Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter 138

The rest of the afternoon and evening was taken up with domestic, family type activities: unpacking, organizing, watching T.V., making plans....and making cookies.

Jon stood in the bedroom, in front of his dresser. Listening to the water running in the sink in the bathroom where Veronica was working through her bedtime routine, he opened a drawer and lifted out a small box. He flipped open the lid and stared at the three carat princess cut colourless diamond with two half carat round stones on either side, all set in a brushed platinum band. He’d never felt so torn and indecisive in his life! On one hand he wanted to ask her now and get it over with. Put the ring on her finger, assuring her of her place in his heart and get on with their lives. On the other hand he didn’t want to overwhelm her and risk her saying no. He felt his stomach churn. Even though he’d done this before, it didn’t make it any easier or less nerve wracking – actually the first time he didn’t really ask, it was a spur of the moment let’s do it kind of thing. Veronica deserved it to be perfect and he hadn’t worked out the details yet.

Closing the box, he glanced around the room looking for a better hiding spot. It had occurred to him while he was saying goodnight to the kids that with Veronica living here now, chances were pretty good – okay, one hundred percent – that she’d be putting away his laundry and could easily find the ring. He reached deep into a closest that held stage clothes and put the box in the pocket of an old jacket. Satisfied, he quickly undressed and went to join his girlfriend.

Veronica stared at her reflection in the mirror as she set aside her toothbrush and blew out a breath, wondering why she felt so nervous – like a teenager spending her first complete night with her his parents house! Idiot! You’re a grown woman, stop it!

Shaking her head at herself, she dried the toothbrush and put it in its holder just as the door opened and Jon walked in. He moved to stand behind her, their gazes meeting in the mirror. When his hands rose to run over her shoulders and up and down her arms, bared by the spaghetti straps of her nightgown, she leaned back against him, feeling the heat of his chest warming her almost as much as the heat in the blue eyes roaming her body that was visible in the mirror.

“You’re so beautiful.” His lips brushed her ear and along the line of her neck.

Veronica shivered at the feel of his hot breath in her ear and his fingertips skimming her skin as he slid the straps over her shoulders. Her nightgown collapsed, baring her to the waist, catching on her hips briefly, before continuing on its path to the floor.

“So, so beautiful.” His hands ran slowly, continually over her arms and torso, cupping her breasts, stroking his thumbs over her nipples, a soft smile curving his lips when they hardened at his touch.

Veronica leaned back against his hard chest and watched through slitted eyes as his hands roamed her body. His touch was gentle and light – much lighter than she wanted – tantalizingly so. Her lids were heavy and wanted to close completely, but she was caught and mesmerized by the expression on his face and in his eyes.....appreciation for what he was looking at, desire, love and...awe. She couldn’t look away.

Jon covered her breasts with his hands, kneading and caressing the firm mounds, squeezing the taut tips between his fingers while his lips traced the line of her neck and shoulder.

It felt like her skin was on fire everywhere he touched. Veronica took it for as long as she could, but finally couldn’t take any more. She needed more. Turning in his arms, she clutched his shoulders, slid one hand into is hair and took possession of his mouth.

Jon simply shifted his attention to the smooth, supple skin of her back, caressing in long strokes while their tongues duelled for supremacy. But she was trying to rush things along fast than he wanted. He had plans.

Breaking the kiss he lifted his head to murmur against her lips. “Easy honey. Slow down. Let’s take it nice and easy.”

“Don’t want to.” Veronica pressed her body closer.

Jon chuckled. “I can tell. But trust me sugar, I’ll make it worth it.”

“Mmmm...oh!” Her moan ended in a gasp when his finger traced the crevice of her ass to stroke her cleft from behind. As her senses skittered, her knees loosened and she sagged against him.

Catching her, Jon slid one arm under her knees and lifted her into his arms. He carried her to the bed, set her in the middle and lay down beside her, on his side facing her. Gripping her hip, he pulled her onto her side to face him. His hand slid from her hip to her knee and pulled it over his hip, making her available to his questing fingers.

Once again, his hands slowly roamed her body, caressing softly. Calluses scraped lightly, fanning the embers of her desire into full blown flames. This time, Veronica couldn’t remain passive. Her hands reached for him and proceeded to return the favour, coasting over his shoulders and arms, fingers kneading his chest, tangling in his thick fur, rubbing and plucking the nailheads of his nipples.

When she began to move down over his abs, Jon knew he had to distract her while he still could. He smoothed a hand up the inside of her thigh to run his fingertips through her damp curls. Probing her opening lightly, he circled it several time before sinking a finger in her moist channel.


At her sigh he added a second finger and began to move them in and out. He watched her face and the passion reflected there with each movement, ignoring the bite of her nails in his chest and stomach as best he could.

“Mmmmm..” Veronica moaned softly, eyes drifting closed, her hips matching the rhythm of his fingers.

“Like that?”

“Mmmm...feels so good Johnny.” She tried to increase their speed, but Jon wasn’t cooperating. “Johnny please!”

“Open your eyes Nica. Look at me.” When she complied, he curled his fingers slightly until he could feel the magic patch on the front of her sheath and rubbed it.

Veronica’s eyes widened and darkened. “Oh! Oh...mmm...oh yes! Right there. More Johnny, please!”

