “Tell me you feel it too Nica. Tell me you want it. You want me!” When she didn’t answer immediately he thrust harder. “Tell me!”

Veronica couldn’t think, could only feel, and couldn’t deny those feelings any longer. As her body started to gear up again, she let go. “Yes. God yes!” Reaching down between them she gripped the hem of his t-shirt and pulled.

He eased back slightly and raised his arms so that she could pull the offending garment off. When cotton went flying, he lifted her other leg and grinned as she locked her heels in the small of his back.

Veronica ran her hands up his chest and over his shoulders, one burying in his hair. She licked his lips, then bit the lower one. “Okay Tarzan, show me what you’ve got.” Her voice was a deep purr.

His answer was a low growl and an immediate increase in the tempo of his hips. Faster, harder, deeper he thrust until he was pounding into her.

“Jesus!” Was all she could get out. She had no breath for words. Every gulp of air she took was pushed out by the force of his next thrust. She gave up trying to speak, wrapped both arms around his shoulders and held on.

Jon groaned, buried his mouth in her neck again, and thrust even harder.

It was a wild, sweaty ride that seemed to go on and on and left them both drained, shaking and panting like racehorses.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 75

Three days later, Richie answered the knock at his hotel room door to find Jon on the other side. “Hey man.”

“Hey.” Jon walked in and slumped down on the couch.

Richie’s brows rose. “What’s up? You look like someone just took away your favourite toy. And how come you’re here instead of trying to seduce your girlfriend?” It was an off day for them before two shows in Anaheim. Jon usually spent his off days as close to Ronnie as she’d let him get.

Jon grimaced. “She’s killing me! It finally looks like I’m making progress.....but it’s like one step forward, two steps back, then half a step forward! It’s making me fucking nuts! I know that she still has feelings for me, but she keeps trying to deny it! I’m so fucking frustrated!”

“In more ways than one, obviously.” Amusement filled Richie’s voice.

Jon glared. “It’s been thirty-seven days!” She’s got to be feeling the strain too. She’s too passionate a woman not to be!

Richie studied his friend for a moment. “Have you thought about forgetting about her and moving on if she’s being so difficult?” His lips twitched at the stink eye that came his way. He’d figured he knew the answer, but he’d wanted to see Jon’s reaction to the idea. “Okaaay, I guess that’s not an option.”

A knock at the door announced David’s arrival. “Hey.” He looked at Jon. “What’s the matter with you?” When Jon just grunted he turned to Richie.


“Ah. Girlfriend not putting out?” David’s tone was sympathetic. “So why don’t you forget about her and move on?” That comment earned him the stink eye.

Richie chuckled. “I suggested that too, but apparently that’s not an option.”

David pretended to ponder the problem. “Well, you could get a girl or two out of the audience to....ease your frustration. I’m sure there’s lots that would be willing to help.”

Jon scowled. “I don’t want to ‘ease my frustration’ with anyone else. I want Ronnie!” Their barely suppressed grins threatened to snap the leash on his temper. “Just what do you two find so funny about this?”

“Sorry, it’s just that seeing you, of all people, the man who has women falling at his feet all over the world, spinning in circles over one is....unexpected.” Richie answered.

“I’ve never seen you put this much effort into a woman...not even Dot.” David added.

“Yeah, well....she’s worth it.” Jon raked a hand through his hair, braced his elbows on his knees and rested his head in his hands. “If I survive it.”

“You know what they say... ‘what doesn’t kill you’....” Richie joked.

“Are you sure her feelings go beyond friendship?” David felt compelled to ask. Women just didn’t turn Jon down.

Jon thought about their intimate moments, her visit to the house around his birthday and the last few days and smiled. The connecting door had stayed open although they’d slept separately, they ate breakfast/lunch together in his room and she’d started appearing at his dressing room door while he was getting ready to go on stage. Her excuses for being there were always plausible, but nothing so urgent that it couldn’t have waited until after the show. She’d even let him kiss her a few times. It was when he tried to take it further that she pulled away. “Oh yeah. She wants me.” He hadn’t missed the hunger in her eyes when she looked at him and thought he wouldn’t notice.

