Monday, October 11, 2010

Chapter 109

The room was beautiful, decorated in the Victorian era style with a huge, solid four poster bed with wooden slats joining the top of the posts to each other forming a square. Bed curtains hung at each corner, tied back with long silk cords.

Veronica set down her purse and laptop bag, but before she could move, strong arms slipped around her waist, pulling her back against a hard chest. Hot breath bathed her ear.

“Finally! I’ve waited for hours to get you to myself.”

She chuckled, leaned back against him and tilted her head, an invitation he was quick to accept, lips and tongue tracing the line of her neck and ear. “Mmmmmm.”

While his mouth tasted, licked and nibbled and nuzzled her, Jon lifted one hand and slid it inside the deep vee of her halter top to cup a firm breast, calloused fingertips caressing warm flesh, snagging lightly on the lace of her bra. His other hand slipped the brass button of her jeans through the hole and eased the zipper down until he could reach inside, two fingers foraging through her rapidly dampening curls to find her even hotter female flesh.

Veronica moaned and clutched his arm, sinking her other hand into his thick mane, turning her head in search of that teasing mouth. Finding it, she melded her lips to his and sent her tongue to battle with his.

For long minutes they stood there, letting the heat and passion between them rise. But it wasn’t long before it wasn’t enough – for either of them. Releasing her body, but not her mouth, Jon let her turn to face him, then manoeuvred them towards the bed as they removed each other’s clothing, not slowly, but not with any real sense of urgency either. By the time they reached the end of the bed, they were both naked. Jon tugged her against him, ran his hands down her back to fill his hands with her firm cheeks and pull her closer yet.

Veronica whimpered at the feel of his erection pressing into her stomach, looped her arms around his neck and swivelled her hips to caress his sensitive flesh. She didn’t notice him reaching out to some point behind her.

Jon groaned, the urge to take her right there, right then, almost overwhelming, but he forced himself to stick to the plan, forced his arms to ease her body away from his, forced his lips to part from hers.

Her protest died in her throat as she quickly found her wrists bound together with one of the silk cords. While she watched, he reached to the corner post behind him for another cord. Tying one end to her bindings, he threw the other end over the wooden slat overhead and pulled until her arms were lifted above her head, tying it off to keep them there.

Veronica crooked one ebony brow. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” Amusement and anticipation was heavy in his voice.


Stepping back, Jon let his gaze drift over her from the top of her head to her. He may as well have touched her, the effect was the same. Her skin tingled and her blood heated. He lifted his hands, framed her face and kissed her as if he would devour her.

Every thought cindered beneath the heat in that kiss. Reflex had her tugging on her bonds to try to hold him to her, but they wouldn’t give. All she could do was stand and let him do whatever he wanted to her.

Releasing her, Jon dropped slowly to his knees, his fingers trailing over her body as he went. He sat back on his braced knees, grasped her thighs, raised them and placed one over each shoulder. Gripping her hips with both hands, he held her firmly and set his lips to her core.

Veronica swallowed a shriek, her hands clenching around the cord holding her arms suspended. Her spine arched, thighs pressing down hard against his shoulders. He possessed her with slow deliberation, reducing her to a state of breathless, panting need. He held her on the edge for long minutes, licking, sucking, teasing her moist flesh, before taking her swollen clit between his lips to suckle, letting her fly.

Veronica screamed.

Before her tremors had subsided, Jon let her legs slide off his shoulders and stood. Grasping her thighs, he lifted her up and to him, entering her with one long, powerful thrust. Her cries urged him on, her legs a vice around his waist, as he pumped her slowly, repetitively, deeply, until she shattered into a million pieces, taking him with her.

But he wasn’t done yet.

When the last ripples of her release faded – and he could breathe again – and she slumped boneless against the bonds, he withdrew from her temporarily sated body. Reaching up he untied the cord holding up her arms, and lifted her onto the bed. He left her there to recover while he gathered what he needed for the rest of his plan.

Veronica sensed him moving away from her, but didn’t yet have the strength to open her eyes to see what he was doing. A few minutes later she jumped at the touch of a warm wash cloth between her thighs.

“Sorry sugar, didn’t mean to startle you, just cleaning you up a little.” Setting aside the cloth, he tied the cord to the head board, so that her arms were once again above her head. That done, he laid down beside her, arm bent at the elbow, rested his head on his palm and surveyed his handiwork.

Veronica lifted her still bound hands as much as she could. “Why?”