He grinned at her flushed face, and decided he tortured her enough...for this round. Setting his thumb on her swollen clit he rubbed in circles, gradually increasing the pressure. At the same time, he added a third finger inside her and thrust harder and faster. When her eyes drifted closed again he stopped. “No sugar. Look at me.”

She had to force her eyes open and locked them with his. Her groaned echoed around the room as his fingers resumed their rhythm. It only took minutes for her to reach the peak and shatter.

Jon watched with satisfaction as her eyes went black as she fell over the edge.

While she fought to catch her breath, he freed his fingers from her body and smeared her moisture over and around her still hard nipples. Dipping his head, he licked one hard kernel, swirled his tongue around and around it, then closed his lips and suckled.

“Mmmmm.” Veronica clenched her hands in his hair, holding him close, her back arching. “Johnny!”

Jon released her breast only to give its sister the same treatment. At the same time his fingers trailed over her stomach, swirling around the indent of her navel several times before continuing on to once again slide deep inside her molten core.

Her moans were getting louder and her head started to thrash at the multiple sensations. “Johnny please!”

He lifted his head enough to see her face. “What do you want?”

“You! I need you!” One delicate hand reached down to circle his throbbing erection and pump slowly pump him. “I need this inside me Johnny. As deep as you can go.”

Still, he hesitated, watching her body undulate against his fingers. The longer he waited the more frustrated she got and the tighter she squeezed him. When her nails raked very lightly up his length, he shuddered and gave in. Locking his eyes with hers, he eased his fingers from her body, shifted closer and allowed her to guide him where she wanted him most. He filled her with one long, slow thrust, noting every expression of joy and pleasure that was visible in her face.


“Is this what you wanted?” He rocked slowly against her, closing his eyes briefly. “God Nica, you feel so good!”

“Yes Johnny, yes!”

Jon kept the rhythm slow and languid, watching her face, periodically kissing her lightly. On hand on her hip guided their movements, the other played, toyed and caressed her breasts.

Veronica clenched one hand in his fur, the other gripped his side as he drove them slowly, gently, inevitably to passion’s peak and down the other side. Her body shuddered its release, fisted around his buried shafted and milked him dry.

There were no screams this time, just deep moans as ecstasy swamped both of them. She’d experienced more intense orgasms, but none as deep or gentle or that had left her feeling as connected to her partner as this one had. It was.....beautiful...and the emotions flooding her brought tears to her eyes.

Jon noticed. “Nica? Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” She shook her head. “What’s wrong?”

She had to swallow before she could speak. “Nothing.”

Jon frowned, trying to figure out what was going on. An idea struck. “One of those girl things?”

Veronica could only nod as a fresh wave hit her and cuddle closer.

Strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her even closer. He would never profess to understand women – he didn’t know a man who did - but he knew enough not to say anything and just hold her. “Welcome home Ronnie.”

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chapter 137

They landed and had just left the airport when Veronica’s phone rang. She glanced at the display and frowned in confusion.

Jon noticed her expression. “Who is it?”

“Your house.”

Our house. Molly must have a question. Or maybe it’s one of the kids.”

“The kids are there?”

“Yep. Dorothea was going to drop them off with Molly so they could be there when we got home.” The phone rang again. “You gonna answer it?”

She took a deep breath. “Hello?”

“You make me cookies when you get home? Prease?”

Jon’s heart swelled at the smile that lit up her face.

“Sure little man, I can make you some cookies when I get home. What are you doing?”

“Watching toons, waiting for you. Molly made big chicken for dinner. Dat okay?”

“That sounds great.” Veronica could hear a commotion in the background,

“Romeo what are you doing?” Stephanie’s voice.

“Asking Ronnie if her make cookies for us.”

“Did you really call her? Give me the phone.” Stephanie took the phone from her brother and spoke almost hesitantly. “Ronnie?”

“Hi Steph.”

“Shiii....I mean, I’m sorry. Dad programmed your number into the speed dial for Molly, Jesse must have shown him which button was for you.”

“That’s okay.” Veronica smiled at the language slip. “Cookie monster strikes again?”

“He’s worse than Dad!”

“I’m not sure it’s possible for anyone to be worse than your dad when it comes to cookies.” She smirked at Jon.

He wrinkled his nose at her and shrugged. “Kid’s got great taste.”

“So you’ll be home soon?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, we just left the airport.”

“Okay. And Ronnie?”


There was a lengthy pause. “I’m glad you’re moving in.”

Veronica blinked back sudden tears and had to swallow before she could reply. “Thanks Steph. That means a lot to me.”

When she hung up the phone, Jon pulled her into his arms and kissed her temple. “I told you, everything’s going to be fine.”

Veronica snuggled closer to him. “I hope so.”

Her words were barely audible, but he heard them and knew he still had some convincing to do.

The car came to a stop in front of the main door. Jon got out, helped Veronica, and they waited while the driver unloaded their bags. Veronica half expected the kids to come out to greet them, but they didn’t.

Jon opened the door and stepped back so that Veronica could enter first. She stepped into the foyer....and stopped dead. Above the doorways in the high ceilinged foyer was a large sign, obviously made by the kids:

Welcome home Ronnie

Feeling Jon’s arms slide around her waist, the heat of him warming her back while she stared at the sign, she leaned back against him. “Was this your idea?”

