Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chapter 115

Jon tried to keep to his own bed and not disturb the two in the other bed, but when Veronica started murmuring in her sleep and got restless, it gave him the excuse he was looking for to slide in beside her. It was a bit crowded with all three of them, but it was a sacrifice he was happy to make. The fact that she calmed quickly at his touch and his murmured assurances of his nearness, justified his actions even more.

Veronica awoke to find herself sandwiched between two Bongiovi males. The little one she remembered being there when she fell asleep, the big one spooned behind her, she didn’t. He definitely hadn’t been there the couple times she’d been up with Romeo to get him more painkillers. She sighed inwardly at the realization that she’d never felt him climb in....and how comforted she felt that he was there.

A small hand touching her cheek had her opening her eyes. “Hey little man. How are you feeling?”

“My head hurts...and I hungy.” He looked towards the T.V. “I watch ‘toons?” He looked over her shoulder and lowered his voice to a whisper. “Oh, Daddy’s still seeping.”

“Yeah. Let’s go out into the sitting room and let him sleep.”

“Okay.” He slid from the bed and padded out to the sitting room.

Veronica blinked, surprised, at his non-reaction to his father sharing a bed with her and would have followed, but found that she couldn’t. The hard band of muscle at her waist tightened, preventing her from moving. She turned her head to look at him, but his eyes remained closed. Leaning over, she touched her lips gently to his. “I’m just going to the sitting room. He needs painkillers, breakfast and cartoons.”

Jon sighed heavily and frowned, but relaxed his arm and let her go. When her weight lifted from the bed, he reached for her pillow and hugged it to him.

Veronica smiled, pulled on a robe and went to join Romeo.

When Jon awoke again, he found the suite empty and a note on the table letting him know that Veronica had taken the kids downstairs to the hotel restaurant for an early lunch. After taking a shower, he dressed, checked his messages and returned a few phone calls. He was just starting to feel left out and abandoned when he heard voices in the hallway and the click of her key card in the lock.

“Daddy! You awake!”

“Hey little man, yes I am. How’s your head?”

Romeo touched the bandage on his forehead. “It okay. Ronnie gave me pills that make the hurt go away.”

“Yeah? She’s good at making us guys feel better when we’re hurt isn’t she?” Jon caught Veronica’s eye and smiled, his eyes glowing warmly.

“Uh huh.” Romeo nodded, his expression serious. “Just like Mommy.”

It was the biggest compliment he could have given her and her eyes filled and her cheeks pinkened with pleasure. Clearing her throat, she shoved the Styrofoam container she was carrying at Jon. “Here. We brought you lunch. Eat.” And quit looking at me like I’m some miracle worker!

“Thanks sugar.” He patted the cushion next to him. “Sit with me while I eat.” I don’t consider it a miracle, but I’m betting you do.

“So how was the show last night?” She asked as she settled beside him, one leg curled under her, not consciously acknowledging their unspoken communication. Her question was for Stephanie and Jesse as well. As the next generation of concert goers, and current music buyers, their opinion was important – plus they had been to enough of the band’s shows to know if something was particularly well received or if it was off.

As the conversation progressed, Jon finished his club sandwich, set aside the container and let his hand settle on Veronica’s knee, thumb stroking absently while he listened to the kids’ observations.

Veronica could feel the heat of his hand through her jeans and a shiver ran down her spine. Out of the corner of her eye she saw his lips twitch and knew he’d felt her reaction to his touch. Placing her hand over his, she squeezed in warning.....and acknowledgment. His fingers moved to grip hers and squeeze back. This time his thumb caressed bare skin and her nerves skittered. She took a slightly shaky breath and made a mental note to find them some private time – soon!

Jon entered his dressing room after the show, exhausted and dripping sweat. Swiping a towel over his face again, he tossed it onto the table on his way to the shower when he heard the door open behind him. He turned, ready to snarl at whoever was intruding on his post show wind down time, and just managed to bite back some truly nasty words – which he would then spend hours, if not days, trying to apologize for – when he saw Veronica shutting the door.

His brows rose at the snick of the lock. “Where’s your shadow?” Romeo had been within reach of her all day, even during the couple interviews they’d had that afternoon. They’d had to remind the reporters that he wasn’t part of the interview. They saw the bandage on his head, and their curiosity was obvious, but one look at Jon had convinced them not to ask.

“Hanging out with Uncle Matt. I think they were going to see what was left in catering. Romeo had a hankering for some cake.” Veronica stalked towards him like a prowling cat.

Jon found himself retreating at the almost feral look in her eyes until his back was – literally – against the wall – or in this case the frame of the doorway leading to the shower . “And what do you have a hankering for?”

The deepening of his voice told her that he already had some idea. “Some alone time with Daddy.”

He watched her come closer. “Daddy’s all sweaty.”

Veronica didn’t stop until she was pressed up against him. When his head dropped back at the rubbing of her body over his, she took advantage and ran the tip of her tongue up his throat over his Adam’s apple. “Mmmm. I know.”

The throaty purr had his body hardening even more than the friction she was creating by grinding her hips against his. “Jesus sugar!”

Skillful, delicate fingers found the bottom of his t-shirt and dipped underneath. Jon sucked in a breath as they traced over his ribs, pushing cotton upwards as they moved. Lips that could tease or please in equal measure skimmed along his jaw to his ear. “Johnny, I want you!”

“Anytime, anyplace, any way you want sweetheart.” The last word ended in a soft groan as her hands ran up his chest on her way to removing his shirt. When the sweaty material slid over his hands on its way to the floor, he smoothed them down her back, savouring the feel of her heat through the thin tank top she wore with jeans that showed of her curves and practically begged a man to peel them off her.

In return, her hands retraced their paths, pausing to tangle in his fur. “Mmmm. You’re even softer than Boots.”

