Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chapter 92

As he rushed up the stairs, Veronica uttered a small shriek, turned and ran down the hallway to duck into his bedroom. Following on her heels, Jon closed the door and leaned back against it for a moment, his gaze roaming over her where she stood beside the turned down bed. He would have liked to look longer, but his body told him that that there wasn’t time. Stepping towards her, he started stripping off his clothes, shirt first, followed by pants – he was already barefoot.

Veronica was reminded of a sleek leopard as he moved closer. Distracted from her own disrobing she could only eat up the sight of his body as it emerged from its cloth covering. She sucked in a deep breath at the evidence of the pill’s effect. “Wow.”

Jon grunted, his hands quickly finished rendering her as naked as he was and urged her onto the bed. Joining her, he nudged her legs apart and settled himself in between. The tip of his shaft probed her opening, checking her readiness. He didn’t need to worry – she was drenched. He entered her slowly, cautiously, conscious of the fact that he’d never been harder in his life and he didn’t want to hurt her.


He froze. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“No.” She shook her head. “God no! Don’t stop Johnny.”

He let out a relieved breath at her response. The truth was he wasn’t sure he could stop. Bracing himself on his elbows, he bent his head to take tender possession of her mouth and began to thrust. At first he kept his movements slow and gentle, until her hips lifted to meet his and her body flowed easily around the hard pillar of flesh imbedded within her . Then he picked up speed, his tongue tasted deeply, mimicking the movements of his lower body.

“Mmmmmm.” Veronica moaned. Beyond the physical sensations of what he was doing to her, the idea that he did this for her, because of a passing comment she made, caused warm mushy feelings to swirl in her core. Ever since she heard about Viagra she was curious about what the effect would be, but the men she’d been with either refused and resented the inference that they needed help, or the thought of a marathon sex session with them just didn’t appeal. She was a little surprised that Jon had not only agreed, but followed through, although if she thought about it, she shouldn’t have been. He’d always been willing to experiment.

As her passion rose she was forced to break the kiss in order to suck in much needed oxygen. “Oh God! Mmmm, yes Johnny!”

Jon just buried his mouth in her neck, groaned and thrust harder.

Within minutes, she reached her peak, her cries echoing around the room. “JOHNNY!”

Jon felt her clench around him and slowed his thrusts to ride out her storm, but didn’t stop. He couldn’t. No matter how much pleasure was shooting through his system, shortening his breath and making his pulse race, it wasn’t enough. He couldn’t seem to get close enough...deep enough. Lowering his chest down onto hers, he slid his hands under her hips and lifted her into his downstroke.

Veronica, her body still recovering from her orgasm, geared up to experience it again. All she could do was wrap her arms and legs around him and hold on. “Oh God!”

Jon barely heard her, his focus on sensation. His breath rasped in his chest, sweat dripped from his nose and chin. But it still wasn’t enough, that ultimate peak of pleasure seemed to stay just beyond his reach, no matter how fast or deep or hard he plumbed her depths.

“Oh..oh...oh....OOOOOHHHH!” She climaxed again.

Feeling the shudders racking her body, out of breath himself, Jon stopped and rolled onto his back, his arms wrapped around her taking her with him. For several minutes they lay still, and concentrated on just breathing.

But Jon couldn’t wait for long, and his hands roaming her back went from soothing to caressing with the intent to arouse.

Veronica blew out a breath and, feeling him still hard within her, slowly sat up. As his hands slid over her hips she started to rock against him. Her eyes locked with his and the blatant desire visible on his flushed face called to a similar feeling inside her.

Jon stroked her thighs and up her sides to cup her breasts. As he caressed and kneaded her softness and teased and rubbed her rapidly hardening nipples, he watched the emotions crossing her features.

As her desire rose, she rocked harder and higher, her eyes closed and her head fell back. Her hands stroked his chest, then clenched in the firm muscle to brace herself against the strength of the sensations zinging through her nerve endings.

“Lean back.” It was a growled command.

When she complied, settling her hands on his upper knees, giving him an unobstructed view – and access – to her torso, he took immediate advantage. While one hand stayed on a breast, tweaking a hard peak and tugging on it lightly, the other smoothed down over her stomach to stroke and rub the hard nub of her clit. As she gasped and moaned, he watched her writhe above him, easily the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. Sensing she was close, feeling her tighten around him, he rose up to take a taut nipple into his mouth and suckle.

“Oh!” Veronica cried out and sat up straighter, her arms wrapping around his head to hold him close.

His hands slipped on her sweat covered hips as he raised and lowered her on his aching shaft.

“Oh God...yes...yes....yes...oh..oh..” She panted, then screamed as her orgasm swept over her.

Jon didn’t give her any time to recover. He couldn’t. A quick roll reversed their positions and he was once again hovering over her, still buried hard and deep inside her. He could barely breathe, his heart felt like it was going to burst, but still his own climax stayed just out of reach. He was beginning to wonder if this was normal or if he was experiencing one of the side affects his doctor had warned him about when he’d given him the pill. After determining that Jon wasn’t having....difficulties...he correctly presumed that he was looking for a little fun and adventure, smirked, warned him of the consequences and would only give him one pill.

Almost desperate for release at this point, he lifted her legs onto his shoulders, gripped her hips and pounded into her.

“Jesus!” Veronica gasped, shocked to feel her body rev up again. Her hands clenched around the sheet and she hoped she’d survive the night.

