Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter 138

The rest of the afternoon and evening was taken up with domestic, family type activities: unpacking, organizing, watching T.V., making plans....and making cookies.

Jon stood in the bedroom, in front of his dresser. Listening to the water running in the sink in the bathroom where Veronica was working through her bedtime routine, he opened a drawer and lifted out a small box. He flipped open the lid and stared at the three carat princess cut colourless diamond with two half carat round stones on either side, all set in a brushed platinum band. He’d never felt so torn and indecisive in his life! On one hand he wanted to ask her now and get it over with. Put the ring on her finger, assuring her of her place in his heart and get on with their lives. On the other hand he didn’t want to overwhelm her and risk her saying no. He felt his stomach churn. Even though he’d done this before, it didn’t make it any easier or less nerve wracking – actually the first time he didn’t really ask, it was a spur of the moment let’s do it kind of thing. Veronica deserved it to be perfect and he hadn’t worked out the details yet.

Closing the box, he glanced around the room looking for a better hiding spot. It had occurred to him while he was saying goodnight to the kids that with Veronica living here now, chances were pretty good – okay, one hundred percent – that she’d be putting away his laundry and could easily find the ring. He reached deep into a closest that held stage clothes and put the box in the pocket of an old jacket. Satisfied, he quickly undressed and went to join his girlfriend.

Veronica stared at her reflection in the mirror as she set aside her toothbrush and blew out a breath, wondering why she felt so nervous – like a teenager spending her first complete night with her his parents house! Idiot! You’re a grown woman, stop it!

Shaking her head at herself, she dried the toothbrush and put it in its holder just as the door opened and Jon walked in. He moved to stand behind her, their gazes meeting in the mirror. When his hands rose to run over her shoulders and up and down her arms, bared by the spaghetti straps of her nightgown, she leaned back against him, feeling the heat of his chest warming her almost as much as the heat in the blue eyes roaming her body that was visible in the mirror.

“You’re so beautiful.” His lips brushed her ear and along the line of her neck.

Veronica shivered at the feel of his hot breath in her ear and his fingertips skimming her skin as he slid the straps over her shoulders. Her nightgown collapsed, baring her to the waist, catching on her hips briefly, before continuing on its path to the floor.

“So, so beautiful.” His hands ran slowly, continually over her arms and torso, cupping her breasts, stroking his thumbs over her nipples, a soft smile curving his lips when they hardened at his touch.

Veronica leaned back against his hard chest and watched through slitted eyes as his hands roamed her body. His touch was gentle and light – much lighter than she wanted – tantalizingly so. Her lids were heavy and wanted to close completely, but she was caught and mesmerized by the expression on his face and in his eyes.....appreciation for what he was looking at, desire, love and...awe. She couldn’t look away.

Jon covered her breasts with his hands, kneading and caressing the firm mounds, squeezing the taut tips between his fingers while his lips traced the line of her neck and shoulder.

It felt like her skin was on fire everywhere he touched. Veronica took it for as long as she could, but finally couldn’t take any more. She needed more. Turning in his arms, she clutched his shoulders, slid one hand into is hair and took possession of his mouth.

Jon simply shifted his attention to the smooth, supple skin of her back, caressing in long strokes while their tongues duelled for supremacy. But she was trying to rush things along fast than he wanted. He had plans.

Breaking the kiss he lifted his head to murmur against her lips. “Easy honey. Slow down. Let’s take it nice and easy.”

“Don’t want to.” Veronica pressed her body closer.

Jon chuckled. “I can tell. But trust me sugar, I’ll make it worth it.”

“Mmmm...oh!” Her moan ended in a gasp when his finger traced the crevice of her ass to stroke her cleft from behind. As her senses skittered, her knees loosened and she sagged against him.

Catching her, Jon slid one arm under her knees and lifted her into his arms. He carried her to the bed, set her in the middle and lay down beside her, on his side facing her. Gripping her hip, he pulled her onto her side to face him. His hand slid from her hip to her knee and pulled it over his hip, making her available to his questing fingers.