“Nope.” He murmured in her ear. “I didn’t know anything about it. It’s all them.”

This time Veronica couldn’t hold back the tears and a couple escaped to slide down her cheeks. “Oh.”

“WELCOME HOME RONNIE!!!” Four voices cried out in unison as the kids entered the foyer. Romeo and Jake ran over to hug her.

“Why you crying?” Romeo frowned up at her.

“Because I’m happy to be home.”

“Oh.” He still looked confused.

“It’s a girl thing, don’t try to understand it.” Jesse advised his youngest brother, reaching for his own hug.

“Oh, okay.”

“You’re staying forever now, right?” Jake raised hopeful blue eyes to meet hers.

His father answered before she could. “That’s the plan buddy.”

“Good. Will you make cookies now?”

“Yeah! Prease?”

“She just walked in the door! Let her get settled first guys.” Jon chuckled.

“Come on Dad, I’ll help you carry the bags upstairs.” Jesse offered.

Jon was a little surprised, but appreciated the help. “Thanks Jess.”

Upstairs, they set Veronica’s bags on the bed. Jon watched Jesse fiddle with the strap on a piece of luggage and look around the room. “What’s on your mind son?”

“I really like Ronnie.”

“I’m glad. She likes you too.” Knowing there was more, Jon waited.

“Are you going to marry her?”

“I hope so.”

“Are you going to propose tonight?”

“No. I want to give her a little time to settle in first...make sure she’s comfortable.” And I want to make sure she’s going to say yes! He noticed Jesse’s frown. “Why do you ask?”

Jesse shrugged. “Like I said, I like her. I’d just like to know she’s going to be around.” He looked his father in the eye. “Don’t screw up this one too.”

“Believe me Jess, I don’t intend to.”

“Uh huh.” Jesse turned and left the room.

Jon watched him go, sighed and raked a hand through his hair in frustration. Obviously, things hadn’t improved in their relationship as much as he’d thought they had, but he didn’t know how to fix it. He didn’t know how to get the trust and confidence of his son back.

“When’s the rest of your stuff coming?” Stephanie finally found room between her little brothers to get her own hug in.

“I’m not sure, a couple days I guess.” Veronica replied.

“Come on. We can take a look around the house and figure out where you want to put everything.”

“Cookies!” Jake called after them as they headed deeper into the house.

“Then we can talk about redecorating.” Stephanie added. “I know you’ll probably want to redo your bedroom first, but....maybe then we can talk about mine.”

“Cookies!” Came from behind them.

Veronica smiled at Steph. “Do you have some ideas of what you’d like?”


“Uh huh. Maybe we can sit down soon and I’ll show you.”


“Sure, how about tomorrow afternoon?”



COOKIES!” Romeo yelled.

“Yes, boys, I’ll make cookies in a few minutes, I promise.” Veronica felt a little overwhelmed and pulled in several different directions at once. But the message was received loud and clear - the kids were thrilled she was there and wanted her to stay. Their support went a long way to easing her trepidations about her future in this house.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chapter 136

Veronica woke the next morning to the smell of coffee and bacon. A glance at the empty bed beside her told her who the chef was. Pulling on a robe she padded down the hallway to the kitchen....and froze in the doorway.

The sight of Jon, barefoot and shirtless, wearing only jeans hanging low on his hips made her breath catch in her chest, her heart skip a beat and her fingers itch to touch. Oh yeah, I could get used to seeing this everyday!

Sensing eyes watching him, Jon turned. Blue eyes met violet and he winked. “Morning.” He reached for the coffee pot, poured a mug, added cream and approached her. “Sleep well?”

“Mmmmmm, best I’ve had in days. You?” She reached for the mug, but Jon held it way. When she raised a brow in question he pursed his lips. Veronica chuckled, but fulfilled his silent request. Ending the kiss, she snagged the mug from his hand and raised it to her lips.

While she drank, her attention wandered to the masculine chest on display in front of her. She didn’t even notice when her free hand lifted to run her palm and fingers over his firm pecs and sift through the semi coarse fur.

Becoming aware of the silence of the room, she raised her eyes to see a smug, indulgent look on his face and an amused twinkle in his blue eyes. It also became apparent that he was waiting for an a question she hadn’t heard. “Sorry, what was that?”

“I just asked how you wanted your eggs, but maybe you want something else for breakfast.” He grinned at her pink cheeks. “Like what you see sweetheart?”

“Mmmm.” She gave his chest a last stroke and pushed him away. “Scrambled please.” Leaning against the counter, she watched him cook. “What did I do to rate this?”

“Breakfast or my manly display?”

“Honey, as much as I enjoy the view, it’s nothing that thousands of women all over the world haven’t seen. I was talking about you cooking me breakfast.” He often cooked when the kids were with him, but not usually when it was just the two of them.

Jon hesitated but couldn’t let the opportunity go by. “If you move to Jersey I can make sure this happens regularly.”

“That’s something to take into consideration.” She moved to set the table and put bread in the toaster.

While they ate they talked about the kids, the tour, her friends, world events...everything except Veronica’s future. Every time Jon tried to steer the conversation in that direction, she changed the subject. He was handling her with kid gloves, not wanting to piss her off and risk her bolting, but it was taking every ounce of his considerable willpower not to push for what he wanted.

They were almost finished cleaning up the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. Jon set down the towel he was drying dishes with. “I’ll get it.”

