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Chapter 141

Jon slipped the ring on her finger, framed her face with his hands and kissed her with all the emotion he was feeling. Releasing her mouth, he hugged her tight and let out a relieved breath. “Thank you.”

Veronica chuckled. “Were you actually worried about my answer?”

“Honestly? Yes.” At her surprised expression he snorted. “If you recall, sweetheart, you fought this relationship for months. I really wasn’t sure whether you’d accept with open arms and heart, or throw up another hurdle for me to jump.”

She sighed and stroked his cheek. “I’ve really made life difficult for you, haven’t I?”

“Yes, and knowing you as I do, I fully expect that you will continue to do so.”

“Someone’s got to keep you on your toes and make you work a little. You’re not happy if you don’t have a challenge to deal with.”

He couldn’t deny it, so just gave her a squeeze. “Can we have some calm, peaceful moments in there somewhere?”

“I think that can be arranged.” A gentle smile curved her lips and she kissed him. “But seriously....I’ve waited twenty years to hear you ask me that question. My heart overruled my fear and wouldn’t allow my mouth to give any other answer. It finally got what it’s been waiting for.”

“Good. Do you want some champagne?”

“That would be nice.” Veronica started to shift, thinking they’d need to go into the house. Jon held her in place with one hand and reached for the basket with the other, withdrawing a bottle from its depths. “What else have you got in there? A white rabbit?”

Jon chuckled as he felt the bottle to make sure it was still cold and removed the foil wrapping and wire cage covering the cork. “It is a magical evening.” A little effort and the cork flew into the air, narrowly missing her. “Oops, sorry.” Anything else he was going to say died in his throat when her tongue came out to lick up the golden liquid that had spilled onto his hand.

Veronica held out the glasses for him to fill, handed him one, then settled back against him. They sat and sipped, listening to the waves lapping at the sand, watching the stars and moon glowing in the night sky, exchanging murmured comments and soft kisses.

Finally, the cooling air drove them inside. When Veronica would have stayed in the kitchen to clean up from their dinner, Jon stopped her. “Leave it for morning.”

Violet eyes sparkled. “Did you have something else in mind that you wanted to do?”


“And what would that be?”


“And what if I’d rather do you?”

“Like a happily married couple, we’ll compromise...and take turns.” He nudged her. “Upstairs.”

“Yes dear.” She grabbed the radio to take with them.

The bedroom was large and airy, decorated in pale neutral tones perfect for a beach house. The king size bed was a gorgeous four poster made of pine with a spread of swirling blues and greens.

Veronica stared around the room for several breaths, her mind whirling with ideas. She felt his arms steal around her waist and stepped away. “Wait.”

“What for? You’ve got the ring and my heart. You’re not going to make me wait for the wedding night are you?”

She had to laugh at his pained, almost scared expression. “And bite my nose off to spite my face? But I do want you to do something for me.”

“What?” His tone was wary.

“Take off your clothes, lie on the bed and wait for me.”

“Okay.” The word was hardly out of his mouth when his hands started pulling at his clothes.

Veronica laughed and turned to rummage through her bag. Gathering what she needed, she slipped into the bathroom.

Jon pulled the blankets off the end of the bed and retrieved the toy he’d brought with him, shoving it under a pillow before lying down, lacing his fingers together under his head, and waited.

He heard the music before the door opened.

Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell
Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high
Mama’s dancing, baby on her shoulder
The sun is setting like molasses in the sky

The bathroom door opened to reveal her and he sucked in a sharp breath. His eyes roamed her from head to foot and back again. Red corset and black leather mini skirt – his favourite colours on her – black fishnet stockings and spike heels.

Veronica leaned back against the door frame and slid slowly down towards the floor until she was in a deep crouch. Standing again, just as slowly, she met his gaze and ran her tongue over ruby red lips. The fingertips of one hand traced the top edge of the corset, drawing his gaze there. A very feminine smile curved her mouth at the sight of his very masculine flesh reacting. She started to move towards him.

Black Velvet and that little boy smile
Black Velvet with that slow southern style
A new religion that will bring you to your knees
Black Velvet, if you please

Reaching the end of the bed, she gripped a post and with a lithe move, swung herself onto the mattress. She braced her legs, raised her hands above her head and slid down the post and back up again, swivelling her hips with every movement.

Jon’s eyes followed as if glued to her. At the deepest part of her crouch, garter clips and red lace panties were revealed to him. His body hardened even more.

Veronica watched his erection grow and licked her lips again. He swelled even more. Her hands smoothed down her sides, then back up her front, cupping her breasts. Turning around, she wrapped one leg around the post and bent backwards until her hands touched the sheet.

