Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chapter 76

Jon yanked open the door and charged down the hallway after Veronica. He caught up to her in the control room. Standing on the other side of her desk he watched her move paper around. “It wasn’t what you think. Will you let me explain?”

Veronica shrugged but didn’t look up. “No explanation necessary Jon, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t have just walked in like that and I apologize. It won’t happen again.”

“She’s Michael’s cousin. He asked me if I would meet her, pose for a picture and sign something for her. She wanted to show me a new tat she got. I didn’t know when I agreed that it was on her breast. I swear!”

Veronica shrugged. “Whatever. Like I said, what you do with your tech’s cousin – or anyone else for that matter - is none of my business. I just didn’t realize that you entertained female visitors in your dressing room when you were half naked. Just a suggestion? You might want to lock the door in future. Unless, of course, you want to become an exhibitionist. I would appreciate a warning if that’s the case. That kind of thing is pretty hard to contain and requires a lot of spinning to the public.” She still didn’t look at him.

The couple of staff members in the room winced and looked for a way to escape. This was definitely a private conversation.

“That’s not what was going on!” He insisted. She just kept flipping through papers. “Dammit Ronnie will you look at me?!” He waited until she did. “I swear to you, nothing happened!”

She leaned over the desk until she was almost nose to nose with him. “For the last time, I. Don’t. Care.” Her words were tough, but the emotion in her eyes betrayed the lie. The scream of a guitar broke the silence of the room and had Veronica glancing at the clock. The opening band was starting. “You’d better go get ready. You wouldn’t want to keep your fans waiting.”

Jon stared at her for another minute, then with a growl, spun on his heel and stormed out of the room. “FUCK!”

Entering his dressing room, he slammed the door behind him. He was at the end of his rope. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get past the wall she’d put up between them. He knew he wasn’t blameless, but how long was she going to make him suffer? Of course, she was suffering too, and that’s what he really didn’t get. Was she really so afraid that he’d hurt her again that she was prepared to deny them both the happiness he was sure they could bring each other? He’d tried everything he could think of to show her how he felt, but she wouldn’t believe it. Now he had this latest hurdle to overcome – if he could. Why did she have to walk in at that moment?! He had told her the truth about what had happened with Michael’s cousin. He could have told her that his shirt was open, not to tempt the blonde, but to tempt her if she stopped by like she had the last couple shows. After all, it was only fair. The black leather mini skirt, cobalt blue halter and black knee high boots she was wearing had his blood heating and made him choke on his juice when she’d joined him for lunch. The damn woman could give a eunuch a hard on!

He buttoned his shirt, grabbed a brush from the table, ran it through his hair a few times, threw it back down and stomped out of the door and down the hallway to where the makeup crew were waiting. Everyone took one look at his face and gave him a wide berth. He was a storm looking to break and no one wanted to be the one to trigger it.

The show was torture for both of them. Jon was pissed....at himself, at Veronica, at the blonde,...and mostly at the whole situation. He had to fight to put up a good front for the fans. Every time he looked to the side of the stage where Veronica was standing he wanted to grab her and shake her until she admitted that she shared his feelings...and then fuck her until neither one of them could walk! He was running out of patience.

For Veronica, her reaction to the scene she walked in on in Jon’s dressing room had shaken her. She wasn’t supposed to care! The fact that she did, and the strength of her hurt and anger told her that he was further under her skin than she’d thought. The idea both thrilled and scared her. A small part deep inside of her wondered if she’d driven him to it. After all, men had needs and the adrenaline he got from performing intensified it even more.

On top of that, the story of their...discussion...in the control room had quickly spread through the staff and crew, and Michael immediately spoke to his cousin, then promptly searched out Veronica to essentially verify Jon’s story and assure her that nothing happened. In fact, as much as his cousin wished otherwise, she admitted that it was clear to her than Jon wasn’t interested. So now Veronica debated whether she actually owed Jon an apology.

Watching him, she was struck – as always – by the sheer animal magnetism that oozed from him, and never more than when he was here, in his element. She was no more immune than any other red blooded female, her libido reacting predictably. She could also tell that he was pissed, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. The look in his eyes when he glanced her way confirmed it. Well, she wasn’t exactly thrilled with him either. She sighed. The truth was she didn’t know what to do and the indecision, that was so unlike her, was making her crazy.

When the guys gathered to take their bows, Veronica headed backstage. She had to walk by where they’d come out to get to the control room and she wanted to be past that point before they left the stage. She almost made it when she was stopped by a member of the crew who was a Robin Williams wannabe and had a new joke to tell her.

She was still standing there laughing with him when Jon emerged into the hallway.

The sound of her laughter drew his gaze and the last tether on his temper snapped. Jaw clenched, eyes blazing blue fire, he strode over, grabbed her by the wrist and towed her towards his dressing room.

“Jon? What the hell?!” She struggled not to fall with her spike heeled boots and the pace he set.

“That’s it! My patience is gone! I’ve had enough of this fucking shit Ronnie! It ends now!” Throwing open the door, he pulled her in, slammed it shut and locked it.