He opened the door to find Lori, Naomi and Tricia on the other side, their arms full of boxes and packing tape.

“Oh good you’re up.” Lori greeted him. “When we pulled into the parking lot it finally dawned on us that maybe we should have called first. We didn’t want to wake you, or...interrupt anything.”

Jon grinned and stepped back to allow them to enter. “No problem. Good morning ladies, come on in. Would you like some coffee? Maybe some breakfast? I scramble a mean egg.” If they were there for the reason he thought they were he’d cook them a seven course meal – or at least order one if they actually wanted to eat it.

“Coffee would be great. We’ve already eaten. Thanks Jon.” Tricia replied nudging Naomi who stood unmoving in front of her and leaned closer to murmur in her ear. “Close your mouth. You’re drooling.”

“Well, shit, can you blame me? Look at the man!” Naomi hissed back. “We can’t let her say no to that...she deserves every glorious inch of him!”

Veronica, hearing multiple voices and bumping sounds, appeared in the kitchen doorway. One sweeping glance took in her friends, boxes and tape. Violet eyes narrowed and one elegant black brow rose. “What’s all this?”

“The materials we’re going to need.” Lori answered and braced herself for a battle.

“For what?”

“To make sure you don’t make the biggest mistake of your life.” Tricia informed her.

“And that would be?”

Not moving to New Jersey.” Naomi added her two cents. When she saw Veronica’s jaw firm, she held up a hand. “Come on Veronica, you know we’re right. You love Jon and he loves you. What’s there to think about? Life’s too short and love’s too precious to waste time.”

Lori searched her friend’s face. “You’ve got to let the past go if you want to move forward. If you’re not willing to take a chance on Jon, then who? Who else is ever going to know you....understand well as he does – mind, body and soul? Or do you want to be alone for the rest of your life?”

Veronica’s frown deepened.

Jon couldn’t stand on the sidelines any longer. He sensed she was close to giving in and wanted to give a final push. Stepping in front of her, he reached for her hands. “Sugar? What do you say? Will you give us a chance? I promise you I’ll do everything in my power to make it work. We can do it. I know we can!”

Veronica searched his eyes, seeing warmth and love and yearning there. She took a deep breath and threw up her hands. “I give up!”

She caught a brief glimpse of that mega-watt smile before she was enfolded in his arms and pressed against his firm chest.

Jon bent his head to murmur in her ear. “Thank you! You won’t regret it. I promise!”

Tricia smiled at the couple then glanced at her friends. “Okay folks we’ve got a lot of work to do. Veronica get dressed and start sorting through your stuff. You and I will start in the living room, Lori and Na will start in the kitchen.”

“What do you need me to do?” Jon asked.

“We should have the apartment packed up by late tomorrow afternoon. Can you arrange for a truck?”

“Consider it done.” He was already reaching for his phone.

“Hey! I can’t be ready by tomorrow! I’ve got to notify my landlord, and the cable people, and the utilities and figure out what to do with my furniture...” Veronica tried to regain some control.

“Write your notice and make the other calls. If your landlord wants to hold you to the extra month’s rent, I’m sure you can afford it.” Lori glanced at Jon who nodded. “Leave me the necessary information and I’ll look after the rest. As for your furniture, what you don’t want to take with you can either go to a charity or into Mom and Dad’s garage and we’ll sell it for you.”

“Habitat might be able to use some of it.” Jon suggested. “But if you want to bring it all that’s great too. We’ll make room for it.”

Veronica knew when she was beaten. “Fine.”

“Okay, let get some boxes put together and get started.” Tricia took control again.

Jon looked around. “Bubble wrap?”

“Down in my car.” Lori tossed the keys to him and told him where she was parked.

When the door closed behind him Veronica eyed her friends. “I don’t know whether to feel betrayed....or grateful.”

Lori shrugged. “No sense being pissed, you’ll want to thank us later.” She sighed. “You know this is what you wanted, you just needed a big push.”

“We just want you to be happy.” Tricia added.

“And you think you know what will make me happy better than I do?”

“At this point....yes.” Naomi was honest. “We’re not blinded by fear and past pain. When he walked into the bar last night you lit up brighter than a Christmas tree. Anyone with eyes could see how happy you were to see him.....and him you.”

“You’re not a passing fling for him Veronica.” Lori added.

“How do you know?”

“Because I asked him. And I saw his face when he saw you. No one could fake the depth of emotion I saw there. He loves you. Deeply. And I believe he’ll work hard to ensure your happiness. All you have to do is let him.”

Veronica sighed. I hope you’re right.”

True to Tricia’s calculations, they had her entire apartment packed up and cleaned by dinner time the next day. Jon and Veronica stayed in a hotel that night and met the trucks early the next morning.

Veronica blew out a shaky breath as she watched the trucks drive away with all her worldly goods, one bound for a local homeless shelter, one for New Jersey. There was no turning back now. God, I hope I’m making the right decision!

Jon turned and drew her into his arms. Lifting her chin with a finger he searched her eyes and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “Let’s go home.”

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 135

Lori watched the happy couple sitting....almost cuddling....on the opposite side of the table from her, their pleasure in each other’s nearness clearly visible and waited for her opportunity.

It came when Veronica rose to visit the ladies’ room. As soon as she was out of sight, Lori, Naomi and Tricia all leaned towards Jon who eyed them warily.