Jon had seen many strippers perform, but not one affected him like she did. Maybe because he was emotionally involved with this one...or maybe just because he knew he’d be able to touch her. He wanted to grab her and pull her down to him. He wanted to watch and see what she was going to do next. He couldn’t make up his mind so he didn’t move. When her fingers tugged on the strings holding the corset together and unravelled them, slowly pulling them loose, exposing her plump mounds, his mouth went dry.

Veronica stood upright again, but kept her back to the sweating man stretched out on the bed. She tossed the corset to the floor.

Up in Memphis, the music’s like a heat wave
White Lightning, bound to drive you wild

Hands on her hips slid up her skirt giving a teasing peek at her assets before easing it back down again.

Mama’s baby’s in the heart of every school girl
Love Me Tender leaves them crying in the aisles

One slender hand reached behind her to grasp the metal tab of the zipper of her skirt and slowly tug it down. A little nudge and the band of leather hit the mattress leaving her in stockings, shoes and a scrap of red lace only slightly bigger than a thong. She kicked the skirt aside.

The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true
Always wanting more, he’ll leave you longing for

Still holding onto the post, Veronica bent forward, stretching her body away from the wood, taunting him with her gyrations.

Jon clenched his hands against the urge to reach for her. As much as he wanted to bury his now aching shaft deep inside her, he wouldn’t give up this performance for anything.

Black Velvet and that little boy smile
Black Velvet in that slow southern style
A new religion that will bring you to your knees
Black Velvet if you please

Veronica faced him again, swayed and shifted, tossing her hair in time with the music. She looked down to see his flushed face and hot, glittering eyes and smiled.

Every word of every song was for you
In a flash he was gone, it happened so soon
What could you do

She kicked off her shoes and stepped closer to him. One stocking clad foot reached out to rub against his erection, toes wiggling against his sac. The friction of silk on sensitive flesh caused fluid to appear at the slit in his swollen head.

Black Velvet and that little boy smile
Black Velvet in that slow southern style
A new religion that will bring you to your knees
Black Velvet if you please

Veronica dropped to her hands and knees, straddling him and crawled over him until her mouth was level with the nailheads of his nipples. Licking and kissing, she reversed direction.

If you please

Reaching the end of the happy trail, she closed thumb and finger around the base of his shaft to hold him off and cupped his sac with the other hand, squeezing, massaging and pulling gently.

If you please

Jon struggled to breathe, sure his head was going to explode when her tongue traced his length in one long, slow lick. He groaned.

If you please *

Locking her eyes with his, Veronica opened her mouth wider to take him in and sank down on him until her lips touched her hand. She shifted until she was kneeling beside him and settled in to play.

Jon closed his eyes and just absorbed the lightning bolts of sensation her ministrations were shooting through his body. Her hands, lips, tongue and teeth were all lethal weapons in passion’s sphere and she knew just how to use them to give him the most incredible pleasure he’d ever felt. But he wasn’t a selfish lover and was determined to give as good as he got.

Reaching under the pillow, he pulled out the toy. He turned it on low and rubbed it over the lace between her legs. Her moan vibrated over his buried flesh pulling an answering moan from his throat. Nudging the lace aside, he slid the vibrator inside her and started to pump her. Veronica lifted her head to look at him, but he put his free hand on her crown and pushed her back down. “Don’t stop.”

Veronica obliged, returning to her ministrations. She settled into a rhythm, rocking back against his hand at the same speed as her head moved up and down, swallowing and releasing him.

Her movements taunted and teased him, bringing him close to the peak, but never letting him reach it. With a low growl, he flicked the switch, sending the vibrator into high gear, hoping that by pushing her over the edge she’d take him with her. To his dismay, when her body went rigid and she climaxed, she lifted her head to scream his name, leaving him high and dry and throbbing.

When she collapsed onto the bed beside him, he stared at the ceiling in disbelief for all of two seconds. “Oh no you don’t!” Rolling over he pulled out the vibrator, barely remembering to shut it off before tossing it aside, ripped red lace out of his way and buried himself to the hilt inside her.

Veronica wrapped her legs around his waist and raked her nails lightly down his back. “Johnny!”

His mouth crashed down on hers, tasting his name on her lips. She opened under the pressure, inviting him in. His tongue stabbed deep, matching the rhythm of his hips as he drove into her. Whimpering, she arched against him. His hands slid under her, gripped her ass and lifted her towards him even more, reaching deeper yet.

Sweat covered his torso and dripped from his face as he pounded into her, desperately hanging on to his control, determined to wait for her. He barely made it. The very second he felt the clench of her sheath around him followed by the ripples of her release, he exploded, his climax bursting from him in hot spurts to flood her womb.

For long minutes he laid on her, feeling the fine tremors of her body and struggled for breath. Realizing he must be crushing her, he started to lift up, only to feel her hold on him tighten.

“No! Don’t leave me.” She kissed his shoulder. “I love feeling you inside me.”

“Nica, I’ll never leave you.”

(* Black Velvet by Alannah Myles)

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