Her brows rose at the snick of the lock. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

He swung her around and backed her up against the wall. “I’m going to do what I should have done weeks ago....what we both have wanted for a long time. I’m going to fuck you. Right here, right now.”

Brows rising even higher, her hands came up to brace against his chest. “And you think I’m just going to let you?”

Jon stepped closer to press his body against hers – her hands weren’t exerting any pressure to stop him. “Not only are you going to let me, you’re going to participate.” He bent his head to suck her earlobe and whisper in her ear. “And you’re going to want it as much as I do.”

Veronica tried to ignore the shivers running down her spine. Much to her self disgust, far from pissing her off, his forceful ‘me Tarzan’ attitude was turning her on even more. But it’s still not a good idea Veronica! She licked dry lips and shook her head.

Hot lips moved down her neck. “No? You mean that your pulse isn’t racing, you’re not breathing faster....and your pretty pink nipples aren’t all stiff because they want to be sucked?” Amethyst eyes narrowed and glittered. He leaned back slightly, smirked and ran one finger back and forth across a breast, then lightly pinched a taut peak. “Jewel hard sweetheart, what can I say?” His hand slid down her side until he touched bare skin at the edge of the hem of her skirt. “And I bet if I reach under this skirt I’ll find you wet and open for me.”

Veronica closed her eyes and bit her lip against a moan at the feel of his calloused fingertips on the tender skin of her inner thigh acting out his words. She didn’t need to wait until those clever fingers reached their destination to discover if he was right. She knew he was. Her arousal had intensified when the touch of his body impressed upon her the extent of his.

His smiled widened. “Aaah, just as I thought.” The words were murmured against her lips just before he took possession of her mouth, tongue laving the marks left by her teeth.

Veronica knew she should push him away, but she couldn’t summon the will. What he was doing felt too damn good! The scent of him, the taste of him, the feel of him all conspired to overwhelm her senses.

Jon sensed she was on the brink of surrender and groaned. Tearing his mouth from hers he slid it along her jaw to nuzzle beneath her ear. “Stop pretending you don’t feel how right this is Nica.” Skilled fingers slid along her nape to tug the ties of her halter free, and urge the clingy material down until her breast were revealed. Cupping one firm mound in his palm, he raised it like an offering, one his mouth eagerly accepted.

She couldn’t suppress the moan that was dragged from her throat at the first pull of his hot lips. He murmured in approval. “Yes. Stop pretending you don’t like this.” The fingers toying with her damp curls retreated and pushed up her skirt even more. One hard thigh spread hers wide, then wider, making room for his hips. “Stop pretending that you don’t want this.”

Veronica cried out as, bending his knees slightly – her heels making them similar in height, with a sudden jerk of his hips Jon buried his aching erection inside her. She sucked in a surprised breath – she hadn’t even felt him undo his pants!

He held still for several breaths, fighting for control. “Jesus! You’re so fucking wet I could slide clear up to your throat!” Unable to wait any longer, he started to move – not thrusting, but more of a circular grinding motion that stroked her throbbing sheath and rubbed her swollen clit.

She started to pant, her fingers clenching in the sweat soaked cotton of his t-shirt.

His mouth came back up to hers briefly before returning to his favourite spot under her ear and leaning harder into her. “Christ you feel good! You’re so hot and you hold me so tight. We were made for each other Nica. Stop fighting it. Just feel it. Feel me stretching you....filling you. Feel how good we are together.” Feeling her walls tightening around him, he lifted one knee onto his hip and pressed deeper. “That’s it. Come for me.”

Veronica screamed.

Jon kept moving until her tremors subsided, then held still to let her catch her breath. “See? Has anyone else ever been able to do that for you? Any other man ever made you feel what I do? Pleasure you like I can?” He started moving again, short thrusts, just enough to remind her of his presence inside her – and that he was still hard. “Tell me you feel it too Nica. Tell me you want it. You want me!” When she didn’t answer immediately he thrust harder. “Tell me!”

Veronica couldn’t think, could only feel, and couldn’t deny those feelings any longer. As her body started to gear up again, she let go. “Yes. God yes!” Reaching down between them she gripped the hem of his t-shirt and pulled.

He eased back slightly and raised his arms so that she could pull the offending garment off. When cotton went flying, he lifted her other leg and grinned as she locked her heels in the small of his back.

Veronica ran her hands up his chest and over his shoulders, one burying in his hair. She licked his lips, then bit the lower one. “Okay Tarzan, show me what you’ve got.” Her voice was a deep purr.

His answer was a low growl and an immediate increase in the tempo of his hips. Faster, harder, deeper he thrust until he was pounding into her.

“Jesus!” Was all she could get out. She had no breath for words. Every gulp of air she took was pushed out by the force of his next thrust. She gave up trying to speak, wrapped both arms around his shoulders and held on.

Jon groaned, buried his mouth in her neck again, and thrust even harder.

It was a wild, sweaty ride that seemed to go on and on and left them both drained, shaking and panting like racehorses.


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