“Because with your hands tied, you can’t use them to...distract me.” Or break my control. This time, it’s going to be at my speed! “Tonight is about pleasuring you.” At her look, he grinned. “I didn’t say it was about pleasuring only you.” He sobered. “Nica....I want to show you that you are a beautiful, desirable, complete woman who deserves to, and is worthy of being loved.” And prove to her that he wasn’t like those pricks trying to pass themselves off as men that she’d dated. “So I’m going to make love to you for as long as our stamina will hold out. I want to see how much pleasure you can take.”

Veronica shivered at the thought. She appreciated the sentiment behind his words...and understood what he didn’t say....and she wasn’t sure she was ready to face that. But she also wasn’t exactly in a position to stop him.

Blunt fingers traced the line of her arm and along her collarbone. “Your skin is so soft and smooth and pearls. You don’t tan time to lay out in the sun I guess. Although your face and chest do flush...or blush, whatever, when you’re aroused. I love to run my hands over you...feels like warm silk.”

His hand lowered to cup her breasts. First one, then the other. “Nice. Firm, but not hard. Obviously real, not silicone. Fits perfectly in my hand. Also a nice soft place to rest my head.” One fingertip traced the line where creamy changed to soft pink. “Such pretty pink nipples.” His lips curved into a slight smile as the items he was describing hardened in response to his touch. “It amazes me that something so soft can become so hard so quickly.”

Veronica snorted despite the tiny fires his touch lit under her skin. “I could say the same about you.”

“I guess. I never thought about it that way.” He shrugged. “I’d rather pay attention to how your body reacts than mine.” His hand left her breast to smooth over her stomach to her thigh. “Have I ever told you how gorgeous your legs are? The fact that you can bend them into so many....interesting....positions doesn’t hurt either. My favourite is either locked around my waist or all the way up so that your knees are by your ears.”

Sliding his palm up the inside of her thigh, he cupped her between her legs. “And here we come to the heart of the matter. hot, so...wet. You’re body’s telling me it wants me. I love how you take me in and hold me so snug and tight.” The heel of his hand rubbed against her clit, available now that her folds had swollen and opened with her rising passion. He slid two fingers inside her and grinned at her soft moan. “Aah, hot velvet.”

Veronica’s eyes drifted closed, a defence mechanism against the sensations his touch created. She would have begged for more, but she didn’t want to interrupt his recital. The combination of words and touch had woven a spell around her, touching both body and soul and pretty much taking away her ability to speak anyway. All she could do was lift her hips into his hand in silent plea.

“You want more? I have something that you might like even better.”

Veronica bit back a cry of protest at the feel of his fingers leaving her. The sense of loss was lessened by the prospect of getting what she really wanted....him. A gasp was ripped from her throat at the sensation of something hard and cool penetrating her. She lifted her head. He hadn’t moved from his position beside her. “What the hell?”

Jon grinned, pulled out the toy and held it up for her to see......and grinned when she flopped back with a groan. “Hey, you had The Blue Pill Adventure and Harem Night, it’s my turn to choose how we play.” Sliding the toy back in, he proceeded to use it like a dildo rather than turning it on, pumping her slowly. “One of the benefits of this is that I can watch you. When I’m inside you I get so distracted by my own pleasure, I can’t really appreciate yours.” He watched her body ride the movement of the vibrator. “Yes, just like that. I love seeing the flame ignite in those incredible purple eyes, seeing the expressions passion brings to your face.” His gaze studied her face. “God! You’re so beautiful!”

Veronica closed her eyes, moaned, and absorbed the wave of sensation his ministrations were creating. “Johnny!”

“Yes, Nica, it’s me. I’m giving you this pleasure. Do you want more?”

She could only arch her back and nod. Jon sped up the movement of his hand, thrusting and withdrawing the toy faster, harder, deeper. Veronica gasped and moaned louder. He increased his speed even more and watched intently, his ears ringing with her scream, as her body stiffened, then convulsed. Jon kept pumping until the tremors subsided. “Beautiful.”

After allowing her a few minutes to rest, Jon bent and kissed her, tasting her gently, but very thoroughly. “Mmmm. I love the way you taste.” He shifted direction and slid his open mouth over to nibble on her ear before continuing down her neck. At the same time, his hand roamed her torso, teasing, arousing, inciting. Arriving at her breasts, his lips cruised over the creamy mounds to sample the pink peaks, first one then the other, while blunt fingers massaged. His lips twitched as he lifted his head and he reached for the vibrator, sliding it slowly out of her body. He rubbed the tip all over and around her nipples, both stimulating them and coating them with her juices, which he then settled in to lick and suck off.

Lifting his head, he caught her eye. “Maybe we should try using this the way it was built for. Hmmm, which speed? I think maybe just low to start.” A flick of his thumb, and a low hum sounded in the room. He reapplied the toy to her nipples, grinning when they hardened instantly. “I love how responsive your body is.”