Once again, his hands slowly roamed her body, caressing softly. Calluses scraped lightly, fanning the embers of her desire into full blown flames. This time, Veronica couldn’t remain passive. Her hands reached for him and proceeded to return the favour, coasting over his shoulders and arms, fingers kneading his chest, tangling in his thick fur, rubbing and plucking the nailheads of his nipples.

When she began to move down over his abs, Jon knew he had to distract her while he still could. He smoothed a hand up the inside of her thigh to run his fingertips through her damp curls. Probing her opening lightly, he circled it several time before sinking a finger in her moist channel.


At her sigh he added a second finger and began to move them in and out. He watched her face and the passion reflected there with each movement, ignoring the bite of her nails in his chest and stomach as best he could.

“Mmmmm..” Veronica moaned softly, eyes drifting closed, her hips matching the rhythm of his fingers.

“Like that?”

“Mmmm...feels so good Johnny.” She tried to increase their speed, but Jon wasn’t cooperating. “Johnny please!”

“Open your eyes Nica. Look at me.” When she complied, he curled his fingers slightly until he could feel the magic patch on the front of her sheath and rubbed it.

Veronica’s eyes widened and darkened. “Oh! Oh...mmm...oh yes! Right there. More Johnny, please!”

He grinned at her flushed face, and decided he tortured her enough...for this round. Setting his thumb on her swollen clit he rubbed in circles, gradually increasing the pressure. At the same time, he added a third finger inside her and thrust harder and faster. When her eyes drifted closed again he stopped. “No sugar. Look at me.”

She had to force her eyes open and locked them with his. Her groaned echoed around the room as his fingers resumed their rhythm. It only took minutes for her to reach the peak and shatter.

Jon watched with satisfaction as her eyes went black as she fell over the edge.

While she fought to catch her breath, he freed his fingers from her body and smeared her moisture over and around her still hard nipples. Dipping his head, he licked one hard kernel, swirled his tongue around and around it, then closed his lips and suckled.

“Mmmmm.” Veronica clenched her hands in his hair, holding him close, her back arching. “Johnny!”

Jon released her breast only to give its sister the same treatment. At the same time his fingers trailed over her stomach, swirling around the indent of her navel several times before continuing on to once again slide deep inside her molten core.

Her moans were getting louder and her head started to thrash at the multiple sensations. “Johnny please!”

He lifted his head enough to see her face. “What do you want?”

“You! I need you!” One delicate hand reached down to circle his throbbing erection and pump slowly pump him. “I need this inside me Johnny. As deep as you can go.”

Still, he hesitated, watching her body undulate against his fingers. The longer he waited the more frustrated she got and the tighter she squeezed him. When her nails raked very lightly up his length, he shuddered and gave in. Locking his eyes with hers, he eased his fingers from her body, shifted closer and allowed her to guide him where she wanted him most. He filled her with one long, slow thrust, noting every expression of joy and pleasure that was visible in her face.


“Is this what you wanted?” He rocked slowly against her, closing his eyes briefly. “God Nica, you feel so good!”

“Yes Johnny, yes!”

Jon kept the rhythm slow and languid, watching her face, periodically kissing her lightly. On hand on her hip guided their movements, the other played, toyed and caressed her breasts.

Veronica clenched one hand in his fur, the other gripped his side as he drove them slowly, gently, inevitably to passion’s peak and down the other side. Her body shuddered its release, fisted around his buried shafted and milked him dry.

There were no screams this time, just deep moans as ecstasy swamped both of them. She’d experienced more intense orgasms, but none as deep or gentle or that had left her feeling as connected to her partner as this one had. It was.....beautiful...and the emotions flooding her brought tears to her eyes.

Jon noticed. “Nica? Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” She shook her head. “What’s wrong?”

She had to swallow before she could speak. “Nothing.”

Jon frowned, trying to figure out what was going on. An idea struck. “One of those girl things?”

Veronica could only nod as a fresh wave hit her and cuddle closer.

Strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her even closer. He would never profess to understand women – he didn’t know a man who did - but he knew enough not to say anything and just hold her. “Welcome home Ronnie.”


  1. I love this story!!!! Keep on writing, please!!!!

  2. awww, how sweet... the best welcome home I could ever have... can we have another chapter in honor of Johnny's birthday????

    PLEASE?????? (Sambora/Jovi Girl)