“What are your intentions towards our girl?” Lori spoke for the group.

Feeling like a teenager facing down his girl’s family, knowing he couldn’t tell them to mind their own business, he chose his words carefully. “Purely honorable I assure you.” He smiled slightly at their skeptical looks. “You can pull your horns in ladies. I love her. I only want to make her happy.”

“So this is serious then? For you I mean.” Tricia asked.

“As serious as it gets. I let her go once. Now that I’ve got her back, I’m never letting her go again.”

“Does she know that?”

Jon frowned. She knows how I feel – or she should...shouldn’t she?

“It might go easier for you if she knows are.”

Jon understood what they were saying, but that was between him and Ronnie. But he wanted to reassure them. “If she doesn’t she will very soon.”

They studied his face for a long moment, glanced at each other, then nodded, satisfied.

Veronica returned to the table. “What’s going on?” It looked like she’d walked into the middle of something heavy.

Jon smiled at her. “Just talking.”

“Uh huh.” She eyed her friends, who just looked back at her with innocent expressions. A new song – a slow one - distracted her and she reached for Jon’s hand. “I love this song. Come dance with me.”

While they circled the dance floor, Veronica glanced up at him. “Were the girls giving you a hard time?”

“No, they’re just looking out for you.”

“Uh huh.” She grimaced. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. They’re just doing what any family would do.” He hugged her closer. “You can never have too many people that care about you.”

“Hmmpf!” She laid her head on his shoulder and melted into his arms. “But they can be a pain in the ass.”

Jon chuckled. “Yes, they can.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Can we get out of here soon?”

Veronica lifted her head and smiled into his eyes, noting the heat and hunger there. “Yes.” He wasn’t the only one that was hungry.

They returned to the table to find Lori, Naomi and Tricia huddled together, deep in discussion.

“We’re going to head out.” Veronica had to repeat herself before she got her friends attention.

“Okay. See you later. Have a nice night.” Lori replied.

“Plan to.” Jon winked.

The girls laughed, but his special one swatted his arm. “Jon!”

“Don’t worry sugar, I’ll make sure you enjoy it too.”

Veronica felt her face flame, but wasn’t sure she wanted to get into a war of words with him tonight. Besides... “I’m going to hold you to that.”

“You can hold me any way you like.”

“Then let’s get somewhere private.”

“Yes dear.”

With one last wave to the girls, they headed for the door. Lori watched them go, then turned back to her friends and they continued to plan.

In the cab on the way to her apartment, it was all Veronica could do to keep her hands off of him. And she wasn’t completely successful. But she did manage to limit herself to sitting close beside him and resting her head on his shoulder and her hand on his thigh. It didn’t stay there though.

Jon grabbed the hand sliding up his leg before she grabbed him. “Sugar, you need to stop before I embarrass myself and the driver!” He brushed his lips over her ear. “Hang on, we’re almost there.”

The sound of the apartment door closing behind Jon was like a starter’s pistol going off, releasing the runners from their blocks. Veronica barely had time to set down her purse and keys before Jon was on her.

They bounced off the walls of the hallway to her bedroom, mouths mating, tongues stabbing deeply, hands pulling at clothes, desperate to feel the skin underneath. By the time they made into Veronica’s bedroom and the back of her legs hit the bed, they were naked.

Jon lifted her onto the bed, came over her and immediately penetrated her. Fast and deep. He froze at the tensing of her body and the scream that echoed in his ears, afraid he’d hurt her. But the moistness that eased his possession and the ripples of her hot sheath clutching him assured him what she was feeling was anything put pain.


“No, I told you’s Johnny.” The words were ground out between clenched teeth.

Veronica’s breathless laugh was cut off by a deep groan as Jon started to move. He started with long slow thrusts, but quickly picked up speed. Veronica lifted her legs and wound them around his waist, opening her more, allowing him to sink even deeper inside her.

Wave after wave of sensation washed over her, stripping away all awareness of everything except him and his hard flesh sliding in and out of her throbbing, pulsating body.

She lost track of how many orgasms he brought her to, or maybe it was just one long, never ending one. Either way, the feelings were so incredibly intense and mind blowing, she thought she might pass out. If she could have thought coherently she might have wondered how this one man could bring her so much pleasure, more than any other man she’d ever been with. But she couldn’t think, she could only feel. So she clung to him and enjoyed the ride.

Jon couldn’t seem to get enough of the responsive, writhing woman wrapped around him. No matter how many times, or how hard or how fast he thrust into her, striving for that pinnacle of pleasure, he couldn’t seem to reach it. For a few minutes he feared something was wrong and he wouldn’t be able to find his release. But when her nails raked down his back and her body fisted around him in yet another orgasm, it was finally enough and he broke, his own climax spurting in hot jets deep inside her until he was empty.

Rolling off of her, still panting he stared at the ceiling. “Fuck I missed you!”

“Missed me or missed the sex?” She didn’t have the strength to even open her eyes.

He turned his head and frowned at her. “You and I don’t ‘have sex’....we make love.” A sliver of amethyst glittered at him as she cracked open one eye, the ebony brow above it arching skeptically. He smirked. “Okay, sometimes we have sex.” He thought about the past half hour. “And okay, maybe that was more sex than lovemaking, but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t feeling involved.”

