Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chapter 79

“I asked you to fix him before the show, little girl, not put him out of commission for it!” Richie scolded from the doorway.

Veronica looked up from her desk. “What are you babbling about now Jughead?”

“I’m talking about our frontman that I found almost comatose an hour ago....and I don’t babble.”

She smirked. “Is he in a better mood?”

“Yeah,” Richie grudgingly admitted, “but I had to wake him up to eat!”

“Well, you wanted me to fix his mood....and I did. He’ll be fine. He’s had a nap and the crowd will re-energize him. But if you want, I can go get him all worked up again.” She stood at the sound of voices in the hallway. It was almost show time.

Paul glanced at his watch. “Let’s go.” He eyed Veronica warily. “You sure Jon’s alright?”

She snorted. “He’s fine.”

They were still chatting when they reached the hallway. Veronica felt an arm snake around her waist and yank her up against a hard chest. She looked up into blue eyes....sparkling and heated blue eyes.

Jon brought his free hand up to tap her nose with his forefinger. “You are lethal!” The finger dropped to trace her lips lightly, almost reverently. “Very, very lethal.”

One raven brow arched and she nibbled on the teasing fingertip. “Complaining?”

His eyes darkened as, unbelievably, desire slammed through his body again at the scrape of her teeth on his sensitive skin. “Not fucking likely sugar. Just planning what comes next.”

“Come on Kidd! No time to shag your girlfriend now. You’re going to have to keep it in your pants until after the show.” David called. “Ronnie leave him alone, we just got him awake!”

“Fuck off Joker!” They replied in unison.

“See you after.” Jon pressed a hard kiss to that talented mouth, squeezed her, then turned to bound up the stairs to the stage.

Shaking her head, Veronica chuckled and headed around the side of the stage to her usual spot.

The crowd definitely got their money’s worth. Jon was on fire, bouncing around the stage, joking with the guys....and shooting burning glances her way. Much to her disgust, she felt herself responding – both to his antics on stage and the silent, more personal message he sent her. It was just like in the old days. The thought made her frown.

Jon danced around the stage and hoped the loose shirt he was wearing was long enough to hide him. Just thinking about what Veronica had done to him in his dressing room had his blood pumping and his body hardening again. While he played and flirted with the girls in the audience, he contemplated how he was going to repay her.

Veronica was once again joking with a crew member when the band came off the stage. With one arm Jon scooped her up by the waist as he walked by, herding her along the hallway with him to his dressing room.

“Aw man, not again! Make it a quickie will you? I want to get home tonight!” Richie called out to their retreating backs. There was no after party that night. They were driving to Richie’s house to hang out and relax for the three day break.

“Quit whining Jughead. You’re just jealous!” Veronica threw back.

“That’s beside the point darlin’. I want to sleep in my own bed tonight!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

As the door closed behind them, Veronica turned into Jon’s arms. Hers slid around his neck, while his pulled her closer. Their mouths met in a hungry, almost ravenous kiss. When he started to move her backwards, she expected a wall to meet her back, so was surprised when she felt her hips hit the edge of the dressing table. Calloused fingers snuck under the hem of her skirt in search of lace. Quest successful, he slid her panties over her hips and down her thighs.

She broke the kiss when his hands gripped her hips and lifted her to sit on the table. “What...?”

Pulling up a chair, Jon sat, untangled the lace from her feet, tossed it aside and pressed her knees wide. He pushed the skirt up, tucking the hem in the waistband to keep it out of the way and bare her. Glancing up, he saw her watching him. Her brow rose in question.

The chair scraped the floor as he shifted it closer, slid his arms under her thighs and grinned at her. “You got dessert earlier, it’s my turn now.”

Veronica hesitated, not wanting to give up control, but she knew how good it would feel, so she gave in, leaned back on her hands and let him have his way.

Jon grinned and settled deeper into his chair. His hands coasted over the tops of her thighs and hips until his fingertips could reach her softest flesh. Spreading her already swollen folds, he leaned closer and slowly swept his tongue the length of her cleft.

“Mmmmm..yes...mmmmm..Johnny.” She sighed.

“Let’s see if I remember what else you like.”

He licked, flicked, nibbled....teased her in every way he could think of, savouring her tart flavour and the gasps and moans he drew from her.

“Oh God! Yes....Johnny!”

He felt her thighs tense and knew she was on the brink. Thrusting his tongue deep, he let her fly.

When her spasms faded, he lifted his head and grinned. “Guess that’s still a favourite. Let’s try this.”

Veronica could only gasp for breath and groan as his fingers took over. They stroked and rubbed, focusing on the bundle of nerves at the top of her cleft. When her groans became whimpers, he circled her pulsing opening, then slid two fingers deep. Curling them slightly, he searched for the spot in the front wall of her sheath that always drove her wild.

“YES! Yes, Johnny.....mmmmm....right there!” Her back arched and her hips lifted towards him.

Jon grinned and watched her face and the pleasure revealed there. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed, lips parted as she panted. He brought his thumb into play, rubbing and pressing on her swollen clit while his fingers continued their torment.

“Oh! Oooh.....God! JOHNNY!” Veronica’s arms trembled with the effort to hold her at least partially upright as tremors shook her body.

“Hmmmm....guess that still does it for you too. Let’s try one more.”

She had no time to brace herself before his next assault began. Once again his fingers teased her, inside and out, but this time as her passions rose, he bent and added his lips and tongue to the mix. Sensing she was close again, he closed his teeth gently around her clit, flicked it a few times with his tongue, then sucked. Hard.

Her scream echoed around the room, her arms finally gave out and she slumped back against the mirrored wall.

“Guess that one still works too.” His voice was deep and gravely with the need and desire pumping through his body. He quickly stripped off his t-shirt, tossing it behind him and reached for the closure of his pants. Grasping her by the hips, Jon lifted her onto his lap and impaled her on his rock hard erection.

“Je...sus..... Jon!” She didn’t know if was her abstinence up until a couple days ago, or whether he really had improved that much, but damn! Then he moved and reminded her that as good as the preview was, this was what she craved. The deeper joining, the sharing of pleasure was even more satisfying.

“Just once more.” He growled and, knowing that she had no strength in her limbs, slowly raised and lowered her.

With a deep moan Veronica managed to pull herself upright and wrap her arms around his neck. Her mouth took possession of his, tasting him, tasting herself. “Mmmmm”

After watching her climax three times, and feeling her pulsing walls holding him tight, Jon knew he wouldn’t last long. He eased her back until she was leaning her elbows on the table, pushed her to and bra up to bare her breasts, and laved one hard tip with his tongue.

“Oh! Mmmmm.....more, Johnny. Harder!”

Very ready to oblige her, Jon held her hips down tight against him, closed his mouth around her nipple and suckled at the same time as he flexed his hips and thrust up into her. Hard. Once.....twice.....three times.

Her cries were music to his ears, and the soundtrack to his own explosion. He wrapped his arms around her torso, rested his head on her chest and waited to come back to earth.


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