Starting in the valley between her breasts, he ran the vibrator in a path over her stomach and along her cleft, then followed with his mouth, licking up the wetness left behind. He circled her clit several times, then slid the appliance home, moving it in and out a few times.

“Johnny!” Veronica cried out as nerve endings sent lightning bolts through her body. Her hips lifted in search of more.

Jon smirked. He would have liked to keep teasing her, maybe watch her come a few dozen more times – she was so incredibly beautiful in the throws of passion – but his body told him time was running out...and he had one more sweet pleasure he was determined to visit on her, before taking his own.

Leaving the vibrator buried, he gripped her hips and flipped her onto her stomach. One hand brushed aside ebony curls to set hands and mouth to the long lines of her back. As he neared her waist, he couldn’t help but notice the slight, almost involuntary rocking of her lower body, the better to absorb the sensations caused by imbedded toy. He listened to her whimpers for a few more minutes, then reached down to turn off the vibrator and remove it. Veronica groaned and muttered in protest. Jon chuckled. “Patience sugar.” Strong hands gripped her hips and lifted. “On your knees please sweetheart.”

Veronica quickly obeyed, bracing herself on her knees and elbows, since her bindings prevented her from raising up onto her hands, and prayed her trembling limbs would support her. Although she couldn’t deny that the pleasure she’d been experiencing since he’d laid her on the bed had been incredibly delicious, she, almost desperately, hoped she was finally going to get what she really wanted – him. When Jon positioned himself behind her, she let out a sigh of relief.

Jon heard and grinned, having a pretty good idea what was going through her mind. Sorry honey, not quite yet. “Okay, let’s see if I can find that magic, elusive spot.”

When the tip of the vibrator penetrated her once again, Veronica wanted to cry in frustration. “Johnny please! I want you!”

“Soon, Nica, I promise.” He wiggled the appliance slightly, searching, but didn’t turn it on. “Tell me when I’m in the right spot.” Her gasp and soft cry was a good clue, but he wanted to be sure. “There? Is that the spot?”

“Yes! Mmmmm, yes there....ooh, right there!”

“Okay, let’s see what high speed does for you.” A flick of his thumb and the hum sounded again, a higher pitch this time.”

Veronica sucked in a breath, and promptly lost it – and any sense of control. The nerve endings that had been flickering and simmering, exploded, sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her body. All she could do was gasp and strain and scream. Over and over, like the ocean breaking on a beach during a storm, the waves swamped her. Her orgasms were hitting one on top of another.....or maybe it was just one big, long, intense one, she couldn’t tell. And Jon didn’t stop until her legs gave out and she collapsed onto the bed, her body racked with convulsions, black spots appearing at the periphery of her vision.

Turning off the vibrator, Jon gently withdrew it from her body, set it aside, and flipped her back onto her back, brushing her hair out off her face.

“Jesus.....Jesus.” She couldn’t have said if the breathless word was a curse or a prayer. Her mind wasn’t fully functional at this point. All she could do was struggle to breathe while her body twitched and shuddered. “Jesus...Jesus.”

“I guess high speed does it for you.”

She managed to lever her eyelids up enough to see the amusement glinting in the deep blue above her. Whatever reply she was going to attempt to make went right out of her head when he shifted over her, nudging her legs apart, settled in between and with one slow, gentle thrust buried himself inside her.

All she could do was groan. “Jesus Jon....are you kill me?”

“I’m just a man, not God, sugar.” If she had the strength she would have swatted him. He grinned. “Sorry sugar, this won’t take long.” Bracing on his elbows, he framed her face with his hands and started to move.

He used slow, gentle thrusts, watching her eyes for any sign of discomfort. Every few minutes he lowered his head to touch his lips to hers in a soft kiss. He wasn’t really surprised to feel her hips match his rhythm. He remembered well the depth of her passionate nature....and her stamina.

Veronica was surprised though. She didn’t think she had anything left to give. She’d lost count of the number of orgasms he’d brought her to, but knew it was more than she’d ever experienced in one night. Then again, they’d always been an extremely good match.

This time seemed to go on forever and at the same time felt like it was over in minutes. This time was more than just a joining of bodies. This time when she climaxed, it wasn’t with fireworks and screams, but rather with sighs and something.....deeper. This time he reached a part of her she’d thought was dead – or at least buried so deep it would never see light again. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but she couldn’t deny it. Tears slid out of the corners of her eyes at the beauty and depth of the emotions she could no longer hold back.

The clenching of her hot sheath around him took him over the edge with her, flooding her with his warmth. Taking a shaky breath, he kissed the corners of her eyes, tasting her tears. “I love you.”

She didn’t know how she felt about that either, but couldn’t deny it.


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