“I know.” She shivered. “Fantastic, spectacular feeling.”

Smirk widened into grin and he turned onto his side to caress her stomach with his fingers. “If you move in with me you can have that whenever you want.”

Her hand covered his and she was silent for a long minute. “What if we can’t make it work?”

“We can. We will.”

“But what if we can’t?”

Jon sighed. “Nica, you can’t live your life constantly looking over your shoulder, waiting for something bad to happen. You miss too much of the good stuff that way.” He laced his fingers with hers. “I don’t understand how you can be so positive in your professional life, and so negative in your personal one.”

“Experience.” Veronica retorted dryly.

His fingers squeezed. “Don’t. If we truly love each other – and I believe we do – we’ll make it work. Trust me. Trust us.”

Veronica knew he was right, but the pain of the past was hard to overcome. Turning on her side, she snuggled into his arms and closed her eyes.

Jon didn’t push. As much as he wanted to pack her up and haul her back to New Jersey with him, he knew she had to come to terms with everything on her own. Holding her close, he let post-coital exhaustion sweep him off to sleep.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chapter 134

“Where’s Ronnie?” Jake, the first through the door, asked, looking around the foyer.

They’d been back from Greece for two weeks and the kids were coming to spend a few days in Jersey.

“She’s in Nashville.” Jon replied. At the silence that followed his comment he glanced around to find all four kids staring at him. “Don’t look at me like that, she’s coming back. I had a bunch of stuff to do for the Foundation, but I’m going down to get her this weekend.”

Jake and Romeo took off into the house in search of the cat and to say hello to Molly, but Jesse and Stephanie stayed where they were, their expressions a combination of concern, disgust and exasperation.

“Did you and Ronnie have a fight?” Stephanie asked the obvious question.

“No, why would you ask that?”


“Why is she in Nashville?” Jesse interrupted. His tone made it clear that he thought his dad had fucked up and pissed Veronica off.

“Because she has an apartment there....her best friends are there that she hasn’t seen for awhile....most of her clothes are there.....she has things to do there.”

“Why do you have to go get her? Won’t she come back on her own?”

Jon glared at his oldest son and had to bite back angry words. “Because I miss her! Not that it’s any of your business. I miss her and I want to see her, so I’m going down to where she is. Does that answer your question?”

“Is she going to move in here?” Stephanie stepped in.

“I hope so Steph. I’m working on that.”

She nodded and picked up her bag to take it upstairs. “Let me know when you have some time to go shopping.”

Jon watched his two oldest climb the stairs and shook his head. “Damn pushy kids!”

Down in Nashville, Veronica was feeling the same way about her closest friends. She’d been home a little over a week, and ever since she’d updated the girls on her life, a day hadn’t gone by without one or more of them trying to push her further into Jon’s life. “Will you guys back off! Jeez, I wish I’d never told you.”

“Well, what do you expect?” Naomi asked, exasperation clear in her tone. “You’ve got the most gorgeous man in Rock and Roll telling you he loves you and wanting you to move in with him....and you say you’re not sure what to do? That you have to think about it? What the hell is that? He loves you, you love him...what is there to think about?”

“I have to look at the big picture! It’s not just about whether we love each other, it’s about whether we can live together. It’s about my life. I don’t have a job, don’t forget, so I have a lot to figure out.”

“I still can’t believe you quit.” Tricia shook her head. “I thought you loved that job.”

“I did, I just got fed up with Vince’s shit.”

“I’m surprised you put up with him as long as you did, the way he treated you. You did all the work and he took all the credit.” Lori sneered.

Veronica shrugged. “I liked what I was doing. I knew I was doing a good job and so did the artists I was working with. I didn’t need Vince’s approval.”

Lori studied her friend. “And maybe somewhere deep down you thought you didn’t deserve it? From anyone?”

There was a long silence while Veronica considered her words. “Maybe.”

“But what does not having a job have to do with deciding whether to move in with Mr. Gorgeous?” Naomi shifted the conversation back to the original point. “He’s close to New York right? You can work as easily from there as you can here. Hell, just work for him. He’s asked you to, right?”

“And what happens if our relationship falls apart? Where does that leave me?”

The girls finally understood what her problem was. She was afraid of becoming dependent on him for her livelihood and the roof over her head in case they broke up. She was protecting herself.

“What do his kids think of you being with their father?” Tricia decided to try to go at it a different way.

“They’re fine with it.” Veronica hesitated, then admitted, “When we were in Greece the boys asked me if I was going to marry Jon.”

“And what did you tell them?”

“That I had no plans to. They asked me why not and I said for starters he hasn’t asked me.”

Tricia watched her face closely. “Do you want him to? Would you feel more comfortable moving to New Jersey if your relationship was more....committed?”

Veronica sipped her wine and considered the idea for a long moment before giving an honest answer. “I don’t know....maybe.” Just then her phone pinged with a text message. Glancing down at the display, she smiled. “Speak of the devil.”

8:15: Whatcha doing? J

She took another sip before tapping out a reply.

8:17: Hanging with the girls, having a few drinks.

8:18: Usual spot?

She frowned.

8:19: Yes, why?

8:19: Just picturing scene. Say hi from me.

“Jon says hi.” She dutifully complied.

8:20: Girls say hi. What are you doing?

