Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter 95

Within a few days they’d settled into a routine – or what passed for a routine in the Bongiovi house. The days were busy, with school for the kids, meetings, interviews and phone calls for Jon, and continual prep work and analysis for Veronica – including a trip into New York City to check in at the office. Evenings were spent doing homework, watching T.V. or playing games.

After the kids were tucked in, the adults would sit and have a glass of wine together, talk, or just veg in front of the T.V. until they were tired enough to sleep....or at least try to. Despite their recent excess – or maybe because of it – the forced abstinence with the woman he wanted in his house was slowly driving Jon insane.

It wasn’t doing a lot for Veronica either. For propriety’s sake, when the kids arrived she had moved into the bedroom across the hall where she’d stayed on her previous visit. Much to her disgust, she found that sleeping alone meant that she wasn’t sleeping much at all.

By the end of the second week they were both a little tense. Every time they touched – or even got close to each other – it felt like static electricity. The goodnight kisses were getting longer and longer as it became harder each time to let go.

Jon found himself looking for opportunities to be near her or brush by her, or acceptable reasons to touch her, especially since she wouldn’t allow any more obvious signs of affection in front of the kids – she wouldn’t even sit beside him on the couch while they were awake!

The night before had been pure torture. Veronica and Stephanie decided to braid each other’s hair, a typical girl thing to do, but all he could see was silky black locks spread over his pillow or sliding through his fingers, while she lay naked and open and waiting for him. He’d had to look away before he embarrassed himself in front of his daughter.

Sitting at his desk during the day, with her across the room, he swore he could smell her perfume...feel her heat reaching out to him....luring him...tempting him to go over and touch...taste.....and then a kid would come in or a phone would ring and his opportunity was lost.

He needed to find them some alone time – and soon!

Veronica was spending most of her free time in Jon’s gym. She’d never really considered herself an overly sexual person – she enjoyed sex but wasn’t controlled by it – but then again, Jon was in a different category from the other men she’d slept with, and being near him, but not having him had her nerve ends screaming. Add to that the tension caused by being around the kids and she was on the edge of snapping. So she worked out to try and relieve some stress, but it wasn’t helping much. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

Friday of that week, Jon walked into the house after dropping off Romeo at pre-school and headed for the office. Veronica wasn’t there. Checking his schedule, he realized that he had a couple hours before he was needed for anything. His mind quickly came up with several ideas of how to fill the time, and went in search of his girlfriend.

He ended his search of the main floor in the kitchen, having found all the other rooms empty. “Hey Molly, do you know where Ronnie is?”

“I think she went upstairs to shower after her workout.” Molly looked up from her cook book. “Is she okay? She seems pretty....stressed.”

“Yeah, she is, but she’ll be okay. It’s just work and...stuff, and it’s just temporary.” The thought of Veronica, naked, with ribbons of soaping water running down her delectable body had his responding predictably. “I think I’ll go see if I can help her relax a little.”

Molly laughed. “Is that what they’re calling it these days?” She waved a hand. “Go take advantage of a kid free house. I’ll stay downstairs.” Molly wasn’t blind and although they – well, mainly Veronica – tried to hide their relationship from the kids, she could see which way the wind was blowing there. She could also see that Veronica wasn’t very comfortable with the kids, but it wasn’t any of her business.

Jon actually felt his face heat as he blushed like an untried boy. He laughed a little self-consciously, and quickly exited the kitchen. Rushing up the stairs, he hesitated, debating which bathroom she’d be in, but there really wasn’t any doubt – he knew how much she loved his shower. The sound of running water that met him when he entered his bedroom confirmed his thinking. He quickly stripped off his clothes and headed for the bathroom.

The sight that greeted him when he opened the shower door stopped the breath in his throat and hardened his body even more. Veronica was facing him, her back to the main shower head, eyes closed, arms raised while she used her hands to help the spray rinse the shampoo out of her hair.

Jon couldn’t resist the invitation of her lifted breasts that seemed to reach out to him. Stepping closer, he molded his hands over her plump mounds and massaged, rubbing his palms across her nipples until they hardened and stood up for him.

Veronica sighed, opened her eyes and watched hunger for her darken his eyes. When his gaze rose to meet hers, she crooked a brow at him. He just smirked and squeezed. Her own small smile twisted her lips as she decided that fair was fair, slid her hands up his arms, over his shoulders, around to his chest, and finally down below his waist to wrap one around his throbbing shaft, the other slipping underneath to cup his sac.