Jon thrust harder and faster, his rhythm almost frantic. This time when her body went rigid and clamped down on him, he finally broke and exploded inside her in the most incredible orgasm he’d ever experienced. He actually saw spots and was sure the top of his head had blown off. “NICA!”

He collapsed on her, struggling for breath and waited to see if he was still alive.

“Wow!” The sound was no more than a whisper – she wasn’t capable of anything more. It was several minutes before she even had the strength to move enough to kiss his shoulder.

Groaning, Jon finally managed to disengage and roll off of her onto his back, both of them chuckling at the sucking sound of their sweat soaked bodies separating.

“I need a shower.” Veronica commented. “As soon as I can move that is.”

“Uh huh.” Speech was still beyond him.

A few minutes later, Veronica rose and, wincing slightly, made her way into the bathroom.

Jon watched her go, then groaned at the feel of his body hardening again. “Oh fuck!”

Veronica stood under the main showerhead, eyes closed, letting the hot, soothing water rain down on her when the glass door opened and a draft of cool air swept over her. She didn’t open her eyes to look at him. “Coming to join me?”

“Mmmhmmm.” Picking up the bottle of shampoo, he poured some into his hand and sank both of them into her dark mane.

“Mmmmm.” She relaxed back against him and enjoyed the feel of his hands on her scalp. God how she’d missed this! He was the best at washing hair, knowing just how much pressure to use and how to scrub and massage her scalp at the same time. He used to joke that it was one of the best skills his father had taught him.

Shifting with his movements, as he rinsed her hair, their lower bodies came into contact, and she sucked in a sharp breath. She turned her head, glanced down to see if she’d felt what she’d thought she felt, then up at his face. “Are you serious? You can’t be!”

He grimaced. “Don’t blame me this was your idea.”

She considered him for a long moment. She didn’t think her body could take any more, but she did start this and she couldn’t leave him to suffer. Setting her hands on his chest, she sank to her knees, caressing his body as she went. One hand closed around his erection, stroking and squeezing, the other cupped his sac.

Jon spread his legs further apart, braced his hands on the walls and watched her.

Veronica pumped him for several minutes, then brought her mouth into play. She slowly licked his length from base to tip several times before dipping lower and sucking first one ball, then the other, rubbing her thumb over the swollen head at the same time. Releasing his sac, she raised up a little and ran her tongue under the ridge and over the head, scraping lightly with her teeth.

Jon groaned. “Fuck!”

She chuckled. “Like that huh?”

“Mmmm.” His moaning agreement was all he could manage – she’d taken him into her mouth and was in the process of swallowing him whole.

She took him in, and released him, over and over, sucking lightly at first, then harder and harder. But while his moans told her that he was enjoying it, he didn’t break. She tried pushing on the spot behind his sac that usually worked, and every other trick she knew, but with no luck. When her cheek muscles got tired, she sat back on her heels to rest for a minute.

Jon reached down and pulled her to her feet. “Sorry sugar, but that’s not gonna do it tonight.”

He turned her to face away from him and flipped the switch and adjusted the various heads until they sent pulsing streams of water over the parts of her body he wanted. Nuzzling below her ear, he cupped her breasts and caressed them until her nipples stood up for him. Next he sent them roaming her abdomen and hips, then one slid between her legs to stroke her cleft. “Sore?”

Veronica shook her head, a shiver running down her spine at the feel of his hot breath in her ear and his lips sucking the lobe.

Using both hands, he pulled back her swollen folds, exposing her to a direct stream of water.

“Oh!” She tried to move away, the sensation too intense, but he held her still. Within minutes she experienced another orgasm.

Her tremors hadn’t subsided yet when Jon bent her forward and slid into her from behind.

“Oh God.”

He held still. “You okay? Does it hurt?”

She just shook her head and reached out to brace her hands against the wall.

Reassured, he started to move, his strokes steady and rhythmic. The sound of the running water drowned out their sighs, moans and panting breaths. This time when she came, Jon had to hold her up as her legs wobbled and threatened to give way. Leaning her against the wall he quickly washed them both, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to grab towels.

Veronica silently watched him dry first himself, then her, his erection undiminished. The experience had turned out to be more than she had bargained for, and obviously it wasn’t over yet. She couldn’t fault the exquisite pleasure though. It was definitely a night she’d never forget!

Jon searched her eyes. “You okay?” When she nodded, he lifted her into his arms and carried her back into the bedroom, gently laying her on the bed. “Turn over.”

Taking a deep breath, she obeyed, her heart pounding when he raised her hips and slid a puffy pillow under them. She knew what was coming.

He lowered himself over her, positioned himself, and slid deep. They both groaned. Reaching up, he laced his fingers with hers and flexed his hips.

Veronica could do nothing but absorb his rocking thrusts. She had no strength left to do anything more. Once....twice......three times he brought her to the height of pleasure before finally....finally... finding his own.

Jon collapsed on her back, feeling the spasms shaking her body, his own muscles trembling. He’d never felt anything like it before.

“ more...please.” She couldn’t take anymore. She was exhausted.

He consulted his body, and was relieved to be able to agree with her. “No more. I’m done.”

Jon slowly withdrew from her body, wincing slightly. He managed to pull the blankets up over them and turn off the light before flopping down bedside her. They were asleep in seconds.


  1. All I can say is HOT HOT HOT!!!! He can always use one of those pills with me. :)

  2. I volunteer for the experiment too :) great job and love the new background.