8:20: Missing you

A soft smile curved her lips and her heart lurched.

8:21: I miss you too

8:21: Have fun with girls, talk to you you

Veronica sighed.

8:22: Love you too

Setting down the phone, she noticed her friends all watching her. “What?”

It was Lori who answered. “You miss him don’t you?”

“Yeah.” More than I ever thought possible. More than I ever have anyone else in my life. “I’m so used to him being around. Ten times a day I turn to say something to him, but he’s not there.” And I’m so damn lonely! And a bit horny. I guess when you’re used to getting it regularly you really notice when it’s missing!

“So fix it so that he is.” Was Naomi’s solution.

Veronica sighed and downed her wine. She didn’t want to talk about it anymore. A song came over the sound system and she stood. “Come on, let’s dance.”

An hour or so – and three glasses of wine – later, Lori looked over Veronica shoulder towards the door to the bar that had just opened. At the sight of the man who walked in she smiled. Dude’s got it bad! She caught the eyes of Naomi and Tricia and nudged Veronica, whose back was to the door. “I think someone’s here to see you.”

Veronica turned in the direction Lori was indicating and felt her breath catch in her chest. She had no clue that her face lit up – in fact she positively glowed – at the sight of him, but her friends did. They looked towards Jon for his reaction and were relieved to see the male equivalent of Veronica’s glow on his face when he saw her rushing towards him.

“Lucky bitch.” Naomi’s comment said it all. It was obvious to them that their friend had found the man that made her happy beyond all their hopes for her....and it looked like he felt the same way.

Veronica threw herself into Jon’s arms, her own slipping around his neck to hug him tight. Leaning back a little, she gave him a long and lingering kiss, uncaring of who might be watching. “What are you doing here?”

“I missed you. I wanted to see you.”

“I’m glad you came.” She hugged him again, then led him over to the table where her friends were sitting.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chapter 133

By the time they returned to the hotel after dinner Veronica was wonderfully relaxed, but not overly tired. But she was worried about Jon. He’d been unusually quiet ever since the beach. She looked down at him where he reclined in her arms on the couch and slid her fingers through his hair. “Are you okay? How’s your head?”

“I’m fine. Why?”

“You’re awfully quiet.”

“Just relaxed. You?”

“Mmmm, very.”

It didn’t take long before the day caught up with them and the kids started to drop off one by one. Finally, just the adults were left.

Jon stepped out of the bathroom, checked that the kids were asleep and returned to the livingroom only to find it empty. A flash of white on the balcony told him where she’d gone. He pulled a bottle of wine out of the fridge, poured two glasses, turned the radio on low and joined her. “Hey.”

“Hey. Thanks.” Veronica took the glass he handed her, turned her gaze back to the view in front of her and sipped.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Jon captured a dark curl that the warm light breeze was playing with and tucked it behind her ear. His gaze drifted over her, noting how her tanned skin glowed against the white of her sleeveless dress. The buttons running from neckline to the mid calf hem of the loose, flowing skirt gave him all kinds of ideas and started his body humming.

“Mmmm, very. That music’s nice too.”

“Mmmm.” He hesitated, fingers toying with the stem of his wine glass. “Honey....if I asked you a question, would you give me an honest answer?”

Amethyst eyes snapped to his face. “Always.”

“Are you....disappointed that we brought the kids with us?”

“No, of course not!” Mindful of her promise of an honest answer, she debated her wording, and continued. “If I had been thinking of this as our vacation, then I probably would be, but this is a family vacation. Besides, there isn’t much that we can’t do with them here.”

“Well, there are some things.” He chuckled at her censoring look. “Seriously though, you aren’t sorry that we aren’t here alone?”

“It would be different if they lived with you all the time. Then I’d want some alone time, just the two of us. But we can have that at your place.” Grabbing his hand, she tugged until he stood behind her, one arm slipping around her waist, anchoring her against him. “As long as we can find a few minutes like this to enjoy the atmosphere and being here together, I’m content.”

Jon squeezed her and settled his chin on her shoulder. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They stood like that for a long time, sipping wine and enjoying the music and the scenery. Until the scent of the flowers growing around the pool beneath them and the woman in his arms got to him. Setting his glass on the wide railing, he wrapped both arms around her and hugged her tight. With a soft smile Veronica leaned her head back on his shoulder and sighed.

A few minutes later Jon’s hands started to wander, roaming slowly over her torso. A deft flick of his fingers opened buttons allowing his hand access to the firm mounds of her breasts. Another flick and the front closure of her bra was released, baring her to his caressing fingers.

Veronica sighed again and leaned back harder against him. Goosebumps rose on her skin in reaction to his touch. “Mmmmm.”

Jon grinned and nuzzled the sensitive spot under her ear and felt her shiver. He loved how responsive she was to his lightest touch. He filled his hands with her warm flesh, massaging and stroking and teasing her nipples to form hard peaks. “You’re so beautiful.” In search of even warmer flesh, he sent one hand lower. More buttons were pushed from their moorings and the muscles of her lower stomach contracted as callused fingertips coasted over soft skin. Sliding under lace he found the heat he was looking for and dove in.

“Mmmm....Johnny.” Veronica’s eyes closed to better absorb the pleasure his touch brought her. But... “The kids...”