“Have you thought about trying to make her jealous?” David suggested. When the other two stared at him like he’d lost his mind, he shrugged. “What? Women can have strange reactions to that. Maybe if she thinks he’s losing interest she’ll stop playing hard to get.”

Richie snorted. “This is Ronnie we’re talking about here, remember. He wants her to let him in, not castrate him! That shit won’t fly with her. He’s just going to have to be patient.”

Jon grimaced, but didn’t disagree.

In her room, Veronica let out a relieved breath when the door closed behind Jon. Maybe now she could concentrate on work. She’d begun to wonder if he was going to hang out in her room all day, and the man was very distracting. Despite her determination that it be otherwise, her senses were very attuned to his presence. Whether he was across the table or across the room, she was always vividly aware of where he was and what he was doing. She even found herself looking for reasons to search him out if he wasn’t near. The worst was their first meeting of the day, when Jon would appear in the doorway either rumpled from sleep or fresh from the shower and she had to fight the urge to snuggle up against him and explore every inch of the hard, warm flesh of his chest and arms.

She shook her head at her own thoughts. Stop it! You’re just horny. That had to be why her heart beat a little faster when he was near and she got that warm fuzzy feeling when he smiled at her with that certain look in his eyes. Hormones, not true emotions. Lust, not love. After all, the man was gorgeous and it had been a month or so since she’d gotten any. It wasn’t the first time she’d gone that long without sex, but it was the first time she had to maintain a drought while in such close proximity to a man who offered to....quench her thirst – and one she knew from experience could sate her to her toes.

She groaned, got up, and grabbed a Coke from the mini bar. If this kept up she was soon going to be forced to make use of Lori’s gift. Sipping, she gazed out of the window and thought about everything the girls had said. She understood where they were coming from, and she appreciated their concern and their opinions, but they didn’t understand. They didn’t know how...overwhelming....the feelings had been between them once. But you were kids then! Maybe Jon’s right, and you were too young to handle it then. But you’re older now, better equipped to cope. But the pain had been debilitating. That was a long time ago. Maybe he’s changed. Maybe you could make it work this time. Isn’t he worth another try? Her body certainly seemed to think so. His kids were still a stumbling block she didn’t know if she could overcome.

Veronica sighed and turned back to her laptop, no further ahead than she was an hour ago, or a day ago. She was seriously tempted to give in to what everyone around her seemed to think was best for her, and let him in, but......she was so damned scared! Coward! You’ll never know for sure unless you try. Take it slow. Start with relieving some of that tension. Then maybe you can think clearly. You know you want it...want him.

She snorted at herself, but couldn’t get the idea out of her head. The next day after she got back to her desk after dinner she tried to concentrate on her notes from the interviews earlier, but her mind wouldn’t settle. Unable to take the frustration any longer, she snapped. Fuck it!

Before her saner self could talk her out of it, she rose and strode down the hallway towards the dressing rooms. Stopping in front of Jon’s she took a deep breath, knocked once and walked in. “Jon, I.......”

The words died in her throat at the sight of Jon in black leather pants, sleeveless pale blue button down shirt hanging open, bent over the barely covered cleavage of a well endowed blonde. They both looked up at her entrance, the woman’s green eyes shooting daggers.

She had to swallow twice before she could speak. “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were....busy. It can wait. I’ll talk to you later.” Gathering her dignity and professionalism, she turned and exited the room.

“Nica wait!” Jon had seen the flash of pain in her eyes and heard it in her voice before the icy coolness took over. The quiet closing of the door behind her echoed loudly in his head, and sounded like a death knell to his future. His heart sank and his stomach churned. “FUCK!”