Jon’s breath hissed through his teeth, her touch on his aroused flesh almost painful. He let her fondle and stroke him for several minutes, and wished it could be longer, but he’d been too long without her. Releasing her breasts, he reached down to gently pull her hands away. Before she could protest, he bent and took a taut peak between his lips. He licked and scraped his teeth along the tip before settling in to suckle.

Veronica moaned softly and closed her eyes. Pulling her hands from his, she slid them into his now wet hair to cradle his head and hold him close. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her tight against him. After a few minutes, her pulled back despite the pressure of her hands, but only to shift and give her other breast the same treatment.

As her pleasure increased, her hips pushed against him, reminding him that other parts of her body liked attention too. One strong hand slid from her hip to the damp – with more than the water from the shower – flesh between her thighs. At the first touch of her slick heat, he knew he needed to taste her. Releasing her nipple, he slid slowly to his knees, dragging his open mouth over abdomen as he went.

Veronica watched him nudge her legs further apart and settle in between, her body humming, anticipation speeding her heart rate. Blunt fingers pulled her swollen folds open and he just looked at her for a long minute. Then his gaze flicked up to hers and she sucked in a deep breath at the fierce desire she saw in the sapphire depths. He grinned, then set his mouth to her pulsing flesh.

Whatever faults he had, the man knew what he was doing when it came to pleasuring a woman. He knew what to lick, what to nibble, what to suck and how much pressure to use, his masterful use of lips and tongue and teeth unarguable, the results mind blowing. Veronica braced herself against the cool tiles and prayed her trembling legs wouldn’t give out on her before he finished.

Jon could feel the tremors running through her. He slipped one hand behind her knee, lifted and hooked her leg over his shoulder. Both hands cupped her firm ass cheeks to help her balance, and he continued to feast.

Veronica’s hands once again fisted in his hair, her only anchor in a world gone back around the edges, her moans and cries telling him of her appreciation of his skills. Leaning back slightly, he glanced up at her, licked his lips, and without taking his eyes from hers, he shifted towards her and slowly penetrated her with his tongue...repeatedly, gratified to see her eyes dilate. When he judged she was on the brink Jon returned his attention to her swollen clit, taking it into his mouth and suckling. Hard.

Veronica screamed and shattered, shudders shaking her body.

Jon continued to lave and drink from her until her tremors subsided. As he slowly rose to his feet, he let her leg slip from his shoulder to his hip and held it there. He kissed his way back up her body, pausing to pay homage to her breasts again for several minutes on his way up to her neck. Finally, he took possession of her mouth, thrusting his tongue deep and letting her taste herself. She moaned and clutched at his shoulders, arousal starting to build up in her body once again.

His hips rocked, and she gasped through their kiss at the feel of his erection sliding along her sensitive lips. Jon groaned as her renewed desire drenched him.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

Bending his legs slightly, he straightened, and with one long steady movement, buried his by now beyond aching shaft to the hilt in her moist heat. He wanted to hold still and savour the feeling of being where he wanted to be at long last, but her tight grip and his control wouldn’t let him. Almost involuntarily, his hips started to move, slowly at first, then faster as she melted and flowed around him.

The feel of his hardness – both surrounding her and inside her – was exactly what she needed, and desperately wanted. Without breaking the now ravenous kiss, Veronica tightened her grip on his shoulders and lifted her other leg to wrap around his hip so that she could hold him even closer, trusting him not to let her fall.

Jon slid both arms under her, pressed her more firmly against the wall and increased the speed of his movements even more.

Tearing her mouth from his, she panted for breath, each lungful pushed from her body by the strength of his thrusts. All she could do was hold on.

He buried his mouth in her neck and fought against his release, wanting her to come first. Swivelling his hips, he thrust harder....faster....deeper. Just when he thought he was going to lose the battle, he felt her body fist around his.

The sound of her breathless scream when she climaxed was music to his ears, and permission for him to finally let go and find his own release. Which he did in a flurry of frenzied strokes and a low growl.

Veronica held him even tighter, struggled for breath and savoured the feel of his hot juices flooding her womb.

The water was turning cool, but neither of them noticed. Not a word had been spoken throughout the entire encounter. None were necessary.

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