Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chapter 89

They sat quietly for a few more minutes until Veronica yawned again. “Anything else you want to talk about or are we done for tonight?”

“We’re done.”

“Can we go to bed then please?”

Jon chuckled, stood and held out his hand. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

Giving him her hand, she let him pull her to her feet. When he didn’t move she crooked a brow.

His arm swept out. “Lead on sugar.”

With a low laugh, she did just that, pausing long enough for him to pick up his bag on the way.

While he was in the bathroom, Veronica turned down the bed and changed into her nightgown.

Passing in the hallway, he looked at her gown. “Nice, but why bother?”

“Why not?”

“You won’t keep it on long enough to make the effort worthwhile.”

“You think so, do you?”

“Sugar, I know so.”

“Haven’t you had enough for today?”

“What, you mean that little appetizer in my dressing room earlier?” He crowded her against the wall. “Sweetheart, when I’ve had to go without you for a few days, as wonderful and intense as that was, it’s not enough to satisfy my hunger for long. Don’t I prove that every month?” He glanced down at her nightgown again. “And I don’t need provocative bits of silk and lace to turn me on. You do that all by yourself.”

Veronica snorted. “Wow! Talk about laying it on thick! You must be really horny.”

“Only for you sugar.” He leaned in to nuzzle beneath her ear. “Only for you.”

She shivered, gathered her strength and pushed him away with a breathless chuckle. “Cool your jets for a few minutes, big boy. Go on, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

His lips touched hers in a gentle, lingering kiss. “Don’t be long.”

Veronica watched him walk down the hallway and disappear into her bedroom. Blowing out a deep breath she turned towards the bathroom. After finishing what she needed to do, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Well Veronica, you were so sure you could handle this...what are you going to do? It was getting harder and harder to keep a part of herself separate from him....protected from him. The urge was very strong to just let go and let herself get sucked in again by memories, old feelings and his charm. Especially when he was in a playful mood. Very few people ever got to see that side of him. She’d been lucky enough to see it frequently, and it was always devastating to her determination to hold firm against him. The man could make her cry, exasperate her to no end, and make her want to scream – or slap him. But he could also make her laugh and feel more.....special....and desired than any man she’d ever met. That doesn’t solve the issue of his kids and your reaction to them. And there was the point she couldn’t argue and couldn’t get beyond. No, it was better for both of them if she continued to fight against falling in love with him again, as tempting as it may be.

The problem was she was afraid it was already too late.

Walking into the bedroom, she found him lying naked on his back, hands behind his head, the blankets pushed down to the foot of the bed. Damn, the man was a pleasure to look at! As she moved closer he went from half-mast to full erection while she watched.

“So you are happy to see me.”

“I’d be even happier if you’d come closer.” He crooked a finger at her.

She came to a stop beside the bed on the side nearest him. “How close? This close?” One slender hand reached out to wrap around his swelling flesh.

Breath hissed through his teeth. “That’s a start.”

Fingers stroked and teased. He swelled and hardened even more. “Only a start? You want closer? Hmmm....maybe like this?” She bent and ran her tongue in one long, slow lick from base to tip. His hips rose as her mouth did, always searching for more. Holding him down, she opened her mouth wide and took him in, lowering slowly until she’d engulfed his entire length.

All thoughts Jon had to take it slow evaporated at the touch of her lips and the sight of his erection sliding all the way into her mouth. One hand tangled in her curls – not to guide her, but to hold her hair aside so that he could watch her.

Veronica watched his face while she played, gliding slowly down and sucking on her way up. His face was flushed, his eyes glittering, sweat gathering on his brow and upper lip. On her next ascent she very lightly scraped her teeth along the throbbing shaft.

His head pressed into the pillow, neck arched, eyes closed, a guttural moan was torn from his throat. “Jesus!”

She released him with an audible pop. “Something wrong? Too close?”

Not able to speak yet, he grasped her shoulders and pulled her onto the bed, and onto him. By the time she regained her balance and straddled his waist, he’d wrestled her nightgown from her and tossed it aside.

As she sat up he let his gaze drift over her body. “You’re going to kill me....and I can’t wait.”

Veronica chuckled and ran her hands over his chest. Locking her eyes to his, she scraped her nails over the hard muscles, not enough to leave a mark, but enough to send sparks along his nerve endings. She leaned forward slightly, rose up on her knees, and guiding him with one hand impaled herself. When she was fully seated she slowly rocked against him. “Baby, I’m just getting started.”

Jon studied her face and assessed the smirk twisting her lips and decided he wasn’t up to dealing with any more of her teasing. His heart couldn’t take it! A quick movement had their positions reversed. Flexing his hips, he pushed deeper. Her gasp was music to his ears. “You were saying?”

Not about to let him get the upper hand, she wrapped her legs around his waist, raked her nails down his back and squeezed him with her internal muscles, grinning when his back arched and he sucked in a sharp breath. “I said, I was just getting started.”

He lowered his chest onto hers, slid his hands under hips to lift her into his downstroke and began to thrust. “Well sugar, you may have started this, but I’m going to finish it!”

With that he picked up his pace, setting a steady, driving rhythm. Within minutes, their breathing was laboured and the only sounds in the room were the slap of flesh against flesh accompanied by gasps and soft moans.

“God Nica, you feel so damn good! Hot, wet velvet.”

“Mmmm, you fill me so full Johnny! Oh! Mmmm, right there...yes! Oh fuck! More Johnny. Harder!”

“Like this?” He drilled her into the mattress.

“Yes...oh God...mmmm...yes...yes...yes...yes...oh...oh...OH...OH GOD...YES...JOHNNY!” Her body went rigid, then convulsed.

“Fuck Nica!” Jon growled in her ear as his own release swamped him. He slowed his thrusts, but kept moving until he was empty and her muscles started to relax. No strength left, he collapsed on her and struggled to get his breath.

Veronica welcomed his weight, held him tight and waited for her world to stop spinning. His brand of lovemaking was indescribably wonderful...and extremely addictive. She’d convinced herself that her memory was playing tricks on her, exaggerating the sensations. Reality was showing her that not only was her mind not exaggerating at all, but he’d learned a few things and had gotten even better! No doubt about it, she was like a junkie that needed a regular fix. The fact that he was offering to provide it on a more than casual basis made it that much harder to resist him.

Finally Jon gathered his strength and rolled off of her to stare at the ceiling. “You’re going to be the death of me!”

“Me? I think you’ve got that backwards babe. I’m still seeing stars!”

A huge grin curved his lips. “Better than toys?”

Veronica snorted. “I’d rather have the real thing any day.” Lori’s comment came back to her. “Speaking of toys, you didn’t really keep the one Lori gave me did you?”

“Yep. I have plans for that.”


“Yes. You’re going to like it sugar, I promise.”

“I’ll agree to that if you agree to try Viagra.”

He turned his head to look at her, a slight frown forming. “You think I need to?”

“Need to? No, you’re more than capable of holding up your end of things in the sex department.” She rolled half on him, braced herself on his chest so that she could see his face. “Aren’t you curious about what it might be like?”

“I never thought about it. Are you?” He wasn’t sure what the message was she was sending him.

“It’s crossed my mind a time or two.” Veronica grinned at his expression. “Relax Jon, I’m teasing.” Sort of. “I have no complaints.” She stretched out a hand to turn off the light, pulled up the blankets, kissed him and settled against him, her head on his shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

Jon hugged her closer and contemplated her comments for a few minutes before following her into dreamland.

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