“Are sleeping.” He assured her, his breath a hot gust in her ear. His lips closed over her lobe and he sucked and nibbled while his hands played with her body. When she would have turned around he held her still. “No. Stay like this. Feel my hands on your body. Let me make you come this way.”

Veronica moaned softly at his words. Shaking hands set her glass beside his. Her body began to undulate, searching for more of the pleasure his hands were creating – one on her breast, the other exploring the soft flesh between her legs.

Jon stroked and fondled her, glorying in every whimper, every moan and every small cry he pulled from her. Searching through her swollen folds, he found the nub of her clit and rubbed. First lightly, then with more pressure, then easing back again, slowly, then faster, then slowing down again. Relentlessly teasing, torturing, driving her passion higher and higher.

Desperate for more, but unable to get him to either stop or finish her off, Veronica reached up to slide her fingers into his hair. She turned her head, searching for his mouth, mating hers with it when she found it, tongues tangling.

Jon drew his sweet torture out as long as he could, but his body was making its own demands. Speeding up the pressure and speed of his hands, he pushed her over the edge, swallowing her scream.

While Veronica panted and trembled, Jon placed her hands on the railing. “Hang on.” Once he was sure she could stand, he crouched, reaching under her skirt and sliding her lace panties down her legs, then freeing her feet. Reversing the direction of his hands, he ran his palms over her smooth calves and thighs as he rose, lifting her skirt with him.

At his urging, Veronica set one foot on a bar of the railing halfway to the balcony floor. She felt him fumbling behind her. “What are you....oooh!” The last word was driven from her mind by his rock hard erection being slowly buried inside her. “Jesus!”

“No, Johnny.”

Her laugh was choked off as he started to move, thrusting slowly, but firmly. “Oh God!”

“That’ll work.” He ended on a groan, the feel of her taking him in and squeezing sending lightning bolts to the pleasure centres of his brain.

For long minutes the only sounds on the balcony were sighs and soft moans as passion reigned.

Unable to take anymore, Veronica arched her back and took him deeper. “Johnny please!”

“Unnhh..Nica!” Her name was a whispered prayer as the clenching of her climaxing body pulled him over the edge with her. The motion of his hips slowed, but didn’t stop until he’d given her everything he had.

Jon leaned over her shaking body, hoping their legs wouldn’t collapse and dump them on the floor. It was several minutes before he could be sure his limbs and his voice would work. With one arm around her waist, the other under her knees, he lifted her into his arms. “Grab the wine.”

He managed to stumble to the nearby lounge chair without dropping Veronica – or spilling the wine. Settling her between his legs, he plucked a glass from her hand and took a big restorative gulp. “You wear me out sugar.”

Veronica choked on a mouthful of wine, almost spewing it all over them. She glanced over her shoulder, wide eyed. “Me? I wasn’t the one who started that!”

“Sure you did.”

“How do you figure that?”

“You stood out here, looking so beautiful, smelling better than the flowers....and you told me you loved me. What did you expect to happen?”

Veronica blinked back tears she wasn’t sure were from amusement or emotion. “You’re such a.....guy.” She snuggled in closer.

“Yep, can’t deny it.” Jon rubbed her arm. “Cold?” Veronica shook her head. He smiled and pressed a kiss to her hair. After debating with himself for several minutes he decided to bite the bullet. “Have you given any thought to what you want to do about a job?”

Veronica sighed. “Some, but I haven’t made any decisions.”

“Why don’t you just come work for me? You know us, what we need, how to deal with’s a no brainer.” He winced. “I mean, you’d be a great fit. I think this tour proved that.”

“Jon, please don’t...”

“Come on Ronnie, what would be wrong with you working for us?”

“I’m just not sure that you and I being together and working together is a good idea. What’s the saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder, familiarity breeds contempt?”

“You don’t think that we’re mature enough to keep work and personal separate?”

Veronica snorted. “Not a chance in hell. And it has nothing to do with maturity. It’s just our personalities.”

Jon sighed. She was probably right, still... “So are you saying no? Won’t you even give it a try and see if we can make it work?”

“Why do you want me to so badly? We’re already together, why do you want me to work with you as well?”

“Because you’re the best.”

“Jon, cut the bullshit and tell me the truth.”

“That is the truth! You are the best!” He squirmed when she turned her head and met his gaze. He knew she wasn’t going to let him get away with anything less than the complete truth. “I learned the hard way that absences can cause irreparable damage to relationships. I don’t want that to happen again. I want you to travel with me and I know you’d go stir crazy without something to do to make you feel useful, so this seems like the perfect solution.”

Veronica settled back against him. When he put it that way, it made sense. But that still didn’t mean they could actually do it without killing each other.

Jon nudged her. “So? What do you think?”

“I think that I need to think about it some more. I understand what you’re saying, I’m just not sure we won’t kill each other.” She reached up to kiss him. “This is vacation time. Let’s just relax and enjoy it and talk about work when we get home. Okay?”

He knew he’d pushed as far as he could...for now. “Okay.” He sipped his wine. “Can we talk about you moving in?”

“You never give up do you?”

“Nope.” He stroked the back of his fingers down her cheek. “So will you?”

“We’ll see.” It never paid to give in to him too easily. He needed to remember what it was like to work for something he wanted.


“You love it.”

“Yes, I do.” He touched his lips to hers. “And I love you.”

“I love you too.”