His bark of laughter was choked and harsh with his rising passion. “Thanks....I think.” His body was urging him to stop the play and get down to business, but she obviously had a plan and he wanted to see what she had in mind.

Veronica’s hands slid down further, over his abs to the waistband of his pants. “But you’re not soft all over, are you? Not here.” A flick of her fingers, and they were open, exposing him to her sight....and touch. “And definitely not here.” Urging his pants over his hips, she followed them down to the floor. She’d intended to finish removing them, but left them bunched at his ankles when she got distracted. “Well, there’s my old friend. It’s been awhile hasn’t it?” Her fingers ran up and down his swollen length. “Look how big he is!”

Jon had to clear his throat before he could speak. The touch of her hand threatened to take his voice. The sight of her kneeling at his feet didn’t help either. “He’s missed you.”

“Should I kiss him hello?”

If he could have, he would have grinned, but his face felt like it was carved from stone. The laugh that tried to get out was strangled in his throat. “I’m sure he’d like that.”

The touch of her lips on his empurpled, throbbing head loosened his knees and he had to lean harder against the door frame for support. The sight and feel of her engulfing him dragged a groan from deep in his chest. His fingers slid into the ebony curls on either side of her head and held tight, his hips flexing slightly to augment her rhythm.

Veronica glanced up at his face to gauge the effectiveness of her ministrations and was gratified to see his flushed face, eyes glowing hot, a glazed expression in the sapphire depths. Violet eyes glinting, she decided to ramp it up a notch.

Jon’s head dropped back and he fought to keep it together as she increased the speed of her movements and sucked harder. When she began to hum he was sure he was going to lose it. Wanting more, but unable to summon the ability to stop her – what she was doing felt too good – he could only hold on and pray for strength.

When she sensed he was close to the breaking point, Veronica pulled his hands from her head and stood. Pressing against him, she brushed her lips over his, then brought her mouth to his ear. “I want you inside me Johnny. I want to feel your hard flesh stretching me....pulsing against me. I want to feel your heartbeat inside my body.”

“Jesus!” The breathless response was all he was capable of. A shudder shook his body and his hands reached blindly for the fastening of her jeans. Finding it, he ripped them open and shoved at the stubborn denim until it finally slid from her hips. The small scrap of lace that she called panties very quickly became smaller scraps as impatient hands tore them off. Like a homing pigeon, his aching erection found the notch between her thighs. Groaning loudly, Jon gripped her hips to hold her still and thrust slowly, heating and caressing her soft, soft flesh. The liquid evidence of her body’s approval of his actions aided his movements, easing the friction.

At the same time, Jon’s mouth captured hers, tasting her thoroughly, tongue mimicking the motion of his lower body.

Veronica felt like she was going up in flames. Easing back from the kiss, she pleaded for mercy. “Enough teasing. I need you inside me. Now! Please Johnny!”

When he released her, she stepped back and struggled with fumbling hands to remove her jeans completely. Jon took the opportunity to kick out of his as well. As soon as she was free, Veronica pressed back against him. “Now Johnny, I can’t wait.”

The straight backed chair in the corner of his eye got his attention and a vision flitted, then settled in his mind. She’s pretty could work. “Come here.” Catching her hand he staggered to the chair, towing her behind him. He sat and tugged her closer.

Veronica quickly figured out the logistics and straddled him, impaling herself on his raging erection. Both of them groaned at the merging of their bodies. Jon slid his hands from her hips up her sides, dispensing with her tank top in the process. A flick of his fingers released the catch on her bra and he tossed it to join the tank. Unusually soft palms cupped her breasts and squeezed and massaged gently. Veronica bent to press her mouth to his, her kiss by turns ravenous and gentle.

After several minutes of rocking against each other, Jon broke the kiss. “Lean back.” Veronica complied, balancing carefully on his knees and panted. Jon grasped first one leg, then the other and lifted them onto his shoulders. “Can you reach the floor?”

Veronica considered for a moment, then nodded. “I think so. Hang onto my hips.” When he complied she bent back very carefully until her palms touched the floor and she could use them to brace herself. The change in angle sent sharp jolts of sensation from her core to her fingertips and she cried out. “Oh! God yes! Mmmm Johnny that feels sooo good!”

Jon couldn’t speak. His heart was pounding, his breath was sawing in his chest, and there was a sheen of sweat on his body, making his hands slip on her hips. He shifted his grip and thrust as deep as he could, eyes focused on the sight of his shaft sliding in and out of her welcoming body. When he felt his orgasm approach, knowing he couldn’t stop it, and knowing she wasn’t quite there yet, he let go with one hand to rub and pluck her clit. He felt her body vise around his, her scream echoing in his ears, and with a grunt let go and spilled inside her.

“ me....up.” Veronica panted, trembling arms the only thing keeping her from crashing to the floor.

“Oops...sorry...sugar.” Jon was just as breathless, but had enough strength left to ease her legs down and pull her upright.

Veronica leaned against him, her head on his shoulder and waited for her world to settle again. Jon hugged her and buried his nose in her neck. A few minutes later voices could be heard outside the door.

“How come Daddy’s door’s locked?” Romeo asked.

“He’s probably still in the shower.” Matt replied and tried to think of a way to move them along.

“But Ronnie was in there too.”

“Uh...ewww!” Was Jesse’s opinion.

“What? It’s fun to share the tub.” Jake argued.

Jon chuckled and Veronica groaned. “Oh Lord...he’s going to be just like you!” She whispered.

Jon just grinned. “Wanna share a shower?”

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  1. You write such CREATIVE, hot & steamy love scenes. Wow! It's awesome that Ronnie and Romeo are finally 'together' and I love even more that Ronnie and Jon got 'together' again!!

    Kudos, as always!!